23andMe: Profiles of 6.9 million people hacked

Hackers were able to gain access because some customers reused old passwords, biotech company 23andMe said......»»

Category: hdrSource:  bbcDec 5th, 2023

Toyota invests $531 million in Texas to produce axles in-house

Toyota will construct a 500,000-square-foot building and add 400 jobs to its complex near San Antonio that produces Tundra and Sequoia to make "drivetrain parts.".....»»

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Stellantis signals more job cuts ahead in cost-reduction crusade

After already making buyout offers and layoffs in recent months, Stellantis said it's planning $200 million more worth of headcount reductions by year-end......»»

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CarMax"s Q1 net income falls 33% to $152 million, revenue slips 7.5%

The company said it retailed 211,132 used vehicles in its fiscal first quarter, down 3.1 percent. Same-store used-vehicle retail sales fell 3.8 percent......»»

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Festivals can be a powerful force for sustainable lifestyle changes, new research shows

Festivals and mass gatherings can empower and inspire people making lifestyle changes for a sustainable future, according to new research from a vegan festival which suggests the power of these collective experiences may have been underestimated......»»

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Lifesaving and life-changing: The kindness shown to forced migrants during their journeys

Forced migrant survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) have experienced acts of everyday and extraordinary kindness from people they met throughout their journeys, a new study reveals......»»

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Study shows rising temperatures affect air quality over Los Angeles

Particulate matter and ozone are a major problem for people and the environment. Dr. Eva Pfannerstill, young investigator group leader at Jülich's Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK 8), is investigating where the volatile organic compound.....»»

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New survey reveals how many people consider CarPlay a must-have in a new car

I’ve written a lot about CarPlay over the years, including questioning GM’s decision to abandon CarPlay on all of its EVs. Now, a new survey has details on just how important CarPlay is for people shopping for a new car, with a third of consumers.....»»

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Gala apples: Cold-induced ethylene impacted by harvest maturity, AVG treatment

Gala is a major apple cultivar grown worldwide that is mostly planted as red sports (genetic mutation), such as Royal, Brookfield, Fulford, and Galaxy. The red sports tend to have similar maturation profiles, but they allow earlier harvests and strip.....»»

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Auto supplier ZF launches $62M expansion in suburban Detroit

ZF North America Inc. is working on a $62 million expansion in Macomb County in Michigan, where the automotive supplier is building out its international R&D base for airbag, seat belt and steering wheel systems. ZF LIFETEC, the company’s passiv.....»»

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Behavioral and computational study shows that social preferences can be inferred from decision speed alone

Researchers led by Sophie Bavard at the University of Hamburg, Germany, found that people can infer hidden social preferences by observing how fast others make social decisions......»»

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Only 1 in 3 people enjoy talking about politics—researchers say the reasons are more social than political

One of the cornerstones of liberal democracies is the political debate on how to shape society. However, discussions about politics often lead to frustration or result in a long-term strain on social relationships......»»

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Saudi hajj pilgrims" deaths highlight how extreme heat kills

More than 1,000 people have died at this year's hajj pilgrimage in extreme heat in Saudi Arabia, an AFP tally showed on Thursday......»»

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Most Ukrainians displaced by the war plan to return home when it is safe, research shows

More than 4 million Ukrainians were forced to flee following the invasion of their homeland by Russian forces in February 2022, with the vast majority heading to neighboring countries and other European nations......»»

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No-cause evictions have the potential to hurt renters—with little gain for good landlords

Housing security for New Zealand's 1.7 million renters could be threatened if the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill becomes law......»»

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Amid scorching heat, 900 people died in Saudi Arabia—climate change has made the Hajj pilgrimage more risky

Each year, millions of Muslims from across the world embark on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The mass migration is unparalleled in scale, and pilgrims face numerous health hazards......»»

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Unlocking the tea leaf"s secret: Decoding the amino acid blueprint of tea plant

Amino acids are vital for plant growth and significantly influence tea flavor and health benefits. Tea plants, particularly Camellia sinensis, exhibit unique amino acid profiles that contribute to their distinctive taste and nutritional value......»»

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The ornate horns of ancient marvel Lokiceratops point to evolutionary insights

What do you get when you cross Norse mythology with a 78-million-year-old ancestor to the Triceratops? Answer: Lokiceratops rangiformis, a plant-eating dinosaur with a very fancy set of horns......»»

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Four in five people want more climate action: UN survey

Four in every five people want their country to strengthen its commitments to addressing climate change, according to a global poll of 75,000 participants published on Thursday......»»

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LA Laker"s $1M Ferrari deal with reality TV auto shop goes bad

Spencer Dinwiddie is suing Wires Only, which was featured on the reality show "Million Dollar Wheels," over a deal involving a 2022 Ferrari SF90 and a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby......»»

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Most cybersecurity pros took time off due to mental health issues

Cybersecurity and infosecurity professionals say that work-related stress, fatigue, and burnout are making them less productive, including taking extended sick leave – costing US enterprises almost $626 million in lost productivity every year, acco.....»»

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