Top colleges see record application numbers amid pandemic

Highly competitive colleges including Yale, Brown and Penn are sending out acceptance notices this week to a much smaller percentage of admission seekers than usual after sorting through record-breaking numbers of applications......»»

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The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on international higher education

An article published in Geographical Research examines how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted international higher education and the mobility of students around the globe, noting that universities face the urgent task of reimagining alternative futur.....»»

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Qualcomm, MediaTek mull fan-out packaging for flagship handset APs

Qualcomm and MediaTek are both considering adopting fan-out PoP in the production of their flagship smartphone application processors, following in the footsteps of Apple utilizing TSMC's InFO_PoP technology to package its iPhone chips, according to.....»»

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Netflix shares plunge amid fears coronavirus boom is over

Netflix said the pandemic disrupted its production pipeline and has forecast fewer new subscribers......»»

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Brace yourselves. Facebook has a new mega-leak on its hands

Facebook Email Search v1.0 can process 5 million email addresses per day, researcher says. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Still smarting from last month's dump of phone numbers belonging to 500 million Facebook users, the social media giant ha.....»»

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Tile bashes Apple’s new AirTag as unfair competition

Now that Apple’s lost item finder AirTag has officially been introduced, competitor Tile is going on record ahead of its testimony in front of Congress tomorrow about how it perceives Apple’s latest product. The company says it will be as.....»»

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Minivans are better at daily life than SUVs, and it’s time for a comeback

They have a commanding view, three rows of seats, and even handle OK, too. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) In the grand scheme of things, I have little to complain about in terms of the pandemic. I haven't lost my job, my residence, or any of.....»»

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Apple updates the Apple TV 4K with the A12 processor, new remote

The A12 Bionic chip will make games run faster and enhances video as well. Enlarge The Apple TV 4K set-top box will receive some needed upgrades, including to the remote. Today at an event largely focused on the new M1-powered iMacs and iPad.....»»

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"Dead clades walking": Fossil record provides new insights into mass extinctions

Mass extinctions are known as times of global upheaval, causing rapid losses in biodiversity that wipe out entire animal groups. Some of the doomed groups linger on before going extinct, and a team of scientists found these "dead clades walking" (DCW.....»»

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Geico Admits Fraudsters Stole Customers" Driver"s License Numbers For Months

Geico, the second-largest auto insurer in the U.S., has fixed a security bug that let fraudsters steal customers' driver's license numbers from its website. From a report: In a data breach notice filed with the California attorney general's office, G.....»»

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Tile Bashes Apple"s New AirTag as Unfair Competition

Now that Apple's lost item finder AirTag has officially been introduced, competitor Tile is going on record ahead of its testimony in front of Congress tomorrow about how it perceives Apple's latest product. In a statement, Tile CEO CJ Prober said to.....»»

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Predicting the next pandemic virus is harder than we think

The observation that most of the viruses that cause human disease come from other animals has led some researchers to attempt "zoonotic risk prediction" to second-guess the next virus to hit us. However, in an Essay publishing April 20th in the open.....»»

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"Architects should be forbidden from designing cars" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are critiquing Heatherwick Studio's concept for an electric car and sharing their views on other top stories. Read more In this week's comments update, readers are critiquing Heatherwick Studio's conce.....»»

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Apple officially unveils its lost item finder, AirTag

Apple today officially unveiled AirTag, its location tracking beacons that can help Apple device owners find lost items through Apple’s “Find My” application. The AirTags themselves are small, rounded tracking devices that can be at.....»»

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Tesla apologizes as anxiety grows after driver protest

The government and social media blowback stemmed from an embarrassing incident Tesla faced on Monday at the Shanghai Auto Show. An angry protester climbed on top of one of its display vehicles shouting that her car’s brakes had lost control......»»

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Book: LEVERS – The Framework For Building Repeatability into Your Business

The best businesses are data-driven and metrics-driven. Instead of simply tracking top-line metrics, every person in the organization understands their role, how they impact the business metrics, and how this impacts its larger goals.  One of th.....»»

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Domestic violence calls for help increased 20% during the pandemic

Domestic violence rose globally in 2020—so much so that doctors have called it "a pandemic within a pandemic.".....»»

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Pandemic makes separation even scarier for people with a family member in prison

Jails and prisons in the United States had a coronavirus infection rate three times greater than the general population, with an average of 1,400 new COVID-19 infections and seven deaths every day over the past year......»»

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Scientists look to "hot spot" for longest weather record

Scientists from The Australian National University (ANU) are looking for volunteers to help create Australia's longest daily weather record from a globally recognized climate change "hot spot.".....»»

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NASA study predicts less Saharan dust in future winds

During 2020, global average surface temperatures were the hottest on record, tying with 2016 as the warmest recorded year. Last year was also the most active hurricane season to date, with many storms quickly intensifying. Temperature and weather sys.....»»

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Kosovar biologist calls newly found insect after coronavirus

Kosovar biologist Halil Ibrahimi believes the pandemic restrictions haven't all been bad—as a result of them, he completed his research, raised public awareness of the pollution of river basins and named a newly discovered insect after the virus......»»

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