Antibiotic use on Kenya"s dairy farms is putting consumers and animals at risk

Farmers often use antibiotics to keep their livestock healthy. They're sometimes used as "quick fixes", to avoid more costly management measures like regular disinfection, waste management, routine vaccination or provision of clean drinking water......»»

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Traces of DNA in the stomachs of predatory snails provide new insights into the ecology of placozoans

Placozoans are among the simplest animals and occur worldwide in coastal waters. It was previously assumed that the tiny creatures, which measure just a few millimeters, live either on hard surfaces—such as rocks, corals, and mangrove roots—or fl.....»»

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Plant more native trees to reduce landslide risk, control erosion, say researchers

Landslides typically occur under heavy rain. With the potential for increased precipitation due to climate change and a possible return to La Niña reinforcing slopes with native trees and shrubs could be an effective, economical and sustainable solu.....»»

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San Francisco Bay study highlights value of salt marsh restoration for flood risk reduction and climate resilience

Salt marsh restoration can mitigate flood risk and bolster community resilience to climate change in our local waterways, according to a recent study published in Scientific Reports by a postdoctoral fellow with UC Santa Cruz's Center for Coastal Cli.....»»

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Survey tallies consumer attitudes toward lab-grown meat alternatives

Many consumers view conventional meats as both tastier and healthier than laboratory-grown alternatives, according to the March Consumer Food Insights Report......»»

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Research finds dairy farmers receptive to methane-reducing seaweed feed

New England's dairy industry continues to evolve in response to significant market challenges that include a decreased demand for milk and higher production and land costs. However, there is also ongoing evidence that organic dairy farming can provid.....»»

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Report links H&M, Zara to environmental destruction in Brazil

Fast fashion giants H&M and Zara have used cotton from farms linked to massive deforestation, land-grabbing, corruption and violence in Brazil, a report by the environmental group Earthsight said Thursday......»»

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Piracy Shield: Influential Consumer Union Attempts to Break AGCOM’s Silence

Telecoms regulator AGCOM has either downplayed, dismissed, or flat-out ignored even the most constructive criticism concerning the Piracy Shield system. How AGCOM will handle a demand for information filed by the National Consumers Union (UNC) remain.....»»

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Your internet service provider now has to provide you with a "nutrition label"

Internet service providers are now required by the FCC to provide consumers with a "nutrition label" with all fees and other plan info detailed. It's been 34 years since the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 made it mandatory for com.....»»

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Scientists explore deep sea around Easter Island, find strange animals

Scientists on a deep ocean research expedition around Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and other seamounts along the Salas y Gómez Ridge in the Pacific Ocean spotted as many as 60 new deep sea species. The mountains of the ocean teem with otherworldly.....»»

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Researchers resolve old mystery of how phages disarm pathogenic bacteria

Bacterial infections pose significant challenges to agriculture and medicine, especially as cases of antibiotic-resistant bacteria continue to rise. In response, scientists at Texas A&M AgriLife Research are elucidating the ways that bacteria-infecti.....»»

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Apple will allow activation of used parts in repairs by users & service shops

Apple is expanding its self-repair program procedures, and is adding the ability for consumers to use parts pairing to fully activate used parts in repairs — assuming they haven't been harvested from stolen devices.An Apple repair toolkitStarting i.....»»

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Experts determine best way to breed frogs in captivity

Frogs belong to a group of animals called amphibians—the most endangered group of species on the planet. Two out of every five amphibian species are currently threatened with extinction, and this figure is rising......»»

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Organizations need to beware of "institutional parasites," study says

Organizations that fail to identify or swiftly expel "institutional parasites" risk long-term damage, academics from British and Finnish business schools have warned......»»

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The domination of private interests presents a risk to the long-term health of the Bay of Fundy

In 2022 we gathered a group of leading thinkers in Halifax, near the iconic Bay of Fundy, to set about imagining "what could plausibly happen to the Bay of Fundy coast by 2072.".....»»

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Concentric AI unveils employee offboarding risk monitoring and reporting module

Concentric AI announced its new employee offboarding risk monitoring and reporting module that delivers critical data detection and response capabilities to identify true risk to data and secure sensitive information when employees leave a company. C.....»»

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Speed of AI development is outpacing risk assessment

Traditional methods of evaluating accuracy and safety are flawed. Enlarge / Google, Anthropic, Cohere, and Mistral have each released AI models over the past two months as they seek to unseat OpenAI from the top of public ranking.....»»

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Single-crop farming has potential to harm bees, study finds

Mass-blooming, monoculture crop fields don't seem to reduce the microbial diversity in a bee's gut, University of Oregon researchers have found in a study of sunflower farms, but they do amplify the spread of infectious parasites......»»

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Study shedding new light on Earth"s global carbon cycle could help assess liveability of other planets

Research has uncovered important new insights into the evolution of oxygen, carbon, and other vital elements over the entire history of Earth—and it could help assess which other planets can develop life, ranging from plants to animals and humans......»»

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Hurricane risk perception drops after storms hit, study shows

Programs and policies that help households go beyond stocking up on food and medical supplies to invest in longer-term protections could overcome the risk perception gap and support adaptation to rising climate-related threats......»»

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Humans have converted at least 250,000 acres of estuaries to cities and farms in last 35 years, study finds

Worldwide over the past 35 years, dams and land reclamation activities have converted 250,000 acres of estuary—an area roughly 17 times the size of Manhattan—to urban land or agricultural fields, with most land conversion and estuary loss in rapi.....»»

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