A small, fuzzy dwarf galaxy in our neighborhood captured by Hubble

This week's image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows a galaxy in our backyard, cosmically speaking, taken as part of a project to image nearby galaxies......»»

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5 could be unveiled in South Korea this summer

Samsung appears to have hinted that for its next Unpacked event where their new foldables will be announced, it could take place in Seoul, South Korea. Whenever Samsung launches one of their flagship phones, the company usually chooses lo.....»»

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DEAL: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s $400 discount is too good to pass up!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is currently $400 off, so if you want a foldable phone, now’s your chance! Foldable phones don’t come cheap, but the good news is that if you’ve always wanted one but were understandably hesitant to pay $.....»»

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Rollo wireless label printer review: Thermal, AirPrint-enabled postage printing

To wireless Rollo printer is the must-have gadget for anyone who frequently ships products — whether just to friends and family or operating a small business.The Rollo wireless printerPrinting labels is an absolute pain. You have to deal with every.....»»

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A fire brigade against mosquitoes: New technology can protect against the spread of tropical diseases

The warm season in Europe marks the beginning of the high season for mosquitoes. While they and their larvae serve as prey for many animals and thus play an important role in the ecosystem, humans find the small bloodsuckers rather annoying. Meanwhil.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might come with even greater zoom

An early Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rumor has suggested that one of the upgrades would be to the camera, where it is expected to get even more zoom. Most people think that zoom camera lenses are to photograph objects from far away and that.....»»

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Mysterious dashes revealed in Milky Way"s center

An international team of astrophysicists has discovered something wholly new, hidden in the center of the Milky Way galaxy......»»

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NASA’s Year-Long Mars Simulation Is a Test of Mental Mettle

Four people will cohabitate in a small prototype Martian dwelling, mimicking the isolation and stresses of life on the Red Planet......»»

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Q&A: Are liberals truly more depressed than conservatives?

Do self-identified liberals suffer from higher levels of depression than their conservative counterparts? Research suggests so, which has a small circle of commentators and academics humming with theories to explain the gap......»»

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Using a gene-editing tool to improve productivity in rice crops

As global food insecurity climbed to a perilous high in 2022, scientists ramped up their efforts to perfect best practices for protecting the yields of major crops that are essential in combating this issue. And, while rice makes up a small portion o.....»»

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The case of the missing Jupiters: Gas giant planets are a no-show around small red stars

Astronomers have revealed that the smallest and most common kinds of stars in the universe, called red dwarfs, very rarely host big, Jupiter-like planets. This absence of Jupiter analogs could have major impacts on the development of Earth-like plane.....»»

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Cutting boards can produce microparticles when used to chop veggies, study shows

Cutting boards are handy tools found in most homes and restaurant kitchens. But a small-scale study in Environmental Science & Technology suggests that they are an overlooked source of micrometer-sized particles......»»

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New hot DOG in the sky: Astronomers discover a hot-dust-obscured galaxy

An international team of astronomers reports the detection of a new, hot-dust-obscured galaxy (DOG). The galaxy, which received designation WISE J190445.04+485308.9, was found at a relatively low redshift of 0.415, which makes it the first confirmed.....»»

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Astrophysicists confirm the faintest galaxy ever seen in the early universe

An international research team led by UCLA astrophysicists has confirmed the existence of the faintest galaxy ever seen in the early universe. The galaxy, called JD1, is one of the most distant identified to date, and it is typical of the kinds of ga.....»»

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Apple TV+ gains UK subscribers as Netflix, Disney+ dip

New figures from the UK's television ratings service says while most other streaming services saw small declines, Apple TV+ had a slight growth in the country.In June 2022, the UK's Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB) put the number of UK ho.....»»

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Honor Magic Vs review: a load of old hocus-pocus

The Honor Magic Vs is a big-screen folding smartphone here to take on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Unfortunately, as we found out, the Galaxy is safe for now......»»

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: news, rumors, and what we want to see

We expect Samsung to drop the Galaxy Watch 6 later this year. Here's a roundup of the latest news, rumors, and what we want to see......»»

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DEAL: Grab the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE for up to 30% Off!

Currently on sale on Amazon right now, the Tab S7 FE comes with a well-rounded set of features. In terms of high-end Android tablets, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S-series models are some of the best you can get, offering a nice combination o.....»»

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DEAL: Save $400 on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!

If you want a flagship Android phone but don’t want to pay for the latest hardware, we’ve got you because this deal for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is too good to pass up! The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is easily the best Android phone.....»»

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Motorola Razr 40 Ultra may miss out on this useful Galaxy Flip 4 feature

A Motorola Razr 40 Ultra specs leak suggests water resistance still might not be part of the equation......»»

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The Samsung One UI Watch 5 beta has been delayed

If you are a Galaxy Watch owner hoping to take the One UI Watch 5 update for a spin, it looks like you’ll have to wait a bit longer as Samsung has confirmed that the beta is delayed. Earlier this month, Samsung announced the next major.....»»

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