Court: Megaupload’s Failing Drives Can Be Fixed, But Not Accessed

The sixteen failing hard drives containing Megaupload data at hosting provider Cogent can be restored and preserved. The court has granted the MPAA and RIAA's version of the preservation order, meaning that no person will be able to access the data w.....»»

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DMCA Helps YouTube Avoid Up to $1bn in Royalties Per Year, Study Claims

The safe harbor provisions of the DMCA allow Internet platforms to avoid liability for the infringements of their users. However, it also helps them avoid paying for content, critics say. A new study from the US which aims to put a value on the reven.....»»

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‘Piracy Filters Are Expensive and Far From Perfect’

The US Copyright Office is considering whether the DMCA copyright law is still fit to deal with online piracy and has asked various stakeholders for input. Copyright holders have suggested that automated piracy filters are a way forward. However, a r.....»»

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VPN Searches Soar as Congress Votes to Repeal Broadband Privacy Rules

Last week the US Senate voted to do away with broadband privacy rules that prevent ISPs from selling subscribers' internet browsing histories to third parties. Congress followed suit yesterday, with a 215-205 vote in favor of repeal. But as the news.....»»

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Pirate Streaming Site 123Movies Rebrands as GoMovies (Updated)

After several days of downtime, pirate movie streaming site 123movies has renamed itself to GoMovies for a fresh start. With the brand change and a new domain name, the popular site hopes to clearly set itself apart from the many fake sites that surf.....»»

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DMCA Doesn’t Shield Cloudflare From Anti-Piracy Injunctions, Court Rules

When the RIAA targeted CDN provider Cloudflare with an injunction to block access to a known pirate site, the company objected. Cloudflare argued that the DMCA shielded the company from the broad blocking requirements. However, a Florida federal cour.....»»

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BitTorrent Inc. to Refocus on What Made it Rich – uTorrent

BitTorrent Inc is best known for its uTorrent client, but in recent years the company has publicly placed almost all of its emphasis on other projects, despite the software being its major breadwinner. Now, however, it appears the company is set for.....»»

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Megaupload Wants to Recover Failing Hard Drives, But Won’t Sign Away Its Rights

After more than five years, some of the Megaupload evidence retained on hard drives has become unreadable. The MPAA and RIAA have submitted a plan to recover the data, and while Megaupload is in partial agreement, it refuses to sign away the constitu.....»»

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‘Pirate’ Movie Streaming Sites Declared Legal By Italian Court

A Court of Appeal in Rome has overturned a 600,000 euro ruling against four unlicensed sites that offered streaming movies to the public. The Court found that merely providing links does not qualify as distributing files protected by copyright, even.....»»

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Third of EU Citizens OK With Piracy When There Are No Legal Options

A new study from the European Union Intellectual Property Office has found that 31% of EU citizens believe that Internet piracy is acceptable when legal options aren't immediately available. Also, in a clear signal to content providers, a massive 83%.....»»

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Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 03/27/17

The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'Rogue One tops the chart this week, followed by ‘The Great Wall''. 'Logan' completes the top three. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYM.....»»

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Are You Sure You Want That DMCA Takedown to Be Permanent?

Are You Sure You Want That DMCA Takedown to Be Permanent?.....»»

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Pirate Bay’s Oldest Torrents Are ‘Teenagers’ Now

The oldest torrents on The Pirate Bay are turning thirteen years old, which means that they're 'teenagers' now. While it's not unprecedented for a website to be online for this long, keeping a torrent 'alive' through all these years is a rather impre.....»»

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Rightscorp Boss Signs Deal That Could Be Bad News For Pirates

The new CEO of failing anti-piracy Rightscorp has signed a deal that will see him being paid large sums of money if he can turn the company around. How that will be achieved remains to be seen, but with the pool of file-sharers getting smaller and ev.....»»

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Lawyers & Academics Warn UK Against Criminalizing File-Sharers

A group of campaigners, copyright scholars and lawyers have sent a letter to the UK Government, urging it to narrow the definition of online criminal copyright infringement in the Digital Economy Bill. The signees warn that the current definition of.....»»

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Netflix Gets Serious About Its Anti-Piracy Efforts

Since Netflix's priorities are shifting more to the production of original content, piracy is also turning into a more serious problem. The company wasn't very concerned about copyright infringement in the past, but today it has its own "Global Copyr.....»»

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20th Century Fox & Dreamworks Blackmailed Over The Boss Baby Leak

A man extorted cash from 20th Century Fox & Dreamworks after he obtained a leaked copy of their upcoming movie The Boss Baby. The studios were told to pay a bitcoin ransom to avoid the animated comedy leaking onto the Internet before its March 31 pre.....»»

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US Ambassador Asks Vietnam to Target 123movies, Putlocker and Kisscartoon

While copyright industry groups frequently call on governments to take action against pirate sites, it's not often that we see such requests on the highest diplomatic level. That's exactly what happened this week, when the US Ambassador to Vietnam ca.....»»

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Australia Shelves Copyright Safe Harbor For Google, Facebook, et al

In a surprise setback for companies such as Google and Facebook that leverage user-generated content, Australia has dropped plans to extend its copyright safe harbor provisions. The move follows intense pressure from copyright holders, who said that.....»»

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Studios Mull New Movies at Home, 30 Days After Release For $30

If a plan by six major studios comes to fruition, consumers could be enjoying new movies in the home as early as 30 days after theatrical release for as little as $30. While that could slash the current delay by more than a third, negotiations are sa.....»»

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