Amount of warming triggering carbon dioxide in air hits new peak, growing at near-record fast rate

The cause of global warming is showing no signs of slowing as heat-trapping carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere increased to record highs in its annual Spring peak, jumping at one of the fastest rates on record, officials announced Monday......»»

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Direct synthesis of fluorinated carbon materials via solid-state mechanochemical reaction between graphite and PTFE

A research team, led by Professor Jong-Beom Baek and his team in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering at UNIST have achieved a significant breakthrough in battery technology. They have developed an innovative method that enables the safe syn.....»»

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Arizona"s sweltering summer could set new record for most heat-associated deaths in big metro

America's hottest metro area is on track to set an annual record for heat-associated deaths after a sweltering summer, particularly in Phoenix......»»

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Calif. plant signals Toyota"s path in fight against carbon

Toyota is a key player in a pilot project that uses biogas to produce clean electricity, hydrogen and water for use by the automaker for vehicles coming off ships from Japan......»»

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Here’s How Long the macOS Ventura 13.6 Update Takes

Here’s How Long the macOS Ventura 13.6 Update Takes is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. Apple’s macOS Ventura 13.6 update could take a long time to download and install on your Mac. The amount of time depends on your Mac model a.....»»

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Pollen analysis suggests dispersal of modern humans occurred during a major Pleistocene warming spell

It's an Ice Age mystery that's been debated for decades among anthropologists: Exactly when and how did the flow of Homo sapiens in Eurasia happen? Did a cold snap or a warming spell drive early human movement from Africa into Europe and Asia?.....»»

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James Webb spots carbon dioxide on Europa, supporting theory of habitability

Europa is one of the most likely places in the solar system to support life beyond Earth, and now new findings could make that possibility more likely......»»

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New business model may help curb fashion"s fierce environmental impacts

Clothes that are produced quickly and just as quickly go out of style and into the trash bin can have dire effects on the environment, polluting the air with carbon and choking landfills with chemicals that can seep into the water supply......»»

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New developments in the accurate simulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Earth System Model (CAS-ESM2.0), a sophisticated Earth modeling tool, has achieved a major breakthrough in fully coupled atmospheric CO2 simulation, as revealed in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences......»»

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Re-wetting is key for boosting carbon dioxide storage in southern peatlands, finds study

Maintaining a water level between 20 and 30 centimeters below the local water table will boost southern peatlands' carbon storage and reduce the amount of climate-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane they release back into the atmosphere during d.....»»

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iPhone 15 hits shelves around the world. Here"s what you need to know

Apple's iPhone 15 lineup hit stores Friday as people waited in long lines across China, Europe and the US to be among the first to get their hands on one of the company's next-generation smartphones......»»

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Migratory birds can be taught to adjust to climate change, study shows

One result of climate change is that spring is arriving earlier. However, migratory birds are not keeping up with these developments and arrive too late for the peak in food availability when it is time for breeding. By getting the birds to fly a lit.....»»

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NASA’s Frank Rubio has just done something very unusual in space

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio marked one whole year in orbit on Thursday, with his record-breaking stay scheduled to last 371 days......»»

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Mussels able to adjust heart rate to cope with marine heat waves

Mussels are among the ultimate superfoods, high in vitamin B12, omega-3 and great for the heart. Now, new research shows they are also likely to withstand marine heat waves by adjusting their body functions......»»

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Suicide in Ghana: Society expects men to be providers. A new study explores this pressure

Suicide is a complex behavior that is widely regarded as a significant public health issue across the globe. It is influenced by psychiatric, psychological, biological, social, cultural, economic and existential factors. In most countries, the rate o.....»»

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Investigating invasive plants as roadside contaminant removal tools

Tall, densely growing Phragmites and cattail (Typha) are familiar plants alongside highways and byways in the northern United States, flourishing in salty roadsides and degraded wetland environments created by chemicals applied to roads in the colder.....»»

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Chicago"s West Side is an air pollution hotspot, new study finds

The western edge of Chicago—including the North and South Lawndale, East Garfield Park, Archer Heights and Brighton Park neighborhoods—experiences up to 32% higher concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution compared to the rest of the.....»»

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Hidden ocean the source of carbon dioxide on Jupiter moon: Research

Carbon dioxide detected on Jupiter's moon Europa comes from the vast ocean beneath its icy shell, research using James Webb Space Telescope data indicated on Thursday, potentially bolstering hopes the hidden water could harbor life......»»

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Accelerated warming has pushed North America"s deepest lake across important ecological thresholds

A team of researchers from Queen's University and Environment and Climate Change Canada have shown that accelerated 21st-century warming has triggered a striking shift in algal composition in the Great Slave Lake, North America's deepest lake, and on.....»»

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Novel filter uses carbon nanotubes to create new paradigm for dialysis membranes

A collaborative team has developed a new type of filter for kidney dialysis machines that can clean the blood more efficiently and improve patient care. Piran Kidambi, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, led the team, which.....»»

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We could sequester CO2 by "re-greening" arid lands, plant scientists say

Reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere will take more than cutting emissions—we will also need to capture and store the excessive volumes of already-emitted carbon. In an opinion paper published in the journal Trends in Plant Science on September 21.....»»

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