CRISPR gene-editing could result in more successful birth rates

Gene-edited human embryos are offering new insights into the earliest stages of development, and could reduce the risk of miscarriage at the outset of pregnancy. In a new study, researchers from the UK's Francis Crick Institute used CRI.....»»

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CRISPR gene-editing technology could lower risk of miscarriages

CRISPR allows for the permanent modification of genes within organisms. It can also cut out genetic defects that are believed to contribute to miscarriages. Scientists could determine why some women have more miscarriages than others. The post CRIS.....»»

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Can You Use Your Gaming Laptop for Video Editing?

So you're thinking about plunking down some major cash for a gaming laptop with plans to have it moonlight as a video-editing system. But you have some concerns about whether your snazzy, new PC can t........»»

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Want Hollywood results on a budget? Here’s the best free video editing software

Video-editing software doesn't have to cost you a paycheck and a half. Here are some of the best free video editing software for making quick and extensive edits, so you can channel your inner Hollywood director. The post Want Hollywood results on a.....»»

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Best laptops for photographers and photo editing

From processing power to display quality: today's laptops make photo editing easier than ever before. A decent computer is is a must for editing high resolution raw files and getting stuck in with advanced effects. Today's enthusiast laptops ca.....»»

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CRISPR breakthrough could drop miscarriage rates

 Gene-editing technology CRISPR has revealed a clue in how human embryos begin to develop, possibly reducing the risk of miscarriage in those crucial first few weeks of pregnancy. CRISPR Cas9 can modify or snip out genetic defects thought to con.....»»

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The Ultimate RGB Build: The Hardware

"So I’ve been using the same PC as my main gaming / video editing rig for what seems like forever. When I built it not much thought really went into it, it was just available parts that I had laying around. The system itself has a Core i7-.....»»

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Party discipline for jumping genes

Jumping genes, transposons, are part of the genome of most organisms, aggregated into families and can damage the genome by jumping. How hosts suppress the jumping is well investigated. Why they still can jump has hardly been understood so far. Resea.....»»

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Discovery helps improve accuracy of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing

A detailed study of how domains within the Cas9 protein move when the molecule binds to DNA has allowed scientists to locate the protein that monitors the fidelity of binding between the Cas9 single-guide RNA and its DNA target. The researchers then.....»»

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There"s a Black Mirror book coming, and I"m gonna help write it

This morning, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and Random Penguin announced that he's editing a series of anthologies of Black Mirror novellas; I'm writing one of the three stories for the first volume, along with Claire North, and Sylvain Neuve.....»»

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Snapseed gets a new look, new filters, and faster performance

Snapseed is sporting a new look -- Google recently updated the photo editing app with a refreshed user interface, more speed, and new filters. For iOS users, the app also now includes a perspective correction tool. The post Snapseed gets a new look,.....»»

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Scientists edit DNA in human embryos to aid the infertile

A team of scientists have announced that they have successfully edited DNA in human embryos and that editing has allowed them to make what they call a fundamental discovery about the earliest days of human development. The researchers modified a key.....»»

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Reframe 360 video for fixed-frame output with new Virb editing app mode

The new HyperFrame Director mode in Virb Edit allows users to turn 360-degree footage from Garmin’s Virb 360 camera into fixed-frame, 1080p video while panning, zooming, and reframing the shot as they see fit. The post Reframe 360 video for fixed-f.....»»

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Genome editing reveals role of gene important for human embryo development

Researchers have used genome editing technology to reveal the role of a key gene in human embryos in the first few days of development. This is the first time that genome editing has been used to study gene function in human embryos, which could help.....»»

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Why has a UK team genetically edited human embryos?

The aim of the work is to better understand embryonic development, rather than to see if genome editing could prevent diseases in children.....»»

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Snapseed adds new photo filters and cleans up its interface

As smartphone cameras have beefed up, so have mobile photo editing apps. These days, both iOS and Android users are spoilt for choice. Those looking to make their Instagram posts pop, can choose from a range of free and premium software -- i.....»»

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EggXYt is bringing gene editing to poultry farms to save chicks and resources

 Poultry farms are focused on getting female eggs, but currently there’s no way for them to determine sex in a non-invasive way before going through the incubation process. EggXYt is tackling this problem through a gene-editing solution th.....»»

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This new Lightroom plugin automatically edits time-lapse sequences

Timelapse Workflow is a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom that saves time when editing time-lapse sequences by automating many aspects of the process, including image grouping, exposure smoothing, keyframe animation, and more. The post This new Lightroo.....»»

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Emily Ratajkowski would like magazines to lay off the Photoshop, thank you

Another celebrity is calling out the use of photo editing in magazines — this time in French publication Madame Figaro.  Emily Ratajkowski, the magazine's latest cover star, says she's disappointed that her lips and breasts appear edited i.....»»

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How to post GIFs on Instagram

Uploading GIFs to Instagram is not as straightforward as one would like, but there are two options that make it fast and easy. Here's how to post GIFs on Instagram, even if you don't have any photo-editing skills. The post How to post GIFs on Instagr.....»»

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