A catalyst for electronically controlled C–H functionalization

The Chirik Group at the Princeton Department of Chemistry is chipping away at one of the great challenges of metal-catalyzed C–H functionalization with a new method that uses a cobalt catalyst to differentiate between bonds in fluoroarenes, functio.....»»

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New toolbox allows engineering of genomes without CRISPR

Belgian researchers from VIB-KULeuven Center for Microbiology and VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology have developed a new toolbox of 16 different short DNA sequences that allow triggering controlled and specific recombination events in any ge.....»»

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U.S. authorities disrupt Russian intelligence’s botnet

In January 2024, an operation dismantled a network of hundreds of SOHO routers controlled by GRU Military Unit 26165, also known as APT 28, Sofacy Group, Forest Blizzard, Pawn Storm, Fancy Bear, and Sednit. This network facilitated various crimes, in.....»»

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Space surgery: Doctors on ground operate robot on ISS for first time

Earth-bound surgeons remotely controlled a small robot aboard the International Space Station over the weekend, conducting the first-ever such surgery in orbit—albeit on rubber bands......»»

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Bugcrowd raises $102 million to boost AI-powered crowdsourced security platform

Bugcrowd has secured $102 million in strategic growth funding to scale its AI-powered crowdsourced security platform offerings globally. Led by General Catalyst, with participation from longtime existing investors Rally Ventures and Costanoa Ventures.....»»

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Nikola rejects board nominees from disgraced founder Milton

Nikola Corp. said it rejected several director nominees proposed by an entity controlled by founder and former Chief Executive Officer Trevor Milton, who was recently sentenced to prison for fraud......»»

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Researchers develop biomimetic-photo-coupled catalysis for H₂O₂ production

A research group led by Prof. Wan Yinhua from the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a catalyst with dual photocatalytic and biomimetic catalytic activity for the production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)......»»

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eBay to pay $59M after DOJ ties pill press sales to fentanyl drug rings

It's DOJ’s first e-commerce settlement under the Controlled Substances Act. Enlarge (credit: Iryna Imago | iStock / Getty Images Plus) eBay has agreed to pay $59 million after the US Department of Justice accused the o.....»»

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Green methanol for the circular economy: Researchers develop new catalyst

Researchers hope to produce the raw material methanol at the edge of a field or on the farm using renewable energy. In addition to wind or sun, water and CO2 would be needed to produce the raw materials for the green methanol process: carbon monoxide.....»»

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A breath of fresh air in plasmonic catalysis: Black gold and solar light"s renaissance

Prof. Polshettiwar's group at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai has developed a novel "plasmonic reduction catalyst stable in air," defying the common instability of reduction catalysts in the presence of air. The catalyst merges.....»»

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Community-controlled schools can create better education outcomes for First Nations students

In Australia, more than a dozen independent, community-controlled First Nations schools were set up in the 1970s and '80s. These schools, some still in operation, offered culturally and linguistically relevant education to First Nations students refl.....»»

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Snake venom research has broad implications for bite treatment

Studying how rattlesnakes regulate their venom gives us important insight into how their genes are controlled. It also highlights the challenges in treating snakebites, according to new research in the journal Genome Biology and Evolution......»»

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Team develops new way to generate powerful and focused X-rays using electron waveshaping

Scientists led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed and simulated a new energy-efficient way to generate highly focused and finely controlled X-rays that are up to a thousand times more intense than those from.....»»

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Water self-purification achieved via electron donation: Novel catalyst enables sustainable wastewater treatment

Emerging contaminants (ECs) in natural water bodies, including endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic dyes, pose a grave threat to public water safety. Current wastewater treatment technologies, while somewhat effective, fall short of e.....»»

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Researchers discover rare phages that attack dormant bacteria

In nature, most bacteria live on the bare minimum. If they experience nutrient deficiency or stress, they shut down their metabolism in a controlled manner and go into a resting state. In this stand-by mode, certain metabolic processes still take pla.....»»

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Unveiling sodium channel dynamics: New insights into cell biology using high-speed atomic force microscopy

The transport of ions to and from a cell is controlled by pore-forming proteins embedded in the cell membrane. In particular, voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSCs) govern the transfer of sodium (Na+) ions, and play an important role in the regulation.....»»

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Researchers develop a low-cost catalyst for green hydrogen production

Electrolysis is a process that uses electricity to create hydrogen and oxygen molecules from water. The use of proton exchange membrane (PEM) and renewable energy for water electrolysis is widely regarded as a sustainable method for hydrogen producti.....»»

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Research helps California forest managers assess smoke hazards from prescribed burns

Across the American West, managers of fire-prone landscapes are increasingly using a practice that seems counterintuitive: setting small fires to prevent larger, more destructive ones. Commonly called "prescribed burns," these targeted, controlled fi.....»»

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Hot springs were a catalyst for origins of life on Earth, study claims

Hot springs may have served as a catalyst for the origins of life on Earth billions of years ago, a new study has suggested. The … The post Hot springs were a catalyst for origins of life on Earth, study claims appeared first on BGR......»»

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Researchers realize ethylene methoxycarbonylation reaction over single-atom catalyst

Ethylene methoxycarbonylation reaction is the key process in the alpha-route to produce methyl methacrylate industrially. This approach has the advantages of using widely available raw materials, having high atomic efficiency as well as high selectiv.....»»

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How magnetization direction can be controlled using strain in an interfacial multiferroic material

Controlling the direction of magnetization using low electric field is necessary for developing efficient spintronic devices. In spintronics, properties of an electron's spin or magnetic moment are used to store information. The electron spins can be.....»»

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