AI Alliance will open-source AI models; Meta, IBM, Intel, NASA on board

A new industry group known as the AI Alliance believes that artificial intelligence models should be open-source, in contrast to the proprietary models developed by OpenAI and Google. Meta, IBM, Intel, and NASA are just some of the organizations t.....»»

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After heavy storms, Death Valley is now open to kayakers: The return of ghostly Lake Manly

Storms pummeling Southern California have dramatically transformed Death Valley National Park, doubling the size of a vast temporary lake that is even visible to orbiting spacecraft......»»

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A step-by-step plan for safe use of GenAI models for software development

If you are a large-scale company, the recent AI boom hasn’t escaped your notice. Today AI is assisting in a large array of development-related and digital-related tasks, from content generation to automation and analysis. The development of AI is r.....»»

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Google goes “open AI” with Gemma, a free, open-weights chatbot family

Gemma chatbots can run locally, and they reportedly outperform Meta's Llama 2. Enlarge (credit: Google) On Wednesday, Google announced a new family of AI language models called Gemma, which are free, open-weights models.....»»

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Blue Origin has emerged as the likely buyer for United Launch Alliance

Pairing of two launch companies could provide more robust competition to SpaceX. Enlarge / The first Vulcan rocket fires off its launch pad in Florida in January 2024. (credit: United Launch Alliance) The rocket company.....»»

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Study finds home heating fuel is direct source of sulfate in Fairbanks"s winter air

Use of residential heating fuel is the main contributor of primary sulfate pollution in Fairbanks's wintertime air, according to research conducted during an international science program in the community in 2022......»»

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Intel and Microsoft just announced a huge collaboration

Microsoft will be leveraging Intel's 18A technology for the production of an undisclosed chip......»»

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Meta, Microsoft take on Apple and lobby EU to reject new App Store terms

Apple will be challenged by the EU over its App Store changes if Microsoft and Meta have their way. Meta and Microsoft are not about to just let Apple get away with "malicious compliance."According to a new report from the Financial Times, two.....»»

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M2 Mac mini starts from $499, Magic Keyboard with Touch ID at $170, more in today’s best deals

In Wednesday’s best deals, we spotted a chance to score Apple’s latest M2 Mac mini starting from $499. There’s up to $150 in savings on higher-end models, too, which come joined by Apple’s official black Magic Keyboard with Touch ID at $170 a.....»»

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Meta wants to turn its Quest headsets into AirPlay receivers

You might soon be able to AirPlay content from your iPhone to your Meta Quest headset. In a post on social media this week, Meta’s vice president of VR said that the company is “asking Apple for the permission for Quest to be an AirPlay receiver......»»

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Big Tech is extremely unimpressed by Apple’s EU App Store changes

"It took about an hour for app developers to realize they had been screwed." (credit: Apple) Apple is coming under fire from rivals Meta and Microsoft who say its plans to open up its mobile software to comply with a lan.....»»

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The top 7 bestselling phone models of 2023 are all iPhones

Every currently sold iPhone makes the top seven, except the iPhone SE. Enlarge / The iPhone 14. (credit: Apple) Counterpoint has a new report on the top-selling phone models of 2023, and for the first time, the top seve.....»»

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Watch David Tennant bring a dog to the BAFTAs in chaotic opening sketch

Watch the BAFTAs 2024 opening sketch in which David Tennant brings Michael Sheen's dog to the show. David Tennant made a dramatic entrance to the BAFTAs on Sunday night, and he came armed with Michael Sheen's dog.In the amusing open sketch abov.....»»

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Meta is fighting deepfakes and misinformation in India ahead of 2024 elections

India's 2024 elections face the threat of deepfakes, often spread on WhatsApp and social media. Meta is trying to combat it. Tech giant Meta is gearing up for worldwide elections in 2024, having laid out plans to "protect elections online" as g.....»»

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Get these new, open-box Sony headphones for $40

Get these wireless Sony Headphones (open-box) for only $40. TL;DR: As of February 21, get these new Sony WH-CH520 open-box wireless headphones for $39.99 — that's 33% off.For some, earbuds just don't cut it, in part because of how they ha.....»»

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Meet Gemma: Google"s new open-source AI model

Google unveiled Gemma, an open-source AI model built with the same technology as its flagship model Gemini. Here's what you need to know about Gemma. Meet Gemma, Google's open-source AI model. On Wednesday, Google announced a new family of mode.....»»

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Meat, legume or rice-based dishes tend to have a larger biodiversity footprint, study shows

Dishes like Brazilian steak and Indian kidney bean curry have an especially large biodiversity footprint, or impact on biodiversity, according to a study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Elissa Cheng from the National University of Si.....»»

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Intel CPU gaming crashes are causing an uproar

Many users are reporting issues with crashes in games on Intel's top CPUs, including the Core i9-14900k......»»

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Intel road map explained: going beyond 2027

Intel debuted an updated road map at its IFS Direct event, showcasing what the company is doing through 2027......»»

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Open Source Hardware Certifications: December and January

These Open Source Hardware projects gained certification in December of 2023 and January of 2024 The post Open Source Hardware Certifications: December and January appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Scientists simulate Lahaina Fire to improve prediction of wildland-urban fires

Scientists have successfully applied a pair of advanced computer models to simulate last year's wildfire that devastated the Hawaiian town of Lahaina. The development could lay the groundwork for more detailed predictions of wildfires that advance in.....»»

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