Why The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Is Called The "Brickyard"

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the oldest and largest racing tracks in the world, and is known as 'The Brickyard' among the Indy and NASCAR fans. Indi.....»»

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Study sheds new light on strange lava worlds

Lava worlds, massive exoplanets home to sparkling skies and roiling volcanic seas called magma oceans, are distinctly unlike the planets in our solar system......»»

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Can you melt eggs? Quora’s AI says “yes,” and Google is sharing the result

Incorrect AI-generated answers are forming a feedback loop of misinformation online. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) When you type a question into Google Search, the site sometimes provides a quick answer called a Feature.....»»

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Exploring the effect of water on seismic wave attenuation in the upper mantle

The oceanic lithosphere, which constitutes the top layer including Earth's crust and mantle below the oceans, has long intrigued scientists due to its peculiar behavior. This layer appears to glide over a weaker region below called the asthenosphere,.....»»

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The darkest parts of the moon are revealed with NASA"s new camera

While the surface of the moon has been mapped in incredible detail over the last several decades, one region has eluded orbital cameras due to the lack of sunlight, which are aptly called the permanently shadowed regions (PSRs) of the moon......»»

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UAW slams Ford for halting work on $3.5 billion EV battery plant in Michigan

Ford said it's limiting spending on BlueOval Battery Park Michigan "until we're confident about our ability to competitively operate the plant." The UAW called it "a shameful, barely-veiled threat by Ford to cut jobs.".....»»

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Spotify unveils new ‘Jam’ feature for real-time listening parties

Remember the days of Turntable FM? Spotify is looking to channel that energy with a new feature called Jam. This feature will let users create real-time listening sessions that other people can join in on “from wherever” they are. Here’s how th.....»»

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GM picked as next bargaining target by Unifor in Canada

Unifor picked General Motors Canada as its next bargaining target, a day after union members narrowly ratified a three-year collective agreement with Ford Motor Co. of Canada that set the pattern for this year’s auto talks......»»

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The 2024 BMW i7 M70—electric luxury turned up to 11

Adding more power often adds little to the EV experience, but we like this one. Enlarge / The i7 M70 features new mirrors and side skirts to go with new suspension and brakes and a more powerful rear motor. (credit: Jonathan Gitl.....»»

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Tecno’s Phantom V Flip is a foldable phone we can actually afford

Tecno has launched a new foldable phone under its Phantom sub-brand called the V Flip, and it is probably one of the cheapest foldables out there today. The post Tecno’s Phantom V Flip is a foldable phone we can actually afford appeared first on Ph.....»»

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Andrew Tate app pulled by Apple amid misogyny and pyramid scheme claims

An app created by Andrew Tate called "Real World Portal" has been pulled from the App Store, following claims it encouraged misogyny and was possibly a pyramid scheme.App Store logoAfter the closure of his "Hustler's University" platform, Andrew Tate.....»»

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Recycling plastic not enough, warns UN environment chief

With the production of plastic on the rise worldwide and creating ever more pollution, the UN environment chief warned that humanity cannot just recycle its way out of the mess, and she called for a total rethink about the way we use plastics......»»

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Negative "retweets" appear to add to voter fraud conspiracy theories

A team of behavioral scientists using big data and a simulation-based model to analyze social media "tweets" around the 2020 presidential election found that the spread of voter fraud conspiracy theories on Twitter (now called X) was boosted by a neg.....»»

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Discovery of histidine methylation as a new post-translational modification of histone proteins

In eukaryotes, genomic DNA, which is a very long double helix containing all the genetic information, wraps around a globular protein called a histone and folds it many times before being contained within the nucleus......»»

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Answers to questions about the 2023 UAW strike

The UAW had never before called a strike against all of the Detroit 3 at once. Here's what you need to know about this historic event......»»

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Unifor to hold Ford ratification vote "before the end of the week"

Unifor plans to have members vote on its tentative agreement with Ford Motor Co. of Canada “before the end of the week,” though precise timing for ratification meetings is still being finalized, a union spokesperson told Automotive News Canada We.....»»

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Amazon"s new Echo devices bring generative AI and new smart home features

Amazon's Alexa assistant gets upgraded smarts in new Echo devices that include smart glasses called Echo Frames, an upgraded Echo Show 8 with a display, and new Fire TV devices for audio and visuals.Amazon has new smart devices for the homeDuring a h.....»»

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How to turn on double tap-like gesture control on almost any Apple Watch

One of the main new features of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 is something called “double tap” which lets users control the wearable by pinching their thumb and pointer finger. While the full functionality and new UI of the feature are ind.....»»

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Ford reaches tentative labor agreement with Unifor in Canada, avoids second strike

Unifor has struck a last-minute tentative agreement with Ford Motor Co. of Canada, averting what would have been the first strike by Canadian auto workers against the automaker in 33 years......»»

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New research unveils Pseudomonas cyclic lipopeptide medpeptin"s role in modulating plant immunity

A research study conducted by Hai-Lei Wei's research team at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China has revealed significant insights into the biosynthesis and modulation of plant immunity by a novel cyclic lipopeptide called medpeptin.....»»

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Archaeologists find 500-year-old board game carved in ruins of Polish castle

Nine-man morris, or mill, is a two-person strategy game with ancient origins. Enlarge / Archaeologists excavating the ruins of an early 16th-century Polish castle discovered a carved strategy board game called Mill. (credit: Toma.....»»

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