Pokemon GO Halloween just got REAL (Gen 3 real)

This morning the latest build of Pokemon GO for Android revealed a collection of changes just before Halloween. This set of changes falls in the category of “oh my goodness this could mean something big” – with regard to the third f.....»»

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Polestar and Volvo will upend modern car ownership

Polestar 1 may be the first exciting hybrid sports car from Volvo and Geely’s EV-obsessed spin-off, but it’s the prospect of shaking up the auto ownership experience that could really change the marketplace. Unveiled in China earlier this.....»»

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Activision’s latest in-game money-maker trick uncovered

It isn’t exactly a secret that game publishers have gone a little crazy for microtransactions. As the current console generation marches on, more and more microtransactions are appearing in triple-A games, usually in the form of loot boxes. It.....»»

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This $13 accessory makes it practically impossible to lose your AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones in the world right now for so many reasons, from the cool cord-free design and the W1 wireless chip to the sound quality. Of course, they’re not perfect and the very same design tha.....»»

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Top 20 Netflix shows that subscribers finished within 24 hours of release

At this point, unless you've been living under a rock, chances are that you've heard of the term "binge watching." In fact, if you subscribe to Netflix or any of the other streaming services, you've likely binged a series or two yourself -- watching.....»»

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Samsung leapfrogs Intel again with 8-nanometer chips

Samsung has qualified its 8-nanometer chip-making process for production three months ahead of schedule. It's the same "low power plus" (LPP) process used for its current 10-nanometer silicon, not the next-gen extreme ultraviolet (EUV).....»»

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The Sonos One offers all that wireless speaker goodness with a side of Alexa

 There isn’t much to say about the new Sonos One that hasn’t been said about Sonos already. The company has long been the gold standard in wireless whole-home audio and their speakers, while small, are powerful and more than usable f.....»»

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Motorola"s newest mod puts an Alexa speaker on your phone

Ever wanted to have an Amazon Echo speaker with you wherever you are, rather than relying on your phone's built-in voice assistant? Motorola is betting you do. As promised, it's releasing an Alexa-powered Moto Mod (the Moto Smart.....»»

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Gmail launches its first public iOS beta to test support for third-party accounts

 Google wants to make Gmail the place where you check all your email accounts, not just your Google accounts. The company announced this week it’s testing a new version of the Gmail app on iOS that will allow users to add their non-Google.....»»

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Abu Dhabi’s state fund just opened for business, right in San Francisco

 How fast the landscape seems to shift. SoftBank has been making waves in Silicon Valley since announcing its Vision Fund earlier this year. Now, one of SoftBank’s besties — the sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emirates, call.....»»

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Apple’s self-driving car tech just got caught on camera

Apple may not be making its own cars, but its mysterious Project Titan work continues as the company refines software and systems for other autonomous vehicles. The Cupertino firm has been plying the local streets for some time now with its Titan-top.....»»

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Zero"s latest electric motorcycles can recharge in an hour

Zero Motorcycles' electric bikes can be fun to ride, but recharging is another matter entirely. It's tough to wait hours when all you want to do is go back on the open road. That shouldn't be such a problem with the company�.....»»

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Bento Stack is the Japanese lunchbox of Apple dongle holders

The Bento Stack was announced today by Function 101 in an effort to easily contain the many Apple cords, dongles, and accessories some users use. This includes holding the Apple Pencil, the MacBook Pro power cord, the AirPods, and etcetera. Much like.....»»

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The Pixel 2 has a secret navigation button that Google never told us about

The Pixel 2 has a secret navigation button that Google never told us about.....»»

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"Women of NASA" Lego set available starting November 1st

Back in March, we reported that Lego would make a "Women of NASA" set, which was submitted to the Lego Ideas competition by MIT deputy news editor Maia Weinstock. Now, the set is finally ready. It will be available November 1st for $25/&euro.....»»

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Veo Robotics raises $12 million for its vision of a harmonious human-robot workplace

 Since Issac Asimov first laid out the three laws of robotics in 1942, human safety has been the number one concern of the inventors, innovators and futurists that have pondered our place in the age of robots. But for robots to be able to ensure.....»»

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LEGO Women of NASA set release date and pricing info

This week the folks at LEGO presented the final version of what’ll be one of the most awesome Minifigure-centric sets in history. This is the LEGO Ideas “Women of NASA LEGO set”. It comes from the awesome mind of fan designer Maia W.....»»

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This is how the Pixel 2’s fiendishly-clever portrait mode works

Of all the Pixel 2 surprises, top of the list has to be just how good the Google smartphone’s portrait mode photography is, despite only using a single camera. Although phones that simulate background bokeh aren’t new, the iPhone 8 Plus a.....»»

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Lightroom CC leads huge Adobe updates ahead of MAX 2017

Adobe is getting ready to kick off its MAX conference for 2017, and in the lead up to the event, it’s announced a slew of new apps and updates for existing ones. Though we’re seeing a large portion of the Adobe library being updated in on.....»»

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Microsoft is about to make the dream of multi-day laptop battery life a reality

Consumer electronics companies are still struggling to build smartphones with battery life that can actually carry the user through a full day, let alone two days. We might see some serious progress next year if Apple really does launch a larger vers.....»»

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