Apple announces new Optic ID biometrics for user authentication on Apple Vision Pro headset

Apple announced a new biometrics system called Optic ID for Apple Vision Pro. It analyzes your iris to identify you, akin to how Face ID works for your whole face on iPhone. This means the device can automatically unlock when you place the headset.....»»

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Jon Stewart reveals the moment thing went bad with Apple

"The Problem with Jon Stewart" host says that it was over one particular interview that he knew his show was not going to fit in at Apple TV+.'The Problem with Jon Stewart' [Apple TV+]Jon Stewart did originally say that he parted ways with Apple TV+.....»»

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iOS 18: iPhone 15 Users Found a Feature That Will Be Helpful in a Pinch

iOS 18 beta testers continue to discover new features lurking within the operating system and the latest one could be helpful in a pinch. While much of the talk about iOS 18 has been about Apple Intelligence and the new customization options, Apple&#.....»»

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iOS 17.5.1 Problems Stack Up, iOS 17.6 Still MIA

iOS 17.5.1 problems continue to pile up for iPhone users. And with iOS 17.6 MIA, we still don’t know when Apple’s next batch of bug fixes will arrive. It’s been nearly a month since Apple last released a new version of iOS 17 and co.....»»

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The Apple Watch SE 2 has a significant discount for Father’s Day

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? How about an Apple Watch SE 2 for $60 off? Just don’t tell pops you saved that much dough!.....»»

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What"s coming soon to tvOS 18, HomeKit, and AirPods

Apple's bento graphic for Audio & Home covers everything from HomeKit to tvOS. Here's a breakdown of that image's feature list.Apple's bento graphic for Audio & HomeApple's bento graphic for Audio & HomeThe bento graphic is an Apple tradition now. It.....»»

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Apple offers a first look at upcoming Messages via satellite feature

One of the new features coming to iPhone this fall is the ability to send text messages via satellite — here's what you can expect.Image Credit: AppleOn Monday, Apple held its annual keynote for WWDC. The event gave developers and Apple fans alike.....»»

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Record, summarize, and transcribe audio with Apple Notes on iOS 18

Apple's Notes app just got a huge productivity upgrade with iOS 18 thanks to new audio recording, transcription, and summarization tools.The built-in Notes app can now record and transcribe audio in iOS 18On Monday, at the company's annual Worldwide.....»»

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Developers can now nominate apps and updates for App Store promotions

Apple runs an entire editorial division for the App Store that writes in-depth stories and roundups, and now developers can nominate their apps and updates instead of waiting for seemingly random selection.Featuring Nominations can be submitted in Ap.....»»

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Proposed class action lawsuit accuses Apple of underpaying women

According to a new class action lawsuit in California, Apple allegedly underpaid 12,000 women compared to men despite DEI initiatives.Apple Park is meant to host a diverse and equal workforceGender pay gaps, discrimination, and harassment are all som.....»»

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My favorite macOS Sequoia feature so far might be the old-timey Mac wallpaper

Combo wallpaper-screen saver is a walk down memory lane for classic Mac users. Enlarge / The classic Mac OS wallpaper in macOS 15 Sequoia mimics the monochrome user interfaces used in System 1 through 6. (credit: Apple).....»»

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Starlink user terminal now costs just $300 in 28 states, $500 in rest of US

The $600 standard price was replaced with regional pricing of $500 or $300. Enlarge / The standard Starlink satellite dish. (credit: Starlink) You can now buy a Starlink satellite dish for $299 (plus shipping and tax) i.....»»

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Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT integration into OSes

Apple thinks pushing OpenAI’s brand to hundreds of millions is worth more than money. Enlarge (credit: OpenAI / Apple / Benj Edwards) On Monday, Apple announced it would be integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT AI assistant int.....»»

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Man ludicrously blames Apple for his wife catching him communicating with prostitutes

A British man is ridiculously attempting to sue Apple following a divorce, caused by his wife finding messages to a prostitute he deleted from his iPhone that were still accessible on an iMac.Messages can be deleted, but be thorough in checking it's.....»»

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Eye Tracking lets you navigate iOS 18 without touching your iPhone

Apple's Eye Tracking tech offers a new way for iPhone and iPad owners to interact with their devices. The first appearance in iOS 18 demonstrates how powerful it can be to some users.Eye Tracking in Settings for iOS 18In May, Apple revealed some of t.....»»

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iOS 18 adds quick-access Text Effects to Messages

You've long been able to add birthday balloons and other effects to Messages, but in iOS 18 your very words can shake, rattle, and explode.The new Text Effects in iOS 18's MessagesEvery year, Apple finds something new to add to Messages, and it's so.....»»

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All of your presentations will get better in macOS Sequoia

Apple's WWDC keynote included a few macOS Sequoia changes to help with video calls. Here's how Presenter Preview and Background Replacements can help you in your online meetings.Online presentations on Mac will get a bit better in macOS SequoiaSince.....»»

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Price drop: grab Apple"s M2 MacBook Air 13" for $829

Apple resellers are clearing out MacBook Air inventory, with the M2 models dropping to $829 and the latest M3 spec available for as low as $899.Take advantage of fresh price drops on Apple's MacBook Air.We're following aggressive discounts on Apple's.....»»

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Apple is paying OpenAI with exposure, not cash

Apple and OpenAI are working together to bring optional ChatGPT functionality to Apple's ecosystem, but neither party is paying the other — for now.Apple and OpenAI have a mutual partnershipIt is well known that Google pays Apple billions for the p.....»»

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Apple fined in South Korea for collecting users" data without their consent

Apple and Google's business interests in Korea have been fined for violating a law on collecting location data, but it's not clear why Apple got dinged.National Assembly of the Republic of South KoreaApple has been ordered by the Korean Communication.....»»

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Bento breakdown: what Apple wants you to know about watchOS 11

Apple's watchOS 11 didn't get a huge amount of screen time during the WWDC keynote, but there was still the features summary at the end of the segment. Here's what Apple Watch users are getting in the fall.watchOS 11 bento graphicApple usually sums u.....»»

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