What the French Revolution can teach us about inflation

More than 200 years later, historians are still gleaning some unexpected insights from the French Revolution—not about tyranny or liberty—but rather, inflation......»»

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"Dad"s going up in a rocket!" French businessman set for launch

He arrived in Texas, tried on his flight suit for the first time, and is now preparing to live out his childhood dream......»»

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Whatever you do, don’t buy a Windows laptop right now

A major revolution in the world of Windows laptops is just around the corner, and it's worth waiting for......»»

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New phononics materials may lead to smaller, more powerful wireless devices

What if your earbuds could do everything your smartphone can do already, except better? What sounds a bit like science fiction may actually not be so far off. A new class of synthetic materials could herald the next revolution of wireless technologie.....»»

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No Price Hikes: Dish guarantees your cable price for 2 years

Dish is the most inflation-proof entertainment system with two years of guaranteed price lock in......»»

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NADA Academy preps future dealership owners, staff for changing times

Through in-person and online classes, the National Automobile Dealers Association trains dealership staff and future owners to face an industry challenged by consolidation, inflation and the perils of new technology......»»

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Earnings at Continental, Vitesco slump in Q1, mirroring broader auto declines

Continental swung to a loss amid delays in new programs, lower production volumes in Europe, and salary and wage inflation......»»

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CJEU Gives File-Sharer Surveillance & Data Retention a Green Light

In a judgment published today, Europe's top court concludes that suspected file-sharers can be subjected to mass surveillance and retention of their data as long as certain standards are upheld. Digital rights groups hoped to end the French 'Hadopi'.....»»

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Pirate Site Blocking Agency Reveals How and Why Pirates Circumvent Blocking

As the Motion Picture Association's site-blocking drive lands back on home turf, countries that have already implemented their own site-blocking programs are evaluating their effectiveness. A new survey carried out by French anti-piracy agency Arcom.....»»

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The Rise of Manual Jobs in the AI Revolution

We’re seeing AI in almost every aspect of our lives. From AI-powered smart homes and hospitals to education and agriculture, machines seem poised to take over.   However, there’s a surprising shift underway. There’s been a resurgence o.....»»

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What can early Earth teach us about the search for life?

Earth is the only life-supporting planet we know of, so it's tempting to use it as a standard in the search for life elsewhere. But the modern Earth can't serve as a basis for evaluating exoplanets and their potential to support life. Earth's atmosph.....»»

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Five ways to keep up with the AI revolution

Five ways to keep up with the AI revolution.....»»

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iPhone 16 molds reveal change to MagSafe charging ring

A French website has obtained what appear to be molds of the iPhone 16 line-up, showing what appears to be a small but still notable change to the MagSafe charging ring. The molds also reflect the changes we’re expecting to see to the camera lay.....»»

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Morocco"s farming revolution: Defying drought with science

In the heart of sun-soaked Morocco, scientists are cultivating a future where tough crops defy a relentless drought, now in its sixth year......»»

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Fed holds rates steady, flags "lack of further progress" on inflation

The Federal Reserve said it "does not expect it will be appropriate to reduce the target range until it has gained greater confidence that inflation is moving sustainably towards 2%.".....»»

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4 suppliers honored for innovative tech partnerships with GM

UVeye, Aspen Aerogels, Carbon Revolution and Gentherm received Innovation Partnership Awards during the annual Automotive News PACE Awards program this week. All four companies were recognized for their work with GM......»»

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6 public auto dealership groups challenged by inflation, lower profit per vehicle

Asbury, AutoNation, Group 1, Lithia, Penske and Sonic continue turning to acquisitions or growing service and parts operations for new revenue sources......»»

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How to change your MAC address on Windows and Mac

Want to change the MAC address on your Windows or Mac PC? Here’s a guide to teach you how in just a few simple steps......»»

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Does fighting inflation always lead to recession? What 60 years of NZ data can tell us

There is an ongoing global debate over whether the high inflation seen in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic can be lowered without a recession......»»

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Why Llama 3 is changing everything in the world of AI

Llama 3 isn't just the latest version of Meta's AI -- it's a revolution in capabilities and accessibility. Here's why it could be the big AI of the future......»»

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Impact investing in Paris suburban "banlieue" neighborhoods: Untapped social and economic potential

From July to August, Paris will host the 2024 Olympic games. However, once the athletes and spectators have packed up and left, the Games will leave behind a lasting social impact on the run-down neighborhoods on the outskirts of the French capital......»»

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