Visa extends its digital wallet capabilities to minimize the risk of fraud

Visa announced extended digital wallet capabilities within Visa Commercial Pay, a suite of B2B payment solutions built in partnership with Conferma Pay to revolutionize how businesses manage transactions globally. The innovation enables financial ins.....»»

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AMD may lose a golden opportunity to beat Nvidia this year

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends A year and a half after the launch of RDNA 3, AMD’s graphics card lineup has grown a little stagnant — as has Nvidia’s. We’re all waiting for a new generation, and according to previous leaks, AMD.....»»

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NATO allies pledge $1 billion to promote sharing of space-based intel

Agreement marks the largest investment in space-based capabilities in NATO’s history. Enlarge / Heads of state pose for a group photo at an event Tuesday celebrating the 75th anniversary of NATO. (credit: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Im.....»»

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How to redeem codes on PS5

Digital codes are an easy way to get funds or games on you PlayStation 5, but you have to figure out where you can redeem them first. Here's a quick explainer......»»

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ChatGPT may have more paid subscribers than this popular streaming service

The company has also revealed a five-tier scale for measuring its AI system capabilities......»»

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Elon Musk’s X faces big EU fines as paid checkmarks are ruled deceptive

Paid "verification" deceives X users and violates Digital Services Act, EU says. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto) Elon Musk's overhaul of the Twitter verification system deceives users and violates the Digital S.....»»

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Samsung quietly removed this key feature from the Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends The and the were launched earlier this week with upgraded internals and a new BioActive Sensor. While the improved sensor is claimed to be more efficient than before, it forced Samsung to remove a key feature previously u.....»»

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Gathid identity governance platform enhancements help identify access changes

Gathid announced the release of Version 1.14.0 of its identity governance platform. This latest update introduces new comprehensive export capabilities that enable users to seamlessly establish an identity baseline in minutes with a complete view of.....»»

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Peer review is essential for science. Unfortunately, it’s broken.

There's no incentive to fix the system, which was never designed to catch fraud anyway. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) Rescuing Science: Restoring Trust in an Age of Doubt was the most difficult book I.....»»

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A better way to make RNA drugs: Enzymatic synthesis method expands capabilities while eliminating toxic byproducts

While the COVID-19 vaccines introduced many people to RNA-based medicines, RNA oligonucleotides have already been on the market for years to treat diseases like Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and amyloidosis. RNA therapies offer many advantages over tra.....»»

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How to design a third-party risk management framework

Most organizations focus on securing routers, servers, firewalls, and other endpoints, but threats can also arise from unfamiliar sources such as third-party networks, which can be used by hackers to attack an organization. Through a strong TPRM fram.....»»

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Faulty airbags could plague millions of vehicles on U.S. roads

Carfax data found that millions of used vehicles could have faulty airbag parts from foreign manufacturers. NHTSA released a statement urging used-vehicle owners to check their vehicle history for parts that could increase the risk of death or severe.....»»

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Top priorities for compliance leaders this year

Legal, compliance and privacy leaders list strengthening their personal impact on company strategy as their top priority for 2024, according to Gartner. Improving third party risk management (TPRM), and ensuring compliance programs can keep pace with.....»»

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Study: Targeted home systems to remove PFAS more cost-effective than system-wide solutions

PFAS, the potentially cancer-causing chemicals known as "forever chemicals," have become an increasing concern in home drinking water. Solutions to reduce the risk of exposure range from mandated municipal-level water treatment to under-the-sink home.....»»

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How to add a family member to your Skylight Cal Max

Here's how to add a family member to your Skylight Cal Max, allowing them to upload their schedule to the digital calendar and edit existing events......»»

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Scientists propose new solutions to keep drinking water safe as pesticide use skyrockets worldwide

Water scientists from Australia and China have proposed a more effective method of removing organic pesticides from drinking water, reducing the risk of contamination and potential health problems......»»

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Apple settles EU probe by opening up its mobile payments system

iPhone users will get more choices to make "touch-and-go" payments in the EU. Enlarge (credit: Maskot | Maskot) In two weeks, iPhone users in the European Union will be able to use any mobile wallet they like to complete.....»»

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Apple dodges antitrust suit by opening Apple Pay and NFC in the EU

A few months after Apple had to open up the iPhone’s App Store to third-party marketplaces due to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, Cupertino … The post Apple dodges antitrust suit by opening Apple Pay and NFC in the EU appe.....»»

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Valuable insights for making the right cybersecurity decisions

This article compiles excerpts from various reports, presenting statistics and insights that could be helpful for CISOs. CISOs becoming more comfortable with risk levels Netskope | The Modern CISO: Bringing Balance | June 2024 Contradicting.....»»

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Florida has temporarily suspended support for its digital driver"s license app

Florida has abruptly removed its digital driver's license application from the iOS and Android app stores, forcing digital ID holders to rely on physical cards for the time being.Florida has removed its Florida Smart ID app from the iOS App StoreThe.....»»

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New hypothesis rethinks tech"s impact on social interaction

A new study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking introduces a novel hypothesis that could reshape our understanding of how digital technologies affect human sociality and mental health......»»

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