Bureaucracy Is Blocking the Green Energy Revolution

Greg Jackson, CEO of Octopus Energy, tells WIRED Impact that red tape is causing “disastrous” delays to sustainable energy projects......»»

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Bowling clubs in Australia are disappearing, leaving a void in communities

A centerpiece of the typical Australian suburb has been the distinctive green of the traditional lawn bowling club. But despite being an institution for more than 150 years, a new study from UNSW Sydney shows the local "bowlo" faces an uncertain futu.....»»

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Quantum algorithm of the direct calculation of energy derivatives developed for molecular geometry optimization

In recent years, research and development on quantum computers has made considerable progress. Quantum chemical calculations for electronic structures of atoms and molecules are attracting great attention as one of the most promising applications for.....»»

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Opinion: Universal free school meals would make a huge difference to the cost-of-living crisis

The UK government's recent autumn statement set out several measures to help people with rapidly rising prices. These including increased benefit payments and an extension to the energy price cap, although at a less generous rate than currently guara.....»»

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To fight the climate crisis, we need to stop expanding offshore drilling for oil and gas

Environmental disaster struck the shores of Peru on Jan. 15, 2022, when Spanish energy company Repsol spilled 12,000 barrels of crude oil into the Bay of Lima after its tanker ruptured. The spill endangered 180,000 birds and destroyed the livelihoods.....»»

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VW-backed Northvolt may delay German battery plant for U.S. push

Surging energy costs are threatening to delay a plan to build the Northvolt plant in Germany as the company mulls taking advantage of big incentives offered under a U.S. climate and tax law to expand in the market......»»

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Japan-based Taiheiyo Cement in R&D of LFMP batteries

Japan-based Taiheiyo Cement has been in R&D of LFMP (lithium-iron-manganese-phosphate) batteries of which energy density is 40-50% higher than that for LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, and plans to start commercial production in 2025, accordin.....»»

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Study finds that big rains eventually bring big algae blooms

In the lake-rich regions of the world, algae blooms are a growing problem. Not only are the floating green scums a nuisance for anyone hoping to enjoy the water, they can turn toxic and threaten public health......»»

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Researchers take first step toward controlling photosynthesis using mirrors

With the help of mirrors, placed only a few hundred nanometers apart, a research team has managed to use light more efficiently. The finding could eventually be useful for controlling solar energy conversion during photosynthesis, or other reactions.....»»

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Researchers publish 31,618 molecules with potential for energy storage in batteries

Scientists from the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) have created a database of 31,618 molecules that could potentially be used in future redox-flow batteries. These batteries hold great promise for energy storage. Among other.....»»

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Researchers construct nanochannels from graphene oxide nanosheets to harvest ocean osmotic energy

When thinking of renewable energy sources, it is often solar or wind that spring to mind first—but what about ocean energy?.....»»

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NEV prices in China likely to rise after subsidy program ends

China will terminate the subsidy program for new energy vehicles(NEV), including EVs, on the first day of 2023. Car companies are taking the final opportunity to boost sales. Industry experts say NEV prices are expected to increase next year due to s.....»»

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How the Hydrogen Revolution Can Help Save the Planet--And How It Can"t

Many researchers see a huge role for hydrogen in decarbonizing economies.....»»

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Check out some great Black Friday deals on BLUETTI’s portable power stations

With Black Friday coming up, BLUETTI – a company specializing in energy storage products – has announced some great deals on its power stations. In addition, BLUETTI is also offering exclusive giveaways, mystery boxes, and lucky draws. This migh.....»»

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How the dynamics of phishing attacks are changing

In this Help Net Security video, Alex Paquette, COO at Ironscales, discusses the impact in terms of the time and energy required to defend against the never-ending and ever-evolving onslaught of phishing attacks. A recent study conducted by Osterman.....»»

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Supplier sees energy source in CO2 waste

Denso is testing technology at a factory near Nagoya that could slash 800,000 tons of carbon emissions every year in Japan......»»

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Energy-rich Qatar faces fast-rising climate risks at home

At a suburban park near Doha, the capital city of Qatar, cool air from vents in the ground blasted joggers on a November day that reached almost 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit)......»»

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IPC supplier iBASE Gaming looks forward to casino opportunities in 2023

Industrial PC (IPC) supplier iBASE Gaming has been planning for the future development of casino gaming, green energy, and AIoT markets in light of the gaming industry reopening after the pandemic and the energy storage market slowly showing its bene.....»»

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Sanan Group scores points in SiC business

Hunan Sanan Semiconductor, a wholly owned subsidiary maker of the largest China-based LED chip maker Sanan Optoelectronics, has signed with a China-based new energy car vendor for supply of SiC chips during 2024-2027, with a total sales value estimat.....»»

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A single fiber actuator inspired by human muscles

To effectively replicate the movements of humans and animals, robots should integrate muscle-like structures. These artificial muscles should attain an optimal performance across all relevant actuation parameters, including energy density, strain, st.....»»

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Surveys show public is willing to pay larger energy bills in solidarity with Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February led to demonstrations and donations all over the world. The yellow-blue flag of Ukraine fluttered against the sky thousands of kilometers away. People raised money, and volunteers signed up to help refugees an.....»»

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