Cadillac Lyriq EV again eligible for $7,500 federal tax credit

Buyers of the Lyriq temporarily lost access to the EV consumer tax credit because two minor components did not comply with new battery sourcing rules effective this year......»»

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The Space Force is planning what could be the first military exercise in orbit

"The vendors will exercise a realistic threat response scenario." Enlarge / Artist's illustration of two satellites performing rendezvous and proximity operations in low-Earth orbit. (credit: True Anomaly) The US Space F.....»»

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Amazon virtually kills efforts to develop Alexa Skills, disappointing dozens

Most devs would need to pay out of pocket to host Alexa apps after June. Enlarge / The 4th-gen Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. (credit: Amazon) Alexa hasn't worked out the way Amazon originally planned. There was a time.....»»

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Sketchy Botox shots spark multistate outbreak of botulism-like condition

So far at least six people in two states have fallen ill; four of them were hospitalized. Enlarge / A woman in New Jersey receiving a Botox treatment at a Botox party in a New Jersey salon hosted by a radio station. (credit: Gett.....»»

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EV prices drop up to 20% as new and used inventory surges

Inventory is growing, and prices are falling for new and used EVs. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Among the many things upended by the pandemic was the traditional American car-buying experience. Factories were idled to.....»»

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Solving an early medieval money mystery with lead isotope and trace analysis

Anglo-Saxon England experienced trade revival, surge in silver coins in 660–750 CE. Enlarge / A selection of the Fitzwilliam Museum coins that were studied, including coins of Charlemagne and Offa. (credit: The Fitzwilliam Mus.....»»

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Google Photos’ AI editor goes freemium, hopes you’ll join $100/year plan

Photo Unblur and AI-erase are now free, while the editor offers 10 free saves a month. Enlarge / Google's Magic Editor and Photo Unblur. (credit: Google) Google Photos is opening up its premium editing tools to more user.....»»

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Hackable Intel and Lenovo hardware that went undetected for 5 years won’t ever be fixed

Multiple links in the supply chain failed for years to identify an unfixed vulnerability. Enlarge (credit: Intel) Hardware sold for years by the likes of Intel and Lenovo contains a remotely exploitable vulnerability tha.....»»

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Apple will allow reuse of iPhone parts for repairs, with a notable catch

Announcement arrives as Colorado's Senate hears a bill banning parts pairing. (credit: Getty Images) Apple has always had a strong preference that only its own parts be used in repairs, but only if they're brand-new. Now.....»»

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Elon Musk’s X botched an attempt to replace “” links with “”

Automatic text replacement let users spoof URLs ending in x, like Enlarge / An X sign at company headquarters in San Francisco. (credit: Getty Images | Bloomberg) Elon Musk's clumsy brand shift from Twitter.....»»

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No one needs this cryptocurrency-powered Steam Deck competitor

Playtron's SuiPlay0X1 is a "web3 gaming" fever dream I thought we'd all woken up from. Enlarge / Look, a generic render that looks vaguely like every other Steam Deck clone. (credit: Playtron) Remember when "web3 gaming".....»»

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US lawmaker proposes a public database of all AI training material

Proposed law would require more transparency from AI companies. Enlarge (credit: Cinefootage Visuals | iStock / Getty Images Plus) Amid a flurry of lawsuits over AI models' training data, US Representative Adam Schiff (D.....»»

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Intel’s “Gaudi 3” AI accelerator chip may give Nvidia’s H100 a run for its money

Intel claims 50% more speed when running AI language models vs. the market leader. Enlarge / An Intel handout photo of the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator. (credit: Intel) On Tuesday, Intel revealed a new AI accelerator chip call.....»»

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More than two dozen Colorado water systems exceed EPA"s new limits on "forever chemicals"

Twenty-nine of the more than 2,000 water treatment facilities in Colorado do not meet strict new federal limits on the amount of dangerous "forever chemicals" in their drinking water supplies and it will cost millions to clean those toxins out of the.....»»

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‘X’ Denies Music Companies’ Remaining Piracy Liability Claims in Court

Elon Musk's social media platform X has denied all copyright infringement claims in response to a 'piracy' complaint filed last year by a group of record labels. The Nashville federal court already dismissed several key allegations and X hopes to def.....»»

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An economist explains: Textbook economics is badly flawed when it comes to climate change

The federal carbon tax increase that has raised gas prices by three cents per liter in most Canadian provinces has been met by nationwide protests, many featuring slurs against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau......»»

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In exchange for a lunar rover, Japan will get seats on Moon-landing missions

Japan is making a significant commitment to the US-led Artemis program. Enlarge / Artist's illustration of a pressurized lunar rover design conceived by Toyota and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. (credit: Toyota/JAXA).....»»

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More legal acrimony for Truth Social, as executive says he was hacked

Founding CEO says former assistant plotted "coup d'état," hacked his accounts. Enlarge (credit: Anna Barclay via Getty) A board member of Trump Media & Technology Group, which owns Truth Social, has been accused of hack.....»»

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Slay the Spire 2, Vampire Survivors meets Contra, and other “Triple-i” games

More than 30 games in 45 minutes, and a lot of them look wishlist-able. Enlarge / Norland is a game that communicates its intent well through screenshots. (credit: Hooded Horse) The Triple-i initiative is a gaming showca.....»»

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New AI music generator Udio synthesizes realistic music on demand

But it still needs trial and error to generate high-quality results. Enlarge / A screenshot of AI-generated songs listed on Udio on April 10, 2024. (credit: Benj Edwards) Between 2002 and 2005, I ran a music website wher.....»»

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Computer scientist wins Turing Award for seminal work on randomness

Avi Wigderson helped prove that randomness is not required for efficient computation. Enlarge / Avi Wigderton of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton is the recipient of the 2023 A.M. Turing Award. (credit: Andrea Kane/I.....»»

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