Changing wild animals" behavior could help save them—but is it ethical?

When large and warty cane toads were first brought to Australia nearly 100 years ago, they had a simple mission: to gobble up beetles and other pests in the sugarcane fields......»»

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Research: Technology is changing how companies do business

In the fast-paced world of modern business, technology plays a crucial role in shaping how companies operate. One area where this impact is particularly significant is in the organization of production chains—specifically the way goods are made and.....»»

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Jennifer Lopez enters the war against AI in a new video for Netflix’s Atlas

In a new video clip, Jennifer Lopez is entering the war to save humanity in Atlas, the upcoming sci-fi action film from Netflix......»»

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Spiny legged 308-million-year-old arachnid discovered in the Mazon Creek locality

More than 300 million years ago, all sorts of arachnids crawled around the Carboniferous coal forests of North America and Europe. These included familiar ones we'd recognize, such as spiders, harvestmen and scorpions—as well as exotic animals that.....»»

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Crazy! Save a massive $1,000 on this TCL 98-inch 4K TV right now

Best Buy has cut the price of the TCL 98-inch S5 4K TV by $1,000 making it much more affordable than before. We take a look at why it's worth it......»»

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Save $400 on this Samsung 85-inch QLED TV for a limited time

Best Buy has a huge discount on the Samsung 85-inch QN90C QLED TV and it's going to look fantastic in your living room......»»

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This new Google Sheets feature is going to save so much time

Google Sheets just made creating formatted tables possible in just one click......»»

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Sea otter study finds tool use allows access to larger prey, reduces tooth damage

Sea otters are one of the few animals that use tools to access their food, and a new study has found that individual sea otters that use tools—most of whom are female—are able to eat larger prey and reduce tooth damage when their preferred prey b.....»»

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Swipe right or left? How dating apps are impacting modern masculinity

What it means to be a man is changing. Critical men or masculinity studies is an emerging robust research field that explores how men and masculinity are being transformed by shifting socio-economic, sexual and political conditions in our post-indust.....»»

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Case study examines new product development in the fast fashion industry

In the world of fast fashion, new product development (NPD) is the main option for companies hoping to maintain relevance and competitiveness in an ever-changing market. NPD is a multifaceted process and covers the generation of ideas, design and imp.....»»

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Last chance to save $1,300 on the 85-inch Samsung The Frame TV

The 85-inch Samsung The Frame QLED 4K TV is available from Samsung with a $1,300 discount. The offer will end soon though, so buy this unique TV immediately......»»

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Sony listing hints at native, upscaled PS2 emulation on the PS5

Download promo promises "up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters." Enlarge / Identical cousins. (credit: Spellblade91 / Reddit) Years ago, Sony started making a select handful of "PlayStation 2 Classic.....»»

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How "ethical influencers" engage their audiences about saving the planet

Have a quick think back to the last time you scrolled through social media. Maybe it was this morning, last night or a few minutes ago. What do you recall? One thing you're bound to remember is the continuous stream of influencers showing off their l.....»»

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Fossil captures starfish splitting itself in two—showing this has been happening for 155 million years

One of the wildest wonders of nature is the ability of some animals to reproduce by splitting in half. There is still so much we don't know about this process. So the discovery of a 155-million-year-old starfish fossil frozen partway through this pro.....»»

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Researchers uncover how jelly sea creatures might shape modern robotics

Scientists at the University of Oregon have discovered that colonies of gelatinous sea animals swim through the ocean in giant corkscrew shapes using coordinated jet propulsion, an unusual kind of locomotion that could inspire new designs for efficie.....»»

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Google fixes third exploited Chrome zero-day in a week (CVE-2024-4947)

For the third time in the last seven days, Google has fixed a Chrome zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2024-4947) for which an exploit exists in the wild. About CVE-2024-4947 CVE-2024-4947 is a type confusion vulnerability in V8, Chrome’s JavaScript and.....»»

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Novel research sheds light on Amazonian birds" thermoregulatory strategies in a changing environment

A pioneering study published in Oikos has revealed novel insights into how a select group of birds in the Amazon rainforest, known as terrestrial insectivores, is coping with the ever-increasing threats posed by global climate change......»»

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These Electric School Buses Are on Their Way to Save the Grid

Loaded with ever more renewables, the grid will need to store a whole lot of energy. Enter: a new kind of magic school bus—one that can both charge and give power back......»»

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Avian flu detected in New York City wild birds

A small number of New York City wild birds carry highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza, according to a study published in the Journal of Virology,. The work highlights that the interface between animals and humans that may give rise to zoonotic infe.....»»

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Early retirement of old vehicles won"t save the planet, says study

Lifespan caps for passenger vehicles have limited effect on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and could drive up costs and material use, finds a new study published in Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability. The research shows that.....»»

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Save $590 on this Lenovo gaming PC with RTX 4070 Super

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5 Gen 8 gaming PC with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Super graphics card is on sale from Lenovo at 28% off, so it's down to only $1,490......»»

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