Lawsuit: Fox News group hacked, surveilled, and stalked ex-host Andrea Tantaros

Lawsuit: After a sexual harassment claim, Fox News planted spyware on ex-host's computer. Andrea Tantaros claims that she was stalked and harassed by multiple Twitter accounts that were coordinated by Fox News executives after she filed a sexual.....»»

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Microsoft 3Q17: Cloud, Office, Windows strong, Surface slumps

Phone revenue is basically wiped out. (credit: Julien GONG Min) In its third quarter of its 2017 financial year, Microsoft posted revenue of $22.1 billion, up 8 percent year-on-year, with an operating income of $5.6 billion, up 6 percent on a.....»»

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Inside Formula E’s push for ever-better electric motors with Andretti and TE Connectivity

Even a tiny difference in the position of a sensor can make all the difference. Enlarge (credit: LAT Images / Formula E via Getty Images) Now in its third season, Formula E has yet to shake some of its detractors. Sure, the batteries in each.....»»

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Ars Technica Live: Why it’s important to defend hackers, even the not nice ones

Lawyer Mark Jaffe has represented weev, Matthew Keys, and Deric Lostutter. Ars Live #12, filmed by Chris Schodt and produced by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)On June 13, 2017, Mark Jaffe is set to appear before the 9th US Circuit Court of.....»»

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Police story differs from videos of man dragged from United flight [Updated]

Roughed up passenger and United strike an out-of-court settlement. Enlarge UPDATE April 27: United Airlines and the roughed-up passenger have agreed to an undisclosed, out-of-court settlement. Original story from April 25: Aviation authori.....»»

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Acer debuts see-through trackpad gaming laptop and a slew of affordable notebooks

The company's big annual event brought updated laptops for all. Enlarge (credit: Valentina Palladino) NEW YORK—Acer's big press conference last year brought new Chromebooks for work, a new Aspire laptop, and a tablet for the elderly. This ye.....»»

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New analysis relocates the “hobbit” on the human family tree

Were humans migrating out of Africa much earlier than we realized? Enlarge / Artist's impression of the hobbit. (credit: Katrina Kenny, SA Museum) The story of how modern humans got to be where we are is constantly changing as new evidence is.....»»

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Russian-controlled telecom hijacks financial services’ Internet traffic

Visa, MasterCard, and Symantec among dozens affected by "suspicious" BGP mishap. Enlarge / A map that visualizes network changes being announced by Rostelecom. (credit: BGPmon) On Wednesday, large chunks of network traffic belonging to MasterC.....»»

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Throttling of websites and online services might help customers, FCC says

The FCC will now take your comments on whether to kill net neutrality. (credit: Elliott Brown) You can now start filing public comments on the Federal Communications Commission plan to eliminate net neutrality rules. The FCC today opened the d.....»»

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Senior official: NASA will delay first flight of new SLS rocket until 2019

The space agency is now likely to miss Congress' original deadline by three years. Enlarge / We now know for sure that NASA's SLS rocket will not take flight in 2017. (credit: NASA) NASA has decided it must delay the maiden flight of its Space.....»»

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Uber pleads with judge to move Waymo case into arbitration

Will arbitration work in Waymo's trade secret case? Enlarge / An Uber driverless Ford Fusion drives in Pittsburgh in 2016. (credit: Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images) Uber's love for arbitration is well-known, and it has sought to move its d.....»»

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Report: Apple wants to let you exchange money with your friends

First-party money transfer service would compete with Paypal, Google, and more. Enlarge / Apple's Craig Federighi talks up Apple Pay on the Web. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Rumors about an Apple-backed peer-to-peer payments system that could.....»»

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The Google Assistant SDK will let you run the Assistant on anything

Build your own Google Home out of whatever you want. Enlarge / Build your own Google Home with the Assistant SDK. Today Google is launching yet another Google Assistant feature: The Google Assistant SDK. This will allow developers to run the.....»»

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Punching holes in nomx, the world’s “most secure” communications protocol

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and nomx implodes under scrutiny. Enlarge / Artist's impression of a nomx product under the scrutiny of security researchers. (credit: Aurich/ThinkStock/Nomx) This article was originally publis.....»»

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Was Uber’s CEO really the second-best Wii Sports tennis player?

Short answer: "Yes, with an if..." Long answer: "No, with a but..." Enlarge / "The court is empty because all potential competitors are scared to face me." (credit: Aurich Lawson) Last weekend's New York Times profile of Uber CEO Travis Kalani.....»»

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Next-generation Xeons to come in “Gold” and “Platinum” versions

New naming scheme appears to be even less clear than the old one. Intel Skylake die shot. (credit: Intel) While Intel's desktop and laptop processors are using the latest generation Kaby Lake core, the multisocket high-end Xeon processors, use.....»»

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BlackBerry’s last internally designed phone comes out at the end of May

BlackBerry KeyOne runs Android and comes with a throwback hardware keyboard. Ron Amadeo It's the end of another era for BlackBerry. Its last internally design.....»»

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New, deadlier trend in the raging opioid epidemic: Elephant tranquillizer

It’s 10,000X stronger than morphine, 100X stronger than fentanyl, and on the rise. Enlarge (credit: Getty | Barcroft Media ) Law enforcement agencies across the country are raising alarms about the increasing trend of finding heroin laced w.....»»

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Most groundwater is ancient but contains surprising human fingerprint

Tritium from atomic bombs detected in half of “fossil” aquifers. Enlarge / We're talking mostly water that is way older than this fellow, but also a little water that's slightly younger... (credit: Don Harrison) Water is typically consider.....»»

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Net neutrality rules took away your Internet freedom, FCC chair claims

It's not clear exactly which "freedoms" ordinary consumers lost. Enlarge / Net neutrality supporters march past the FCC headquarters before a commission meeting on May 15, 2014. (credit: Getty Images | The Washington Post) Did you feel a sudde.....»»

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