Xbox One X Preorder Information Is Finally Coming This Weekend

Xbox One X Preorder Information Is Finally Coming This Weekend.....»»

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Here’s Everything in Sony’s Huge New PlayStation 4 Update

Including a Twitch streaming upgrade and refined parental controls Sony just revealed that its next big PlayStation 4 update, dubbed version 5.00, will roll out immediately to select beta subscribers. It’s packed to brimming with changes,.....»»

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Just Made a Huge Donation to Anti-Hate Groups After Charlottesville

"Hate is a cancer," Cook wrote to his staff Apple CEO Tim Cook pledged this week to donate $2 million to anti-hate groups, making the announcement in a memo to staff in which he condemned hate, racism, and bigotry following racially charged vio.....»»

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How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse With Your Phone

Three tips to get a great shot When the total solar eclipse occurs on Aug. 21, it will mark the first time the rare spectacle will be visible in the contiguous U.S. since 1979. In a shift from 38 years ago, many of the sky watchers this month.....»»

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Twitter Suspends Accounts Linked to Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer

At least three accounts were suspended Twitter Inc on Wednesday suspended accounts linked to the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, keeping up pressure from Silicon Valley on white supremacists after weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia......»»

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Cable Television Needs You More Than You Need Cable Television

New smart TVs are finally making it easy and worthwhile for cable subscribers to cut the cord For decades, cable has roped in millions of customers like me with the promise of hundreds of channels and thousands of shows. But in my 15-plus years.....»»

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The Justice Department Demanded a Tech Firm Hand Over Anti-Trump User Data. The Company Said No

DreamHost said the request was an overreach Los Angeles-based web host provider DreamHost is pushing back against a federal order to unmask users who visited a website designed to coordinate protests against the inauguration of President Donald.....»»

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Google Cancels Web Domain Registration Neo-Nazi Site The Daily Stormer

The neo-Nazi site applied after GoDaddy also cancelled their domain Alphabet Inc.’s Google yanked its web domain support for The Daily Stormer on Monday three hours after the neo-Nazi website moved to the search engine’s registry s.....»»

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These Are the Smartest Netflix Tricks You Need to Know Right Now

You can even get rid of those embarrassing shows you've been watching Netflix may have made you an expert in marathoning shows, introduced you to new genres or kept you comfortable during repeat viewings of 30 Rock — but there’s muc.....»»

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5 Tips for Sounding More Professional On Email and Slack

It's important to choose your words carefully when communicating online The rise of workplace chat apps like Slack means there could be fewer meetings clogging up your afternoons in the office. But when communicating with colleagues virtually,.....»»

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Does Tweeting at Companies Really Work?

Does Tweeting at Companies Really Work?.....»»

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5 Easy Tech Tricks to Make You More Productive

From scheduling emails to finding new uses for your old iPad Between today’s incessantly beeping smartphones and the urge to check Facebook every 20 minutes, technology can monopolize our attention. But with a bit of smart curation, you c.....»»

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Fired Google Engineer James Damore Defends Anti-Diversity Memo

The ex-Google employee was fired after writing a scathing internal memo The ex-Google employee who was fired after writing an internal memo claiming that biological differences between men and women prevent gender equality in tech defended his.....»»

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Here’s Everything in Hello Games’ Enormous No Man’s Sky Update

It completely overhauls Hello Games' one-year-old galaxy exploration game The patch notes for No Man’s Sky‘s next big update leaked last night, sending the game’s Reddit page into a rapturous frenzy. New story? Portals? Terrai.....»»

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ISIS Used eBay to Send Money to a U.S. Operative, Investigators Say

FBI investigators allege an American operative pretended to sell printers online An FBI investigation found that a senior Islamic State official sent money to an alleged operative based in the U.S. via a global financial network that used fake.....»»

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Why Facebook’s New YouTube Rival Faces Very Different Challenges

The two companies have unique approaches to online video Facebook is making a big effort to boost its video presence with the launch of Watch, a new subsection of the social media giant’s feature lineup meant to serve as a destination for.....»»

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Yes, Your Employer Knows Exactly What You’re Doing Online

Here's how. Chances are, if you have an office job, you’ve used your work computer for activities that don’t necessarily relate to your day-to-day tasks. So how paranoid should you be about being monitored? If you’re using a c.....»»

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This Is How to Play Metroid: Samus Returns Like a Boss

It's available September 15 with Metroid: Samus Returns Metroid: Samus Returns already plays like the side-scrolling Metroid game I didn’t know I wanted, and now there’s a definitive way to engage Samus on her latest adventure: an o.....»»

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8 Innovative Ways Elon Musk Made Money Before He Was a Billionaire

From video games to house parties Elon Musk is one of Silicon Valley’s most adventurous entrepreneurs, with his two biggest companies, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, skyrocketing in value over the last several years as he aims to transform the.....»»

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Spotify Is Finally On Xbox One With High Quality Audio

The app is available in 34 countries worldwide Last week, someone noticed Xbox Live honcho Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb using something that looked a lot like music-streaming service Spotify running on an Xbox. Turns out that was no fl.....»»

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