You can now try the OnePlus 11 for free for 100 days — here’s how

OnePlus is running a promotion that lets prospective OnePlus 11 buyers try the phone out for free. Here's how to get in on it......»»

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Order in chaos: Atmosphere"s Antarctic oscillation has natural cycle, discover researchers

Climate scientists at Rice University have discovered an "internally generated periodicity"—a natural cycle that repeats every 150 days—in the north-south oscillation of atmospheric pressure patterns that drive the movement of the Southern Hemisp.....»»

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Arctic could be ice-free a decade earlier than thought

The Arctic Ocean's ice cap will disappear in summer as soon as the 2030s and a decade earlier than thought, no matter how aggressively humanity draws down the carbon pollution that drives global warming, scientists said Tuesday......»»

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Rsearcher finds factors linked with chronic school absenteeism

More than 7 million school-age children, or 16% of the student population, in the United States are missing at least 15 days of school during an academic year—an issue known as chronic absenteeism......»»

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It wasn"t a mistake -- Apple betas are now free

Apple has quietly updated its developer program with a free tier that includes access to developer betas, but we still can't recommend installing beta software.Developers only need a free Apple ID to access betasAnyone interested in testing beta rele.....»»

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Siri no longer requires ‘Hey’ command to activate, now has back-to-back requests

Since iPhone 6s, users can talk to Siri hands-free just by saying the command “Hey Siri.” This command was later added to pretty much every Apple device, and became crucial for HomePod – Apple’s smart speaker. But now with iOS 17, macOS 14,.....»»

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Apple makes iOS 17 developer beta free for everyone

For years, access to the iOS developer beta and other developer builds has only been available through a $99/year developer account. Shaking things up this year and increasing access in a big way, Apple has just made the iOS 17 developer beta and ot.....»»

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Best fast chargers for the OnePlus Nord N300 5G in 2023

Charge your OnePlus Nord N300 5G quickly with these fast chargers. If you are looking for a good 5G smartphone on a budget, you should totally consider the OnePlus Nord N300 5G. It is a phone powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 810 proces.....»»

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How India"s "slum-free" redevelopment fails residents by ignoring their design insights and needs

I'm in Ahmedabad, India, standing where families once built their homes under the shade of large trees. Today, those houses are a flattened dust bowl at the edge of a construction site. Apartment buildings are replacing the low-rise, high-density set.....»»

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"Too small and carefree": Endangered animals released into the wild may lack the match-fitness to evade predators

Breeding threatened mammals in fenced, predator-free areas is a common conservation strategy in Australia. The method is designed to protect vulnerable species and breed animals for release into the wild......»»

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Service department book clubs yield process improvements, profitability

Service department employees are given free access to books and are sometimes given bonuses to participate in the book club......»»

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Auto trade group to argue against AM radio mandate at House hearing

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation will argue that while its members are "committed to ensuring drivers have access to free, public alerts and safety warnings through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Integrated Public Alert and Warning S.....»»

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"Improvised, spotty and belated": Will California reform its oversight of water rights?

California's complex system of water rights took shape starting in the mid-1800s, when settlers saw the state's water as abundant and free for the taking—a time when a Gold Rush prospector could stake claim to river flows simply by nailing a notice.....»»

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New OnePlus budget phone comes packing 2 super-rare features

The OnePlus Nord N30 5G is OnePlus' latest phone for the U.S, and it has a couple of surprise features......»»

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Wish Wordle was more competitive? Meet Wordle Golf

The New York Times wants people to start playing Wordle competitively, 9 days at a time......»»

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Implications of no-free-lunch theorems

In the 18th century, the philosopher David Hume observed that induction—inferring the future based on what's happened in the past—can never be reliable. In 1997, SFI Professor David Wolpert with his colleague Bill Macready made Hume's observation.....»»

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Where to watch Stars on Mars live stream for free

12 celebrities head to a simulated version of the red planet to colonize, compete, and conquer in the new reality series, Stars on Mars......»»

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Where to watch American Ninja Warrior live stream for free

The ninjas are back for another shot at $1 million in American Ninja Warrior, which begins its 15th season tonight......»»

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9 free cybersecurity whitepapers you should read

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face constant cyber threats that can compromise their sensitive data, disrupt operations, and damage their reputation. Staying informed about the latest cyberattacks and understanding.....»»

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Nuggets vs Heat Game 2: How to watch the NBA Finals for free

The Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets face off in the 2023 NBA Finals. Here are your options for how to watch the series online -- potentially for free......»»

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Compared: OnePlus Pad vs iPad 10th Generation

The first tablet from smartphone producer OnePlus directly takes on the tenth-gen iPad, in what could be a compelling Android alternative to Apple's tablet.OnePlus Pad (left) vs 10th-gen iPad (right)OnePlus has gained a reputation for creating good-q.....»»

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