Apple @ Work: As Ubiquiti adds phone support, they put other networking vendors on notice

Apple @ Work is exclusively brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Mosyle is the only solution that integrates in a single professional-grade platform all the solutions necessary to seamlessly and automatically deploy, manage & pr.....»»

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Climate inaction undermines public support for lifestyle changes, study finds

New research into the public perception of climate change initiatives finds that while there is strong support for low-carbon lifestyles, inaction is limiting public beliefs that a low-carbon future is possible......»»

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Decoding apples: Nitrogen"s role in shaping fruit sugar content

Apple quality and yield are significantly affected by nitrogen levels in the soil, which influence various biochemical processes. Insufficient nitrogen can result in poor fruit quality, while excessive nitrogen leads to environmental pollution. Under.....»»

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How can we get dads to work less and do more around the house?

Would more dads work fewer hours if other dads decided to do the same? Would paid parental leave prompt them to do more around the house? How do social norms affect inequalities within the labor market? Researcher Dr. Max van Lent investigates......»»

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We know social media bans are unlikely to work. So how can we keep young people safe online?

A war has erupted around young people's use of social media and it is messy. In the United States, surgeon general Vivek Murthy has recommended cigarette packet-like warnings for platforms like Instagram to remind teens and parents social media "has.....»»

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Public health beliefs predict support for climate action, study shows

A paper published in the current issue of the Journal of Health Communication by Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) researchers finds evidence that holding science-consistent beliefs about the public health effects of climate change is an importan.....»»

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Battling anthracnose: Unearthing the plant"s arsenal against pathogenic fungi

Plant diseases caused by pathogens like Colletotrichum fructicola lead to significant agricultural losses, particularly in fruit crops such as pear, apple, and peach. Traditional control methods often fail as pathogens adapt to plant defenses. Nonhos.....»»

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6 features that iOS 18 stole from Android

Apple iOS 18 is on the way, and it has some interesting improvements you should care about. They're also stolen from Android. Here are six of them......»»

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Motorola’s new $200 Android phone looks like a great deal

There's a new budget phone arriving from Motorola. It’s called the Moto S50 Neo, and it looks like a solid deal......»»

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Forget the Galaxy Z Fold 6. This new folding phone already beat it

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is coming soon. But forget about it. A new folding phone from Vivo recently launched, and it's unbelievably good......»»

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Ifi’s latest DAC is the first to add lossless Bluetooth audio

With support for tons of Bluetooth codecs, including aptX Lossless, the Zen Blue 3 is the Swiss Army knife of wireless DACs......»»

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Major dealership groups redefine business as usual as CDK"s DMS outage reaches 7th day; concern rises for U.S. sales

The CDK disruption adds to general hesitancy to buy big-ticket items like vehicles because consumers now may believe it would be inconvenient to try, a Cox Automotive economist said......»»

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BMW to revive 6 Series; electric XM crossover scrapped

The new 6 Series will be based on BMW's Cluster Architecture platform and support gasoline, gasoline-electric hybrid and all-electric powertrains......»»

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Hands-on: iPhone Mirroring with iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia [Video]

Yesterday, Apple released the second beta for iOS 18 and macOS 10.15 Sequoia, and it arrived featuring one of the headline components shared between both OSes. iPhone Mirroring, a feature that lets you both mirror and fully control an iPhone via Cont.....»»

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Second Apple campus at Research Triangle Park delayed by up to four years

Work still hasn’t started on a second Apple campus some six years after the company announced the plan, and a new report says that work on the project has now been further delayed by “up to four years.” That could mean a full decade between.....»»

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Meta apparently tried to convince Apple to use its AI

It seems that Meta was in talks with Apple to bring its chatbot to iOS, but it ultimately failed over concerns of Meta’s privacy policies. The post Meta apparently tried to convince Apple to use its AI appeared first on Phandroid. When A.....»»

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If Apple"s research pans out, an iPhone could be a portable science lab

Apple is researching how to make an iPhone accessory that can be used to perform spectroscopy in the field, and inexpensively.Detail from the patent showing a possible sample testing systemThink of how "Star Trek" tricorders also came in a medical ve.....»»

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New study unveils formation secrets of tiny rare earth elements

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin's School of Natural Sciences have revealed a novel route to the formation of bastnäsite, a crucial mineral for the extraction of rare earth elements (REEs). Their work offers promise in one day making the extr.....»»

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Beyond work: Study finds employment affects identity in late 20-somethings

For people in their late 20s, "Your job doesn't define you" is likely an unconvincing cliché......»»

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Apple and Meta iOS 18 AI chatbot integration discussions ended long ago

Apple reportedly not in talks with Meta about integrating its AI with iPhone similar to its partnership with OpenAI, citing privacy concerns.Apple and Meta are reportedly not in discussions over AI chatbot integrationEarlier in June, a report claimed.....»»

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Apple"s on-device email categorization is a feature years in the making

Apple recently announced an all-new email categorization feature for iOS 18, but a newly-discovered prototype of the UI dates back to around five years ago, before the release of iOS 13.Apple's email categorization feature was originally created with.....»»

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