Unity backtracks on its controversial Runtime Fee plan following backlash

Unity is making changes to its upcoming Runtime Fee policy so it's less aggressive toward smaller developers and games already in development......»»

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Turn your TV into a language learning tool with Dish

Language learner? Expose yourself to your target language on the daily with a Dish International plan......»»

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Hidden tricks to customize the controversial Messages app design in iOS 17

One of the more noticeable design changes in iOS 17 this year is in the Messages app. Apple has revamped the interface and moved access to iMessage apps and shortcuts to a new pop-up menu. Here’s a closer look at these changes, with a trick to get.....»»

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How to erase and restore your Mac to factory settings

Resetting your Mac to factory settings is essential if you plan on selling it and can also help fix stubborn problems that seem to have no other solution......»»

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EU developers can begin testing app marketplaces and apps that won"t be distributed in the App Store

Apple's controversial plans for complying with the EU's Digital Markets Act are being implemented, and now developers can submit alternative app stores and external apps via App Store Connect.The EU DMA forces Apple to allow alternative app storesApp.....»»

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10 years preparing for "Armageddon"

It's a scenario made famous by the 1998 film "Armageddon": an asteroid is spotted on a collision course with Earth, and experts scramble to plan a space mission to rendezvous with the asteroid and mitigate the danger. It's classic science fiction, bu.....»»

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The best Vision Pro accessories for battery life, comfort, and more

The Apple Vision Pro is an amazing spatial computer, but you need a few accessories to extend runtime, improve comfort, and more......»»

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“Don’t let them drop us!” Landline users protest AT&T copper retirement plan

California hears protests as AT&T seeks end to Carrier of Last Resort obligation. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | CalypsoArt) AT&T's application to end its landline phone obligations in California is drawing protest from.....»»

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France backs Renault"s current plan amid Stellantis merger talk, report says

Paris supports Renault's efforts to build its business as a stand-alone company through new tech partnerships, a government source said, amid reports of a possible merger with Stellantis......»»

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Meta will label AI-generated content from OpenAI and Google on Facebook, Instagram

In a big election year, Meta details plans to label AI-generated media on its social media sites. Enlarge (credit: Meta / Getty Images) On Tuesday, Meta announced its plan to start labeling AI-generated images from other.....»»

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How to preserve your memories in 3D spatial videos without the $3,500 Vision Pro

Whether you plan to pick up Vision Pro or pass on it, one of the neat parts of iPhone 15 Pro is that you can capture spatial videos for Vision Pro. But before you can, you need to manually enable the feature. Here’s how to record Vision Pro spatial.....»»

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Zuckerberg’s AI announcement raises privacy and toxicity red flags

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s AI announcement has raised major concerns, after he said that the company had more user data than was used to train ChatGPT – and would soon be using it to train its own AI systems. The company’s plan to use Facebo.....»»

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It"s back: pick up a lifetime Babbel subscription for $149, a discount of $450 off retail

This $450 cash discount on a lifetime Babbel language learning subscription is back for one more week, giving you access to the All Languages plan for $149.97.Save $450 on Babbel.For a limited time, pick up a lifetime subscription to Babbel's languag.....»»

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Plan for Europe"s huge new particle collider takes shape

Europe's CERN laboratory revealed more details Monday about its plans for a huge new particle accelerator that would dwarf the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), ramping up efforts to uncover the underlying secrets of the universe......»»

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NYC"s community composting cuts are putting its curbside plan at risk

On a chilly day in December, a crowd gathered in the shadow of City Hall in lower Manhattan to chant, listen to speeches and wave signs crafted for the occasion. "No cuts to compost!" read one held by a man with shoulder-length gray hair. "Compost Ad.....»»

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Indonesia"s plan to ban seaweed exports could backfire—hurting its own industry

Indonesia, the world's second-largest seaweed producer, plans to introduce a nationwide export ban on seaweed, following a ban at a provincial level in 2022......»»

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Waymo"s ambitious robotaxi expansion plan could be tempered by proposed California legislation

Waymo wants to expand driverless service across metro Los Angeles and through much of the San Francisco Peninsula. But proposed legislation that would give every town and county power to make their own rules is a big potential roadblock......»»

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Stellantis denies speculation of merger plan with Renault

France is considering a merger between the two automakers to strengthen its grip on the sector and counter Chinese and German competition, an Italian daily newspaper reported......»»

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‘SNL’ Faces Backlash After Nikki Haley Makes Surprise Appearance During Cold Open

‘SNL’ Faces Backlash After Nikki Haley Makes Surprise Appearance During Cold Open.....»»

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How much is Spotify Premium, and can you get it for free?

Whether signing up as a student, splitting a family plan, or leveraging limited-time deals, there are several ways to get Spotify Premium at a discount......»»

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A startup allegedly “hacked the world.” Then came the censorship—and now the backlash.

Anti-censorship voices are working to highlight reports of one Indian company’s hacker past. Enlarge (credit: WIRED staff/Getty Images) Hacker-for-hire firms like NSO Group and Hacking Team have become notorious for en.....»»

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