UAW chief: Strike to grow Friday if no progress

UAW President Shawn Fain said workers at more plants would be called to join the strike starting on Friday if the union is not satisfied with the state of negotiations......»»

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Video game voice actors are poised for a strike after successful SAG-AFTRA vote

SAG-AFTRA voted to approve a strike against the video game industry ahead of its next round of bargaining sessions......»»

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Siren 13.4 provides accelerated data retrieval for analysts

Siren announced details of a new patent and the release of Siren 13.4. Dr. Renaud Delbru, Chief Scientific Officer at Siren, said: “Our most recent patent stands out as a one-of-a-kind offering in the market, reaffirming our commitment to innov.....»»

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Apple Watch Series 9 comes out Friday, but you still can’t buy the Magnetic Link band [U]

Update: Three days after Apple Watch Series 9 hit stores, Apple has opened up orders for Magnetic Link bands. They start shipping near the end of next month. Here’s a bit of a mystery: it’s the eve of Apple Watch Series 9 launch day, and y.....»»

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Space Force chief says commercial satellites may need defending

"It would stand to reason that same philosophy would extend into space." Enlarge / Gen. Chance Saltzman, the top general on the US Space Force, testifies before a Senate subcommittee in March. (credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images).....»»

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Team reviews photocatalysis for methane conversion to high-value products

A research team has published a review paper summarizing the recent progress in methane conversion using photocatalysis. Photocatalysis, the process of using light to accelerate a chemical reaction, offers a promising and green technology for methane.....»»

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Supreme Court considers limits on White House contacts with social media

Controversial injunction stayed until Wednesday while SCOTUS mulls US motion. Enlarge / The Supreme Court. (credit: Getty Images | Douglas Rissing) The Supreme Court on Friday extended a stay of a lower-court order that.....»»

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First increase in rhino numbers in Africa since 2012, monitor says

There was a 5% increase in the number of rhinos observed in Africa last year, the International Union for Conservation of Nature said in an announcement Friday made to coincide with World Rhino Day......»»

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Balancing cybersecurity with convenience and progress

Changing approaches to cybersecurity have led to slow but steady progress in defense and protection. Still, competing interests create a growing challenge for cybersecurity decision makers and practitioners, according to CompTIA. The state of cyberse.....»»

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Apple Watch Series 9 comes out Friday, but you still can’t buy the Magnetic Link band

Here’s a bit of a mystery: it’s the eve of Apple Watch Series 9 launch day, and you still can’t order the new Magnetic Link band. The product page has been live since the September 12 event ended, but it still shows up as unavailable. If you.....»»

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iPhone 15 Plus takes the crown in battery life test, beating all previous iPhone models

Following the iPhone 15 release on Friday, the first battery test results are coming in. Apple touted the efficiency of the 3nm A17 Pro chip, so anticipation was high for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to take the top spot. Indeed, the Pro Max out.....»»

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Apple AI chief refers to iOS 17 Safari search feature in Google antitrust testimony

Apple AI chief John Giannandrea pointed out the quiet feature addition to Safari's search in iOS 17 as part of his testimony during Google's DoJ antitrust lawsuit.The Department of Justice is in the middle of an antitrust trial with Google over alleg.....»»

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How well you do at school depends on how much your teachers know: Insights from 14 French-speaking countries in Africa

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa have made remarkable progress towards reaching universal school enrollment in the past 25 years. Across the region, 8 in 10 children of primary school age are now enrolled in school, and in countries such as Benin and.....»»

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Workers at 38 GM, Stellantis parts depots join UAW strike, but Ford makes progress

The UAW added 5,600 workers at GM and Stellantis parts depots to its escalating strike, threatening dealerships' service business, but said it had made 'real progress' in talks with Ford......»»

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Recycling plastic not enough, warns UN environment chief

With the production of plastic on the rise worldwide and creating ever more pollution, the UN environment chief warned that humanity cannot just recycle its way out of the mess, and she called for a total rethink about the way we use plastics......»»

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Dealers alert to strike impact on showroom, service

Dealers said new-car inventory remains mostly stable in the second week of the UAW strike. But some are readying for a wider range of vehicles to become unavailable if the strike persists and expands to other assembly plants......»»

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UAW strike cost the economy $1.6B in first week, expected to grow exponentially

So far, the losses have been concentrated in Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Ohio, where plants are shuttered over the strike......»»

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Dealers brace for impact from UAW strike at parts distribution centers

The UAW has expanded its strike to GM and Stellantis parts distribution centers, which will likely impact vehicle repair times at dealerships nationwide......»»

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Carmakers will not immediately comply with Massachusetts data repair law

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation said Friday that because a compliance option is not immediately available that they would abide by NHTSA's earlier guidance in June......»»

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Penske bids throw wrench into Lithia deal for Pendragon

Lithia's potentially transformative deal for Pendragon would significantly grow the auto retailer's U.K. footprint, add a sizable fleet business and give the company a pathway to a dealership management system. But Lithia has competition for the deal.....»»

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Mac gamers can now play "Baldur"s Gate 3" a day later than expected

Starting Friday, gamers on macOS can play the critically acclaimed role playing game "Baldur's Gate 3."Baldur's Gate 3 was first released on PC in early August and has quickly gained popularity among reviewers and players, with some even considering.....»»

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