Twitch’s “ban evasion” flag is a bigger anti-hate tactic than you might think

Livestreaming platform draws rare line in the moderation sand. Enlarge (credit: Twitch) Twitch, the livestreaming service that largely caters to gamers, has exploded in popularity since being acquired by Amazon in 2014—but t.....»»

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Streaming TV Shows on Twitch Attracts DMCAs and the TV Industry"s Eye of Sauron

The Washington Post reports that three of the world's most prominent live-streaming stars "received notifications of copyright infringement after broadcasting TV shows to their millions-strong fanbases on Twitch." "The days that followed produced c.....»»

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League of Legends Twitch Channel Hits 1Bn Views

Riot Games’ Twitch channel, has hit the 1-billion-viewer mark. The channel, which primarily streams League of Legends matches, is the first of its kind to have so many views. Unlike YouTube channels, Twitch channels show the number of users watch.....»»

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Hooked on "Wordle"? You"re really going to hate "Absurdle".

If you've been anywhere near Twitter recently, you've likely seen people posting screenshots of cheery little grids filled with green, yellow, and grey boxes.The phenomenon relates to a daily game called Wordle created by software engineer Josh Wardl.....»»

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Instagram will now show suspected hate speech lower in your Feed

Instagram has announced it will now show potential hate speech lower down in your feed, lulling you with a gentle string of thirst traps and puppies before hitting you with the racism. Revealed in a blog post on Thursday, Instagram says it is ta.....»»

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Google Chrome update makes searching your history less of a nightmare

Google has added a new flag to Chrome that will let you search through your history or bookmarks right from the address bar......»»

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Download OBS Studio to record, stream, and screencasting for free

OBS Studio provides real-time capture, encoding, and broadcasting for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and more. It is free software available for Windows, macOS and Linux......»»

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Polish researchers invent anti-smog sound cannon

In a battle against Poland's constant smog, scientists are testing out a new "cannon" that uses soundwaves to push toxic particles higher into the atmosphere to allow residents to breathe......»»

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The real-life gentleman pirate behind HBO Max’s new series Our Flag Means Death

"It's swashbuckling! Let's have fun with it!" Enlarge / Rhys Darby stars as gentleman pirate Stede Bennett in the upcoming HBO Max comedy series Our Flag Means Death. (credit: YouTube/HBO Max) It's no secret that Ars staffers.....»»

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Businesses have stark differences of opinion on proposed anti-Big Tech bills

Two groups both claiming to represent small business interests in the United States have each released open letters, one urging Congress to leave big tech alone as it gives a platform to businesses that might not get one — and one supporting the bi.....»»

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Grab a 17-inch laptop from HP while it’s only $500

If you want a bigger laptop, we found this gem with an extra-large display among the HP laptop deals at Best Buy! Get a 17-inch laptop for just $500 today......»»

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Himax intros 288Hz 8K TV TCON solution

Himax Technologies has introduced an industry-leading 288Hz 8K TV timing controller (TCON) solution for ultra-high resolution gaming TVs, and is collaborating with the world's major TV panel makers for a bigger presence in this rapid-growing gaming T.....»»

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FedEx hopes to add anti-missile lasers to its cargo jets

FedEx wants to fit an anti-missile system to some of its planes despite the rare nature of such attacks on civilian aircraft......»»

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Intel Raptor Lake processors may have a much bigger cache

Not much is known about Intel Raptor Lake processors yet, but a new leak suggests that the CPUs may have a much bigger cache than Alder Lake......»»

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Meta"s Oculus Unit Faces FTC-Led Probe of Competition Practices

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and multiple states are investigating Meta's virtual reality unit Oculus over potential anti-competitive practices. Bloomberg reports: The FTC and a group of states led by New York have quizzed outside developers tha.....»»

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FedEx Asks FAA To Let It Install Anti-Missile Lasers On Its Cargo Planes

With the right military equipment, a single person can target a plane from three miles away using a heat-seeking missile. While such a nightmare is a rare occurrence, FedEx has applied to the FAA seeking approval to install a laser-based, anti-missil.....»»

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Last Of Us Voice Actor Pisses Everyone Off With NFT Push

Troy Baker, best known as the voice behind The Last Of Us Parts 2's Joel Miller, made trouble for himself overnight when he announced his support for a new NFT venture around monetizing artists' voice work. From a report: "You can hate. Or you can cr.....»»

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Water vapor detected on a "super Neptune"

The recently discovered planet TOI-674 b, a bit bigger than Neptune and orbiting a red-dwarf star about 150 light-years away, is a member of an exclusive club: Exoplanets, or planets around other stars, known to have water vapor in their atmospheres......»»

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JBL Charge 5 review: Potent and portable party speaker

With the Charge 5, JBL continues to make its Charge speakers sound bigger and bolder than they otherwise look......»»

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Astronomers confront massive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A*

At the center of the Milky Way is a supermassive black hole, 4.3 million times bigger than the sun, known as Sagittarius A*. Until recently, it was not clear how much of the matter at the heart of the galaxy was Sagittarius A*. Astronomers measured t.....»»

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Raspberry Pi Can Detect Malware By Scanning For Electromagnetic Waves

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: A team of researchers at France's Research Institute of Computer Science and Random Systems created an anti-malware system centered around a Raspberry Pi that scans devices for electromagnetic waves......»»

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