Compostable bioleather offers sustainable solutions for the clothing industry and beyond

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, clothing production has been on an unsustainable path. Like most manufacturing, textiles are produced in a linear fashion with a cradle-to-grave model. Fabrics like cotton are farmed, worn, used, then thro.....»»

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Satechi launches new 2.5Gb Ethernet adapter alongside pair of 8K HDMI 2.1 accessories

Satechi is launching a new series of USB-C accessories today for Mac. Wrapping three different cables and adapters in a premium braided nylon design, the company is out with a refreshed 2.5Gb Ethernet adapter as well as a pair of 8K HDMI solutions. E.....»»

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December 2023 Patch Tuesday forecast: ‘Tis the season for vigilance

The final Patch Tuesday of the year is almost upon us! This is the time of year when we want to relax and enjoy the holidays, but we need to be extra vigilant to detect and respond to suspicious activity. Many in the retail industry have placed our s.....»»

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Delve Risk and ThreatNG Security join forces to boost client decisions through advanced intelligence

Delve Risk and ThreatNG Security has unveiled a transformative partnership aimed at delivering intelligence solutions for security vendors. Strategic alliance for advanced intelligence The collaboration between Delve Risk and ThreatNG Security repres.....»»

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Built for business, this HP laptop w/32GB of RAM is almost $1,500 off

This deal on the HP ProBook 450 G10 offers some massive savings, and it's one of the best laptops to add to your professional life......»»

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Elastane recycling: Stretching the lifespan of textiles

Clothing is far too valuable to simply dispose of and burn. Starting in 2025, used textiles are to be collected and recycled throughout the EU. Improved recycling processes are urgently needed to deal with the huge amount of textiles that will then b.....»»

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A new 66 million-year history of carbon dioxide offers little comfort for today

A massive new review of ancient atmospheric carbon-dioxide levels and corresponding temperatures lays out a daunting picture of where the Earth's climate may be headed. The study covers geologic records spanning the past 66 million years, putting pre.....»»

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How to create a shared world in Lego Fortnite and play with friends

Lego Fortnite is a massive change from what Fortnite typically offers. If you want to explore this new world with your friends, here's what you need to know......»»

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Toyota splits battery collection efforts, adding Cirba Solutions for East, Midwest dealers

Toyota added a second company to its nationwide battery collection and recycling efforts......»»

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Amazon and Hyundai will have to sort out the finer points of car selling

If Amazon can bundle the tumultuous process of buying a car in its simple and familiar click-to-buy shopping experience, then it will solve a complex puzzle the industry has dealt with since the pre-pandemic online shopping boom......»»

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To the moo-n: Cow dung fuels Japan"s space ambitions

Japan's space industry opened potentially an udder-ly new chapter on Thursday with a start-up testing a prototype rocket engine that runs on fuel derived purely from a plentiful local source: cow dung......»»

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First responders praise iPhone’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature: ‘Truly a lifesaver’

Since Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature debuted alongside the iPhone 14 last year, there have been a number of stories about the feature being used in the real world. A new report from Backpacker this week offers a behind-the-scenes look.....»»

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Google Drive offers possible fix for missing files, but isn"t guaranteed

Google Drive users have a path to recover missing files from the service, but it isn't foolproof, requires local storage, and may need a trip to the command line interface.Google DriveIn November, users began complaining that months of files began di.....»»

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Apple may have a busy March with a rumored larger iPad Air, OLED iPad Pros, and new Macs

The end of the winter may herald hardware refreshes for Apple, with a new report from the industry's most prolific leaker predicting the long-rumored larger iPad Air and refreshed MacBook Air models will hit store shelves by the end of March 2024.iPa.....»»

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Cable lobby to FCC: Please don’t look too closely at the prices we charge

ISPs are scared about the FCC's plan to measure broadband affordability. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | imagedepotpro) The US broadband industry is protesting a Federal Communications Commission plan to measure the affo.....»»

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Baboons in captivity in Ancient Egypt: Collection of mummies offers insights

Baboons were raised in captivity before being mummified in Ancient Egyptian sites, according to a study published December 6, 2023 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Wim Van Neer of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium and col.....»»

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Study offers correction for better calculations for the magnetic properties of neodymium compounds

High-energy neutron scattering is a powerful tool in spectroscopy, allowing researchers to probe the physical and chemical properties of many different materials......»»

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Novel probiotic application method shows promise as a growth promoter for chickens

Chicken and eggs are among the most popular sources of high-quality protein in the world. With a growing population, making the production of this key food source sustainable is vital......»»

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Lamborghini introduces four-day week for production workers

Unions hail the agreement as the first in the European auto industry to achieve a significant reduction in working hours without cutting wages, but rather increasing them......»»

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Beeper Mini gives Android users a way to talk to iMessage on iOS right now

Beeper Mini offers a wide array of iMessage features although its future as a mainstay in the industry is a mystery......»»

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Quordle today - hints and answers for Wednesday, December 6 (game #681)

Looking for Quordle clues? We can help. Plus get the answers to Quordle today and past solutions......»»

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