Why do some people always get lost?

Experience may matter more than innate ability when it comes to sense of direction. Enlarge / Scientists are homing in on how navigation skills develop. (credit: Knowable Magazine (CC BY-ND)) Like many of the researchers.....»»

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"Danger behind the beauty": More solar storms could be heading our way

Tourists normally have to pay big money and brave cold climates for a chance to see an aurora, but last weekend many people around the world simply had to look up to see these colorful displays dance across the sky......»»

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Check Out This Nifty Bedtime iPhone Trick

If you like to listen to white noise on your iPhone in bed, you might love this extremely subtle trick using the device’s alarm. A lot of people like to listen to music, audio books, movies, or TV shows while they fall asleep. Of course, in doi.....»»

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A devastating fire 2,200 years ago preserved a moment of life and war in Iron Age Spain, down to a single gold earring

A ruined building in the middle of the Pyrenees records a tragedy for the people who lived there—a devastating fire that burned a settlement to the ground, destroying almost everything except a hidden gold earring. Now archaeologists' excavation of.....»»

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This 50-inch 4K TV is only $200 right now, and people love it

Best Buy has an awesome deal on the Pioneer 50-inch 4K TV dropping it to just $200. With great reviews, here's why you need it......»»

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Dauntless dev lays off over 100 people as it cancels in-development projects

Phoenix Labs confirmed that it was restructuring its business and laying off workers. This is the third such announcement in little over a year......»»

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Serious iOS 17.5 Bug Reportedly Gets Worse

We’ve seen numerous complaints about iOS 17.5-related bugs and performance issues, but the bug reportedly impacting people’s photos rises above the rest. Earlier this week, we saw a report on Reddit about a bug resurfacing old photos that.....»»

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Archie, the Internet’s first search engine, is rescued and running

A journey through busted tapes, the Internet Old Farts Club, and SPARCstations. Enlarge (credit: The Serial Code/YouTube) It's amazing, and a little sad, to think that something created in 1989 that changed how people us.....»»

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3 Reasons to Pre-Order EA College Football 25 & 4 Reasons to Wait

The EA College Football 25 release date is confirmed and pre-orders are live for Xbox and PlayStation. And while there are some great reasons to pre-order a copy right now, some people might want to put their credit card away and wait. After a length.....»»

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New research reveals just how few LGBTQI+ people play sports

The topic of homophobia in sport has recently made headlines in Australia, with a series of homophobic incidents involving men's AFL players......»»

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Discovery may explain why Egyptian pyramids were built along long-lost Ahramat branch of the Nile

Some 31 pyramids in Egypt, including the Giza pyramid complex, may originally have been built along a 64-km-long branch of the river Nile which has long since been buried beneath farmland and desert. The findings, reported in a paper in Communication.....»»

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Penalties for dropping out of ecosystem services incentive programs should equal lost environmental benefits

Payment for Ecosystem Services programs (PES) are important tools that governments around the world use to improve water quality, protect forests and wildlife habitat, and sequester carbon. Under these programs, landowners—usually farmers—are pai.....»»

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Wicked trailer: Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande experience the wonders of Oz

Are people born wicked? That is the question posed in the latest trailer for Wicked, the long-awaited adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical......»»

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YouTube is becoming a cybercriminal gateway for human manipulation

Scams and cyberthreats are being distributed through YouTube, and people are falling for them hook, line and sinker.....»»

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Indonesia floods kill 67 as rescuers race to find missing

Indonesian rescuers raced Wednesday to find dozens of people still unaccounted for after heavy rains caused flash floods and washed volcanic debris into residential areas over the weekend, sweeping away houses and leaving 67 people dead......»»

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How do mindfulness, compassion and need fulfillment affect satisfaction in midlife married couples?

Many people practice mindfulness or self-compassion techniques in their everyday life as part of their normal self-care routine. Although many studies support the individual benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion, few have focused on romantic re.....»»

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Weight loss from Wegovy sustained for up to four years, trial shows

It's still unclear how long people will have to stay on the drugs to maintain the effects. Enlarge / Wegovy is an injectable prescription weight loss medicine that has helped people with obesity. (credit: Getty | Michael Siluk).....»»

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Study discovers distinct population of "troublemaker" platelet cells appear with aging

As people age, they become more prone to blood clotting diseases, when blood cells called platelets clump together when they don't need to and can cause major issues such as strokes and cardiovascular disease. For decades, scientists have studied why.....»»

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"Dancing" raisins: A simple kitchen experiment reveals how objects can extract energy from their environment

Scientific discovery doesn't always require a high-tech laboratory or a hefty budget. Many people have a first-rate lab right in their own homes—their kitchen......»»

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Most crime has fallen by 90% in 30 years—so why does the public think it"s increased?

Seventy-eight percent of people in England and Wales think that crime has gone up in the last few years, according to the latest survey. But the data on actual crime shows the exact opposite......»»

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Krysten Ritter has lost her memories in trailer for Orphan Black: Echoes

How far would you go to discover who you are? Krysten Ritter stars as Lucy in Orphan Black: Echoes, which picks up in 2052, 37 years after the original series ended. Fans of the dystopian sci-fi thriller series Orphan Black have bee.....»»

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