YouTube is becoming a cybercriminal gateway for human manipulation

Scams and cyberthreats are being distributed through YouTube, and people are falling for them hook, line and sinker.....»»

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Extreme wildfires doubled over past two decades: Study

The frequency and intensity of extreme wildfires has more than doubled worldwide over the past two decades as human activity has warmed the planet, said a new study published Monday......»»

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Researchers develop RNA-targeting technology for precisely manipulating parts of human genes

Researchers at the University of Toronto have harnessed a bacterial immune defense system, known as CRISPR, to efficiently and precisely control the process of RNA splicing. The technology opens the door to new applications, including systematically.....»»

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Study provides new understanding of Gurbantunggut Desert"s dust source

Central Asian dust has a significant impact on regional and global climate, and it is crucial for the balance of local ecosystems, socio-economic development, and human health......»»

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Your wig could be poisoning you: Study finds pesticides and other toxic chemicals in synthetic hair in Nigeria

Well-groomed hair is a symbol of beauty for many black African women. Natural hair requires special care and attention, though, which can be time consuming. Wigs (human or synthetic hair), weave-ons and other artificial hair extensions offer women an.....»»

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New study confirms forever chemicals are absorbed through human skin

A study of 17 commonly-used synthetic 'forever chemicals' has shown that these toxic substances can readily be absorbed through human skin......»»

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How does heat kill? It confuses your brain. It shuts down your organs. It overworks your heart.

As temperatures and humidity soar outside, what's happening inside the human body can become a life-or-death battle decided by just a few degrees......»»

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Human activity: A double-edged sword in the face of drought

Earth and environmental scientists have reported that, as human socio-economic activities increase, greenhouse gas emissions will rise, leading to more frequent extreme weather events such as droughts and floods. However, a research team from Pohang.....»»

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Exploring the roots of the Anthropocene

Understanding how tropical land use and deforestation affects the dynamics of the global Earth system and identifying potential tipping points are key to the future of our species on this planet. By exploring the long history of human societies in tr.....»»

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You could soon ask YouTube Music for suggestions using AI

It looks like YouTube Music could be getting a new AI feature that will allow users to ask it for music recommendations. The post You could soon ask YouTube Music for suggestions using AI appeared first on Phandroid. Music discovery is an.....»»

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Biophysicists decipher functionality of adrenaline-binding receptor

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are found throughout the human body and are involved in many complex signaling pathways. Despite their importance in many biological processes, the central mechanism of G protein-coupling and the associated signal.....»»

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Scientists solve the puzzle of directional hearing underwater

When underwater, humans cannot determine where a sound comes from. Sound travels about five times faster there than on land. That makes directional hearing, or sound localization, nearly impossible because the human brain determines the origin of a s.....»»

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Scientists use heart and lung model to calculate potential health threats facing future space tourists in microgravity

Space exploration has always captivated our imagination, offering the promise of discovering new worlds and pushing the boundaries of human capability. As commercial space travel becomes more accessible, individuals with various underlying health con.....»»

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Sunlight and plastic: A risky combination for bottled water safety

Plastic water bottles are ubiquitous due to their convenience, yet they harbor potential risks. Sunlight exposure can lead these containers to degrade and emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are potentially detrimental to human health. The.....»»

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YouTube will ask iOS users to ‘Allow’ tracking for more personalized ads

With iOS 14.5, Apple required app developers to tell users about and have them opt-in to broader tracking. In 2021, Google apps stopped certain tracking methods to comply and not have to show that prompt. YouTube will soon ask iOS users if they want.....»»

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YouTube Wants to Fight Misinformation with Upcoming Feature

It will function similarly to X/twitter's "Community Notes" feature. The post YouTube Wants to Fight Misinformation with Upcoming Feature appeared first on Phandroid. In a world where misinformation and misleading content on the inter.....»»

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Scientists discover surprising link between ancient biology and restricted human hair growth

University of Manchester scientists have linked one of the ways that cells respond to stressful conditions with restricted healthy hair growth......»»

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Crown Equipment cyberattack confirmed, manufacturing disrupted for weeks

Ohio-based Crown Equipment, which is among the largest industrial and forklift truck manufacturers in the world, has become a victim of a cyberattack “by an international cybercriminal organization,” the company has finally confirmed to i.....»»

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Turning infrared light visible: New device uses 2D material to up-convert infrared light

The human eye can only see light at certain frequencies (called the visible spectrum), the lowest of which constitutes red light. Infrared light, which we can't see, has an even lower frequency than red light. Researchers at the Indian Institute of S.....»»

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Extensive eye-tracking dataset derived from Japanese L2 English learners" text reading

Language processing is a highly intricate human function, and it has been extensively studied in the fields of psychology and education. Eye movement measurement, particularly for written language, has proven to be a beneficial method for language pr.....»»

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Ex-OpenAI star Sutskever shoots for superintelligent AI with new company

Safe Superintelligence, Inc. seeks to safely build AI far beyond human capability. Enlarge / Ilya Sutskever physically gestures as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman looks on at Tel Aviv University on June 5, 2023. (credit: Getty Images).....»»

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