When sea-level rise threatens coastal wetlands, don"t look to rivers for help, scientists say

Amid climate change, large dam removal projects have gained attention as a solution to the loss of coastal wetlands that reduce flooding, filter water, and provide wildlife habitat. But in a paper appearing in Science, researchers conclude that this.....»»

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Shadow of the Erdtree: Which Edition to Buy?

FromSoftware’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC expansion is up for pre-order. There are several versions on sale and today we want to help you pick the right one for your interest level and budget. The wait is over and FromSoftware’s finally ou.....»»

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Using citizen scientists to mitigate the environmental crisis in the marine ecosystem

Citizen science can help to improve conservation and management strategies for Mediterranean marine ecosystems, and to mitigate the impact of the environmental crisis. This is the conclusion of a study by the University of Barcelona and the Institute.....»»

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Australian citizen scientists hop to it with rabbit virus tracking project

Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, is calling on rural and regional Australians to join in the longest-running citizen science survey of rabbit diseases in the world, to help keep the invasive pest in check......»»

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The 8 best TV deals from LG, Sony, Samsung, and more

If you're looking to take your home home entertainment to the next level with a shiny new TV, then look no further than our list of the best TV deals......»»

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Hackers Could Use ChatGPT to Target 2024 Elections

The rise of generative AI tools has increased the potential for a range of attackers to disrupt elections around the world The rise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT has increased the potential for a wide range of attackers to ta.....»»

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The Future of Binance Coin: Price Predictions and Trends

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Binance Coin (BNB) has emerged as a prominent player in the digital asset space. As investors look to capitalize on its potential, it’s crucial to assess the future trajectory of BNB. Here’s a comprehens.....»»

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"True Detective: Night Country" finale: Who killed the scientists?

Someone's responsible for the corpsicle. What was revealed in the season finale of "True Detective" Season 4? It's been weeks since the stunning first episode of HBO's True Detective: Night Country, helmed by showrunner Issa López. That'.....»»

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Universal antivenom for lethal snake toxins developed by researchers

Scripps Research scientists have developed an antibody that can block the effects of lethal toxins in the venoms of a wide variety of snakes found throughout Africa, Asia and Australia......»»

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Neanderthals" usage of complex adhesives reveals higher cognitive abilities, scientists discover

Neanderthals created stone tools held together by a multi-component adhesive, a team of scientists has discovered. Its findings, which are the earliest evidence of a complex adhesive in Europe, suggest these predecessors to modern humans had a higher.....»»

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A plan to protect the biodiversity of US waters

Marine biodiversity is in crisis around the globe. Climate change, overfishing, habitat destruction and other extractive industries are causing species losses at an alarming rate. Scientists, managers, and governments are taking steps to protect mari.....»»

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Scientists simulate Lahaina Fire to improve prediction of wildland-urban fires

Scientists have successfully applied a pair of advanced computer models to simulate last year's wildfire that devastated the Hawaiian town of Lahaina. The development could lay the groundwork for more detailed predictions of wildfires that advance in.....»»

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Murderous mice attack and kill nesting albatrosses on Midway Atoll—scientists struggle to stop them

At the far end of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands lies Kuaihelani—also known as Midway Atoll—a small set of islands home to the world's largest albatross colony. Over a million albatrosses return to Kuaihelani each year to breed. These seemingl.....»»

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Cracking the code to a healthier potato chip

In a breakthrough for the snack food industry, a team of scientists led by Michigan State University professors Jiming Jiang and David Douches has discovered a key mechanism behind the darkening and potential health concerns associated with cold-stor.....»»

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Scientists track world"s largest turtles to previously unknown foraging locations

Leatherback sea turtles, the largest of all living turtles, undertake extensive migrations that can span multiple years. They travel from subtropical and tropical nesting locations to temperate foraging areas. Despite decade-long tracking efforts, th.....»»

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"You can"t imagine the damage": Dam threatens historic Laos town

A short boat ride upstream from the ancient Laotian royal capital of Luang Prabang, a massive dam is under construction that critics say threatens the riverside town's allure and heritage status......»»

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Why are fish getting smaller as waters warm? It"s not their gills, finds study

A collaborative team of scientists led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently found that there is no physiological evidence supporting a leading theory—which involves the surface area of fish gills—as to why many fish species are "sh.....»»

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Plasma scientists develop computer programs that could reduce the cost of microchips, stimulate manufacturing

Fashioned from the same element found in sand and covered by intricate patterns, microchips power smartphones, augment appliances and aid the operation of cars and airplanes......»»

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Learning how cells dispose of unwanted materials is key to potential new therapeutics, say scientists

Are you sick and tired of getting sick and tired? A UNLV-led research team is exploring whether the reason we sometimes feel ill in the first place is because our body's cells suffer from trash that accumulates within them......»»

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Tinder verification coming to the US amid rise in romance scams

Tinder verification will be rolling out in the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico as the dating app seeks to tackle the growing problem of romance fraud … more….....»»

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iOS 17.4 makes it easier to know if your iPhone’s battery health is ‘normal’

Apple is making changes to the Battery and Battery Health information shown in the Settings app with iOS 17.4. Apple now makes it clear when iPhone battery health is “normal” right from the top-level Battery screen in Settings. more….....»»

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