Assessing the safety and suitability of using cat-attracting plants for olfactory enrichment

In a study published in iScience, a research team first examined the effects of silver vine on cats by comparing single exposure and long-term exposure to plant extracts. The cats were given access to the extract for four hours. At first, they showed.....»»

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Q&A: Reducing the use of animal tissues for testing the safety of cosmetics

Imperial College London researchers speak to us about their work exploring animal-free methods for the future of testing cosmetics safety......»»

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Day-extension blue light inhibits chrysanthemum flowering when far-red light is included: Study

Most ornamental crops can be classified as long-day, short-day, or day-neutral plants based on their flowering responses to the photoperiod (which is the day length), or the skotoperiod (which is the night length). Chrysanthemum is a common ornamenta.....»»

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GM to pay $8 million to UAW workers following arbitration over 2019 plant closures

The ruling comes nearly a year and a half after the arbitrator initially found that GM violated Document 13 of its 2015 contract with the UAW when it closed three plants during the term of that agreement......»»

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Multimedia distribution and health risk assessment of typical organic pollutants in a retired industrial park

In developing countries, a large number of retired industrial parks require economical and effective risk assessment and remediation. Assessing the comprehensive risk of large retired industrial parks remains a considerable challenge due to the compl.....»»

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UAW says it signed 1,000 VW workers in Tenn. organizing push

The UAW is trying to capitalize on recent contract victories in Detroit and reverse labor’s decades-long decline in the auto sector. It has launched simultaneous, public campaigns to organize 13 non-union U.S. plants......»»

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New leader of GM"s Cruise acknowledges "all-time low" amid safety review

General Motors’ Cruise autonomous vehicle unit has hit an “all time low,” said its new leader, while promising to restore trust with regulators and the public after the company pulled all of its vehicles from U.S. roads......»»

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Dangerous proximity of ships, pipeline led to California oil spill; investigators urge reform

A federal agency wants changes in how container ships are anchored off Southern California as well as new safety measures for vessels near offshore pipelines to help prevent or minimize ruptures like the one that spilled 25,000 gallons of crude oil o.....»»

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Study reshapes understanding of mass extinction in Late Devonian era

Diverse and full of sea life, the Earth's Devonian era—taking place more than 370 million years ago—saw the emergence of the first seed-bearing plants, which spread as large forests across the continents of Gondwana and Laurussia......»»

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How IRON MAN (IMA) is involved in copper homeostasis in plants

Copper (Cu) availability is critical for plant growth and development and for food yield and quality. It is essential for plants to maintain Cu homeostasis. To maintain Cu homeostasis in different tissues and organs, the uptake and transport of Cu mu.....»»

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Confident about safety of AI: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

The president and CEO of the chipmaker to ChatGPT says the rise of AI is no cause for concern......»»

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Study finds plant nurseries are exacerbating the climate-driven spread of 80% of invasive species

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently published a pair of papers that, together, provide the most detailed maps to date of how 144 common invasive plants species will react to 2° Celsius of climate change in the eastern U.S.....»»

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Dunes and native plants to sprout next year on a California"s harbor beach

A relatively low-budget project has received a $57,000 state grant to restore sand dunes and native plants next year to spots along Oceanside's North Strand and Harbor Beach......»»

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A 2nd Gotion battery plant plan divides another small town

A crowd that was split between supporters excited about jobs and opponents worried about safety and other concerns held forth for nearly five hours of boisterous public comment......»»

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AirTags used to catch serial plant thief, police recover ‘a sanctuary of stolen greenery’

A few months ago, I wrote a story about AirTags being used to track down stolen potted plants. I’m once again back with another story on this phenomenon, this time focused on a business in California to find a thief who repeatedly stole “trees,.....»»

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Ex-Tesla employee casts doubt on car safety

A whistleblower believes the self-driving vehicle technology is not safe enough for public roads......»»

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Tesla whistleblower casts doubt on car safety

A former Tesla worker turned whistleblower has spoken to the BBC's technology editor Zoe Kleinman......»»

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Decoding flavonoid metabolism: A closer look at plant-based diets

In a world where plant-based lifestyles are on the rise, the power of foods such as broccoli, celery, and tofu, which are rich in flavonoids, is becoming clearer. Flavonoids are phenolic compounds produced by plants that are essential for plant devel.....»»

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New doubts over coral, safety at planned Olympic surf venue

The president of French Polynesia has questioned whether 2024 Olympic surfing can go ahead at the planned site in Tahiti, saying he was concerned about safety and damage to coral from a planned judging tower......»»

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Botany must feature more prominently on the school curriculum to promote awareness of climate change, study warns

Children must be taught more about the importance of plants if education about climate change and sustainability is to be effective, experts have warned......»»

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Plant survey finds dozens of nonnative invasive species thriving in southwest Ohio

Botanist Denis Conover does not have to go far to study the growing problem of invasive plants......»»

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