China-based battery makers see triple-digit growth in global installation volume

Asian EV battery companies dominate the market, with China-based manufacturers leading the pack. According to SNE Research, almost all Chinese battery makers that enjoyed the highest installation volume worldwide achieved triple-digit growth for the.....»»

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I can’t wait for ARM-based gaming laptops

It might sound ridiculous, but the idea of ARM-based gaming laptops isn't as far-fetched as it might sound......»»

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Njalla: Hundreds of Suspended .TV Domains Could Soon Return to Life

It's been four days since at least 200 .TV domains, many of them linked to pirate sites, suddenly went dark with no explanation. The domains affected by the unprecedented event were all registered at Finland-based registrar Sarek Oy and until late Fr.....»»

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Alibaba Leads Record Deal to Mint $2.5 Billion China AI Firm

The Chinese tech giant led a $1 billion funding round in Moonshot AI, valuing the year-old firm at $2.5 billion. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. led the largest single financing round for a Chinese artificial intelligence startup, the la.....»»

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New Study Estimates as Much as $75 Billion in Global Victims’ Losses to Pig-Butchering Scam

“These are large criminal organized networks, and they’re operating largely unscathed,” said the lead author of the study, which tracked the flow of funds through crypto exchanges. Pig-butchering scammers have likely stolen mo.....»»

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Windows 11 Photos app gets sick new AI feature – macOS users may get envious

The Windows 11 Photos app has a cool new feature that may elicit envy from macOS and Chromebook users. Windows 11 Photos has gotten a lot of love from Microsoft lately. Last fall, the Redmond-based tech giant introduced new AI-based features fo.....»»

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Will Forte sends love to cast and crew of scrapped "Coyote vs. Acme"

Will Forte, who stars in "Coyote vs. Acme," shares his thoughts on the film, which Warner Bros. plans to scrap for tax purposes. The saga of Coyote vs. Acme is one of the bleakest in entertainment today.The Looney Tunes-based film, a hybrid of.....»»

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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Global Launch Set for March 21

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has been in the works for a long time. I’ve been registered for the title on Google Play for two years now, and finally, we have a global launch date. After months and months of limited access for bug fixing and the.....»»

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WhatsApp finally forces Pegasus spyware maker to share its secret code

Israeli spyware maker loses fight to only share information on installation. Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto / Contributor | NurPhoto) WhatsApp will soon be granted access to explore the "full functionality" of the NSO Group's.....»»

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A new type of metallacrown ether based on polyoxometalate opens research opportunities

Crown ethers were discovered in 1967. They were then modified by adding a metal-containing unit, creating metallacrown ethers. These metallacrown ethers have been the subject of intensive research. Depending on the molecular makeup of the metallacrow.....»»

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Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra project is unlikely to have been cancelled

Ah, the joys of Apple supply-chain reports. Two reports yesterday said that Apple’s micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra project was apparently cancelled, based on a statement by an Apple display supplier. Doubt was expressed about this conclusion, and t.....»»

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Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions hit record levels in 2023: IEA

Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose to a record level in 2023, but the growth slowed from previous years thanks to continued expansion of clean technologies, the International Energy Agency said Friday......»»

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Good Climate Solutions Need Good Policy—and AI Can Help With That

Climate Policy Radar's tools scan global environmental laws to see what works and what doesn't. What its AI is discovering today will help shape the regulations of tomorrow......»»

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Brown bears digging up artificial forests, study shows

Brown bears foraging for food in the Shiretoko Peninsula of Hokkaido, Japan, have been disrupting tree growth in artificial conifer forests, according to a new study published in Ecology. Researchers compared soil and tree samples from human-forested.....»»

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Apple TV+ announces new series based on William Gibson’s sci-fi novel ‘Neuromancer’

Apple TV+ this week confirmed the production of another new series for its streaming catalog. The platform will adapt William Gibson’s popular science fiction novel “Neuromancer” for television in partnership with Drake’s DreamCrew Entertainm.....»»

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Surprising methane discovery in Yukon glaciers: "Much more widespread than we thought"

Global melting is prying the lid off methane stocks, the extent of which we do not know. A young researcher from the University of Copenhagen has discovered high concentrations of the powerful greenhouse gas in meltwater from three Canadian mountain.....»»

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Emergency atmospheric geoengineering wouldn"t save the oceans

Climate change is heating the oceans, altering currents and circulation patterns responsible for regulating climate on a global scale. If temperatures dropped, some of that damage could theoretically be undone......»»

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Ultra-compact head-mounted fluorescence microscopes for neuroscience studies

Research groups led by Prof. Bi Guoqiang, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), and Prof. Zhou Pengcheng from Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Chinese proposed a design for ultra-compact head-mounted fl.....»»

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New literacy research can help improve learning outcomes and fight global poverty

A new study by a team of University of Notre Dame researchers makes a significant contribution to understanding the factors that influence how young elementary school students respond to reading interventions in fragile and low-income contexts......»»

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EA College Football 25 Release Date & Features: 10 Things to Know

EA College Football is making a comeback though there’s no firm release date scheduled yet. Here’s everything we know about EA College Football 25 based on official information, traditions, rumors, and what we expect to see down the road......»»

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Novel RNA- or DNA-based substances can protect plants from viruses, scientists show

Individually tailored RNA or DNA-based molecules are able to reliably fight off viral infections in plants, according to a new study by the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences......»»

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