Controversial carbon credits flood COP28, yet still no rules

The COP28 climate talks have been flooded with announcements hyping controversial carbon credits before rules for them have been hammered out, with environmental groups fearing "greenwashing" on a massive scale......»»

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China may miss all key climate targets for 2025: report

China may miss all of its main climate goals for 2025, a new report showed Thursday, as the world's largest emitter increased its reliance on carbon-intensive industries to bolster a flagging economy......»»

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Research shows how air pollution has offset expected increases in rainfall

We know that greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide should increase rainfall. The emissions heat the atmosphere, causing a one-two punch: Warmer oceans make it easier for water to evaporate, and warmer air can hold more water vapor, meaning mor.....»»

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Carbon emissions from the destruction of mangrove forests predicted to increase by 50,000% by the end of the century

The annual rate of carbon emissions due to the degradation of carbon stocks in mangrove forests is predicted to rise by nearly 50,000% by the end of the century, according to a new study published in Environmental Research Letters. Mangroves in regio.....»»

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Quality scores for forestry carbon credit types reveal complex landscape of integrity risks, transparency issues

The Carbon Credit Quality Initiative (CCQI) released new scores for two types of forestry carbon credits: improved forest management (IFM) and commercial afforestation. Together, these project types comprise approximately 10% of recent credit issuanc.....»»

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How Americans really feel about the teaching of controversial topics in schools

While Americans overwhelmingly agree on the fundamental value of public education, a new study by researchers at USC reveals deep partisan divides on sensitive topics like LGBTQ+ inclusion and racial justice in K-12 curricula......»»

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New approach to carbon-14 dating corrects the age of a prehistoric burial site

How old are these bones? This standard question in archaeology can be answered quite precisely in many cases with the help of the carbon isotope 14C. But there are exceptions. Certain living habits, such as that of prehistoric hunter-gatherer-fisher.....»»

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Study: Replacing plastics with biodegradable alternatives would lead to significant carbon emissions reduction

Plastic pollution and its impact on the environment have become critical global issues in recent years. In response, the research teams have conducted a study to evaluate the carbon emissions associated with both traditional plastic products and biod.....»»

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Cadillac Lyriq EV again eligible for $7,500 federal tax credit

Buyers of the Lyriq temporarily lost access to the EV consumer tax credit because two minor components did not comply with new battery sourcing rules effective this year......»»

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Potato plant radiation sensors could one day monitor radiation in areas surrounding power plants

While expanding nuclear energy production would provide carbon-free power and can help countries around the world meet their climate goals, nuclear energy could also come with some inherent risk. Radioactive pollution damages the environment, and it'.....»»

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Apple defends its controversial EU App Store plans

Responding to accusations that it has made minimal effort to allow third-party App Stores in EU, Apple says it focused expressly on complying with the region's new laws while protecting users security.App Store logoIn January 2024, in response to the.....»»

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Forget Carbon Offsets. The Planet Needs Carbon Removal Credits

The carbon removal market is fast growing, with an array of different removal methods available to businesses keen to mitigate their environmental impact......»»

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How do renewable energy and innovation impact environmental quality in different countries?

Renewable energy production leads to reduced carbon dioxide emissions in countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) but increased emissions in emerging economies, according to the results of a stud.....»»

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How to make sense of the new SEC cyber risk disclosure rules

SEC’s new cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident disclosure rules, which require increased transparency around cybersecurity incidents, have been in effect since December 18, 2023. For businesses that already harbor conce.....»»

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The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12 won’t win any new converts

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12 is a well-built 14-inch laptop with good productivity performance. But it's expensive, making it a dubious proposition......»»

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Anoxic marine basins are among the best candidates for deep-sea carbon sequestration, say scientists

Anoxic marine basins may be among the most viable places to conduct large-scale carbon sequestration in the deep ocean, while minimizing negative impacts on marine life. So say UC Santa Barbara researchers in a paper published in the journal AGU Adva.....»»

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U.S. to soften tailpipe rules, slow EV transition through 2030, reports say

Under the revised final regulation expected to be made public as soon as next month, the EPA will slow the pace of its proposed yearly emissions requirements through 2030......»»

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From Coke cans to shoes to menus: What"s behind the rise in personalized products?

Customized shoes, personalized drinks and specialized menu offerings. In a world where carbon copies of products are everywhere, retailers have to make their products stand out and provide customers with a unique purchasing experience......»»

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Eight ways that the stopping of overfishing will promote biodiversity and help address climate change

Amid the escalating threats of a warming world, and with the latest annual United Nations global climate conference (COP28) behind us, there is one critical message that's often left out of the climate change discourse. Halting overfishing is itself.....»»

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Economists have proposed a $100 billion-a-year fossil fuel tax: A debate Australia should embrace

Leading Australian economists Ross Garnaut and Rod Sims this week sought to shake up the carbon policy debate in Australia, by proposing a tax on the nation's fossil fuel production. They claim it could raise A$100 billion in its first year and posit.....»»

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Examining viruses that can help "dial up" carbon capture in the sea

Armed with a catalog of hundreds of thousands of DNA and RNA virus species in the world's oceans, scientists are now zeroing in on the viruses most likely to combat climate change by helping trap carbon dioxide in seawater or, using similar technique.....»»

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