Woman accidentally discovers swallowed AirPods are acid resistant for nine hours

A woman has been reunited with her AirPods Pro after a nine-hour-long trip to the emergency room that ended with an emergency endoscopy.Image Credit: Moe KennedyOn June 14, 2023, Moe Kennedy found herself in an unusual predicament when she accidental.....»»

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CDK cyberattack will add to dealership regulatory stresses

The FTC Safeguards Rule requires dealerships and other financial institutions to notify the agency after it discovers a security breach involving the information of at least 500 customers......»»

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Old drugs new tricks—novel approach shows "enormous potential" for rapid antibiotic discovery

An innovative project to re-purpose existing drugs for their potential as antibiotics has uncovered a highly promising candidate with a potent and unique way of killing drug resistant bacteria......»»

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Ultrasound beam triggers "nanodroplets" to deliver drugs at exactly the right spot

Conventional drug delivery is often like cracking a nut with a sledgehammer. Whether the drug is swallowed, injected, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin, it ultimately diffuses to most parts of the body, including those where it isn't needed—or.....»»

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There’s a new firmware available for Apple’s Magic Mouse – but you probably won’t get it

You may already be familiar with accessories such as AirPods and AirTag getting firmware updates with improvements. However, there are other accessories such as mouse and keyboards that also get such updates. Apple has just released new firmware for.....»»

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Review: Beats Solo Buds set the standard with 18-hour battery life, a compact design, and low price

Ever since they were announced in April, I’ve been eager to get my hands . With 18 hours of battery life and a $79 price tag, they are one of the most intriguing new products from Beats in a long time. Beats Solo Buds officially hit store shelve.....»»

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New biocatalytic method eliminates cyanide in nitrile production

If the household cleaner emits a lemon-like odor, this may be due to a nitrile called citronellyl nitrile. These versatile chemical nitrile groups are also used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, superglue and chemical-resistant.....»»

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Tropical solstice shadows

Solstices mark the changing of seasons, occur twice a year, and feature the year's shortest and longest daylight hours—depending on your hemisphere. These extremes in the length of day and night make solstice days more noticeable to many observers.....»»

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Global study discovers natural hazards threaten over 3,000 species

Most of us are aware that climate change is altering our world. But it can also make certain natural disasters, like hurricanes, more likely in places where susceptible species reside......»»

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Ultraviolet-absorbing film shows promise in controlling insecticide-resistant thrips in Chinese agriculture

A research team has found that field populations of the thrips Megalurothrips usitatus and Thrips palmi in China have developed high resistance to multiple insecticides, presenting significant control challenges. By utilizing ultraviolet-absorbing fi.....»»

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Teachers report worse pay and well-being compared to similar working population

With more working hours and lower average base pay, the well-being of U.S. teachers continues to be worse than that of similar working adults—a consistent pattern since 2021, according to a new RAND survey......»»

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How to find your lost AirPods case with Apple’s Find My feature

Have you lost your AirPods or AirPods Pro case? There are steps you can take to find it using the Apple Find My app on iPhone or iPad. Let's take a look......»»

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Apple Crime blotter: Tracked iPad helps catch kids who stole their teacher"s car

In this week's Apple crime roundup, a woman accused of AirPods theft sues the accusing school, there was a big iPhone theft from Verizon Store, and K9 dog's iPhone recovery may have saved a man's life.The Apple Store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.....»»

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How to turn on noise canceling on your AirPods

Your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max come with a great feature called active noise cancellation. Here's how to activate it from your AirPods or iPhone......»»

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AirPods Max are $100 off in Best Buy’s last minute Father’s Day Sale

Save $100 on the Apple AirPods Max for a limited time! Noise cancelling headphones are a dime a dozen, but these cans are some of the best......»»

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AirPods 4: 5 Reasons to Wait & 3 Reasons Not To

If you’ll be in the market for a new pair of AirPods in 2024, you’ll want to take note of the rumored AirPods 4 before you commit to buying a new pair. There are some great reasons to wait for Apple’s new model. The last time Apple.....»»

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Are Diablo fans getting too old for the old-school item grind?

Devs say players no longer want the "very long chase" for rare drops. Enlarge / Do you have a few hundred hours to hear the good news about our lord and savior, Diablo? (credit: Blizzard) Longtime fans of Diablo II are d.....»»

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Retired engineer discovers 55-year-old bug in Lunar Lander computer game code

A physics simulation flaw in text-based 1969 computer game went unnoticed until today. Enlarge / Illustration of the Apollo lunar lander Eagle over the Moon. (credit: Getty Images) On Friday, a retired software engineer.....»»

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Resistant breeding lines for leafminer, corky root and downy mildew in lettuce

A study, published in the journal HortScienceand released by the USDA-Agricultural Research Service, announced the development of new breeding lines of green leaf, red leaf, and romaine lettuce with remarkable resistance to leafminer, corky root, and.....»»

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Researchers harvest acid from seawater to feed beneficial algae

From the air you breathe to the seafood you eat, marine algae have some involvement—they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through photosynthesis and feed fish and shellfish. One day, marine algae could also be used to make widely available.....»»

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What"s coming soon to tvOS 18, HomeKit, and AirPods

Apple's bento graphic for Audio & Home covers everything from HomeKit to tvOS. Here's a breakdown of that image's feature list.Apple's bento graphic for Audio & HomeApple's bento graphic for Audio & HomeThe bento graphic is an Apple tradition now. It.....»»

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