Verizon reportedly eyes spring 2018 as new launch date for TV streaming service

Continued negotiations over rights are reportedly stalling the service while competitors flourish. Verizon continues to have a rough time getting a streaming service off the ground so that it can compete with the likes of Dish's Sling TV,.....»»

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The old Android menu button is lurking in the Google Pixel 2"s interface [Update]

Clicking on the lower right corner of the screen brings up the menu, but turns out this is a bug that won't be around for long. Update: The hidden Android menu button in the Pixel 2 is indeed a bug, Google confirmed on Thursday, just as we theo.....»»

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Android now lets you try out some apps from the Google Play store before downloading

New 'Try It Now' feature lets Android users access Instant Apps directly from the Google Play storefront. Sick of having to download apps before you can see what they're like? Google is helping to get rid of much of that hassle by adding a.....»»

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Best shows on Netflix (October 2017): 40 best Netflix TV series

Make sure you are getting the best out of your account with our best shows on Netflix guide. Best Netflix Shows: Welcome to TechRadar's guide to the best shows and TV series you can stream on Netflix in the United States.Want to know what.....»»

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New bill seeks greater transparency for political ads on Facebook, Google and Twitter

Three US senators have introduced the Honest Ads Act, which would require disclosing who purchased political ads. Three US senators have just introduced the Honest Ads Act, a new bill that seeks to bring greater transparency to political ads d.....»»

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See Google"s first custom chip in iFixit"s Pixel 2 XL teardown

The popular teardown site reveals the location of the currently dormant Pixel Visual Core imaging chip. Google only announced that it had secretly stuffed new, custom "Pixel Visual Core" chips into its new Pixel 2 XL phones earlier this week, p.....»»

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This $100 Apple iTunes gift card is on sale for just $85 today

eBay has the best deal on an iTunes gift card. It's on sale while supplies last for 15% off the original price. You're probably going to spend $100 on iTunes, eventually whether it's for yourself or a gift, and, good news, today you c.....»»

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The best BT Sport deals and packages in October 2017

Get BT Sport as a new BT customer or as an add-on for Sky and Virgin Looking for a clear answer on the best way to bag a cheap BT Sport deal? If you're here, chances are you been asking yourself how much is BT Sport going to cost? Can I ge.....»»

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Xbox One X games: 20 promising 4K HDR games for the new Xbox One X

Need a reason to get excited about Microsoft's new 4K HDR game console? We've got 20 of them. When the Xbox One X was unveiled at E3 2017, Xbox also revealed some of the upcoming new games that will play in true 4K on the console, which include.....»»

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After Windows 10, Samsung is bringing Linux to Galaxy S8 and Note 8 smartphones

Get a full desktop Linux experience via your handset courtesy of the Samsung DeX docking station. Samsung DeX already allows users to access a full Windows 10 desktop from their smartphones, and now the company is bringing Linux to the likes of.....»»

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink – everything you need to know

Our complete guide to everything we know so far about Elon Musk’s plan to put computers in our brains. We've all been in that situation where the remote control is just out of reach, you’ve managed to settle perfectly into your so.....»»

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Best vacuum cleaners: from cordless Dyson to robot Roomba

From robots to cordless to uprights, these are the best vacuum cleaners money can buy. Doing the chores can be, well, a chore. You get in from a hard day’s work, or are getting prepared to put your feet up for the weekend, when the dust.....»»

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The best Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL deals in October 2017

If you want Google's new Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL you've come to the right place - we'll tell you the best Pixel 2 deals around. Google's quest to build a smartphone as popular as the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy took a massive step forwa.....»»

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Aorus X9 is a new monster gaming laptop with twin GTX 1070 GPUs

Want a notebook that can do some proper gaming? Look no further than the X9. Gigabyte has unveiled a powerful new gaming laptop which derives its pixel-pushing prowess from dual GeForce GTX 1070 GPUs.The new Aorus X9 boasts an Intel Core i7-782.....»»

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LG UltraGear VR trademark names high-end Oculus and Vive rival

Opting for a wired rather than wireless experience, LG is looking to push a super-sharp screen. LG is poised to enter the high-end VR market. We've already seen its prototype headset, and now thanks to a trademark filing spotted by LetsGoD.....»»

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HTC U11 Plus pictured for the very first time

HTC U11 Plus pictures and leaks point to a shimmery phone with a big battery. We could be just weeks away from the launch of the flagship HTC U11 Plus, yet we’re only just now seeing pictures of it.Unsurprisingly it looks a lot like the.....»»

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Vodafone Passes give you unlimited data for your favourite apps

Available from November, Vodafone will let you have endless data for key applications. Are you always worried that your YouTube, Netflix or Spotify addiction will see you blast through your monthly data allowance? Well, Vodafone Passes have bee.....»»

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AlphaGo Zero AI teaches itself to play Go better than any human, or other AI, ever

Google’s DeepMind team has created a new version of its AI called AlphaGo Zero that is able to ‘create knowledge itself’. Google’s DeepMind team that specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence has created an AI cal.....»»

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iPhone X contract prices appear from Sky Mobile - and they"re not as bad as we feared

While far from cheap, the iPhone X contract prices are lower than we expected The iPhone X launch date is set for November 3, but we've already had our first contract pricing announcement.Sky Mobile has been the first to blink and launched.....»»

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HTC U11 Plus release date, news and rumors

HTC looks to be launching a phablet flagship before the end of the year. Here's what we know so far... The HTC U11 is an impressive phone, receiving 4.5 stars in our review, but it seems HTC might be chasing that last half a star, as it’.....»»

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