Super Mario Run update introduces new world, mode, and playable character

Super Mario Run made its debut late last year as one of Nintendo’s first big smartphone games, along with marking the iconic character’s first time appearing on a non-Nintendo platform. Those who are still enjoying the run-and-jump mobile.....»»

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Mercedes-Benz to invest $1 billion in US EV factory

Mercedes-Benz has spent the last year making it clear that it’s making the shift towards an all-electric line-up. It isn’t the only car maker doing this, of course, but the German luxury brand is promising that its new EQ line is the star.....»»

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YouTube Plus subscription reference found in app code

A tidbit found within the YouTube v12.37 apk indicates that Google’s video service may be preparing to launch yet another subscription option, this one called ‘Plus.’ The subscription seemingly would be a companion to the existing Y.....»»

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Pact fitness app settles with FTC over unfair billing accusations

Fitness app Pact wants to help users reach fitness goals by using a cash incentive…or at least it says it wants to. The app works by charging users if they don’t meet their weekly fitness goals and rewarding them with money if they do mee.....»»

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This AI turns simple sketches into Van Gogh paintings

Cambridge Consultants has demonstrated an artificial intelligence system that takes simple sketches and transforms them into artwork that look like something created by Vincent Van Gogh or other famous painters. The system, which is nicknamed Vincent.....»»

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Don’t underestimate the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Any other year, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus would feel, well, magical. Apple‘s two new smartphones address some long-standing complaints from iPhone owners, like including wireless charging support; they look sleek, have improved cameras, an.....»»

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A robot in China performed dental surgery on a living person

Going to the dentist is a scary experience for many, but obviously not for the brave person who volunteered to undergo oral surgery performed by a robot. The procedure took place in China, where the robotic dentist successfully implanted a pair of te.....»»

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Tesla Superchargers may borrow something from gas stations

Tesla may have a track record of looking to the future of transportation, but it’s considering a thoroughly well-established idea for upgrading its Superchargers. Rather than getting more energy into your electric car, the automaker is apparent.....»»

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Nyko wireless SNES controller is perfect for the Classic Edition

Nintendo is teasing SNES fans with its Classic Edition, a modern version of the retro console that includes wired controllers for a more authentic experience. If you’re not so keen on having an authentic experience, Nyko has the controller you.....»»

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The $2,000 iPhone is coming

Like many, I was unsurprised and generally unmoved by the iPhone X. We can blame leaks for that. The event wasn’t exciting, and judging by the opening which brought us words from Steve Jobs’ that had never been made public, it’s clear Apple wan.....»»

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Target Restock next-day delivery hits 8 cities in move against Amazon

Target has expanded its next-day delivery service into 8 new cities, all of them major metro regions like Chicago and Los Angeles. This is done as part of Target’s Restock service, a way for anyone to order certain goods online and have then ar.....»»

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The SNES Classic Edition is here and I’m already in love

We’re one week out from the launch of the SNES Classic Edition, but today, SlashGear’s review unit landed on my doorstep. Though I can’t give you a full review just yet (that’s coming soon), I can give you an early peek at the.....»»

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Escobar family seeks $1b from Netflix over Narcos trademarks

Netflix is facing a trademark dispute with the family of Pablo Escobar, the subject of its popular series Narcos. Escobar’s brother Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria is seeking a billion-dollar payment from Netflix over its alleged intellectual.....»»

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Inside Qualcomm’s big C-V2X plans for tomorrow’s smart cars

I’ve always felt nervous when using adaptive cruise control (ACC) on a busy highway. ACC has always left too much of a gap between my car and the lead car: even setting ACC for one car length, the minimum most automakers allow, I felt the gap would.....»»

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Apple movie rentals now give you double the time to watch

You might not be impressed with the Apple TV 4K, but a big change to how iTunes movie rental periods are handled is likely to be much more warmly received. Apple has quietly switched up its policy on how long rented content can be watched after you&#.....»»

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Intel’s Project Alloy standalone VR headset is dead

It’s been quite some time since we last heard from Intel’s Project Alloy. The VR headset was first revealed last year and was intended to be an open reference for other manufacturers who wanted to make their own VR headsets. Though Projec.....»»

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Noon smart lighting control may offer Nest-like polish

Looks like Hue, LIFX, and others will soon have some new smart lighting competition, with a former Nest exec preparing to launch a rival system of his own. Locoroll is the brainchild of Erik Charlton, formerly a founder at Nest and the company’.....»»

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This 3D printed sensor could democratize self-driving cars

An innovative 3D-printed sensor could dramatically reduce the cost of giving autonomous cars a 360-degree view of the world, potentially replacing radar as a key component of driverless technology. The tech, handiwork of researchers at the University.....»»

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There’s a Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal coming, and it’s big

After revealing Red Dead Redemption 2 nearly a year ago, Rockstar has been mostly silent about the game. We received some new screenshots back in May, along with the news that the game had been delayed beyond its original fall 2017 release window, bu.....»»

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Pokemon Gold and Silver now available on Nintendo 3DS

It’s a big day for Pokemon fans. Not only is Pokken Tournament DX launching on Nintendo Switch (read our review here), but Nintendo is also bringing Pokemon Gold and Silver to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. These re-releases follow the eShop launch of.....»»

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