This Steve Jobs autograph costs more than a Tesla Model S

An award plaque signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is up for sale, a rare item as Jobs didn't sign things often.Steve JobsMoments in Time buys and sells original letters and other documents that feature autographs, and they recently put a unique p.....»»

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Improving crops with laser beams and 3D printing

A demonstration of how new technologies can be used in 21st century crop breeding comes from just published research that combines laser scanning and 3D printing to create a detailed 3D model of a sugar beet plant......»»

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Why advertisers pay more to reach viewers who watch less

A new study finds that viewers' income and likelihood of buying a product are not the factors that determine how much it costs to reach them— it's how active they are on the platforms where the ads run......»»

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This portable tire inflator is down to just $30 at Walmart today

Don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere: buy a portable tire inflator. Right now, you can get this multi-purpose Ophanie model for only $30 at Walmart......»»

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Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs

Tariffs on Chinese EVs could increase costs while reducing competition. Enlarge (credit: koiguo via Getty) Clint and Rachel Wells had reasons to consider buying an electric vehicle when it came to replacing one of their.....»»

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Ferrari"s first EV to cost more than $500,000, report says

Ferrari is preparing to open a plant in Italy to make the full-electric model that is due to launch next year. It is expected that new EV could help boost the brand’s production by up to a third, Reuters reported......»»

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How can SLTTs defend against cyber threats?

Managing cybersecurity for any organization is no easy feat. Improving cybersecurity maturity is often even more difficult, made increasingly challenging by the eye-watering costs of cybersecurity products and solutions. And when you are responsible.....»»

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Cybersecurity jobs available right now: June 19, 2024

Application Penetration Tester ShiftCode Analytics | USA | On-site – View job details As an Application Penetration Tester, you will perform Ethical Application Penetration Testing (EAPT) on web applications and APIs. Provide the vuln.....»»

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Hemi-powered Jeep Wrangler 392 returning in 2025

Despite the six-figure Final Edition model in 2024 that was supposed to mark the last V-8 offering, the Jeep Wrangler 392 is coming back for 2025......»»

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The Vision Pro 2 may already be dead

Rumors are circulating that Apple is halting its work on the next iteration of the Vision Pro headset and instead focusing on a cheaper model......»»

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This powerful HP Omen gaming PC is $650 off for a limited time

The HP Omen 45L gaming PC with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics card, which usually costs $2,050, is now more affordable following HP's $650 discount......»»

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Report: Apple halts work on Vision Pro, aims to release cheaper Vision headset next year

Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper, cut-down version of the Apple Vision Pro, scheduled to arrive by the end of 2025, according to The Information. At the same time, the publication says development work on a second-generation high-end model of.....»»

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Tesla defends its lead in American-Made Index; Honda and VW models close in

The Tesla Model Y was the top vehicle in the American-Made Index 2024 survey, but Tesla did not take all four top spots as in 2023......»»

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5 surprises from Tesla"s high-stakes shareholders meeting

Tesla shareholders voted for Elon Musk's $56 billion payout by a surprising margin. And there were other surprises at the meeting: surging Cybertruck production, a robot future and Donald Trump's phone calls......»»

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Toyota partners with Maryland"s Pepco on vehicle-to-grid R&D

Potomac Electric Power Co., located in Maryland, will work with Toyota to figure out how best to reduce costs and emissions through researching vehicle usage and charging habits......»»

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NinjaOne MDM provides visibility and control over mobile devices

NinjaOne has expanded its platform with mobile device management (MDM). The new solution increases employee productivity and reduces complexity, risk, and costs for IT teams by managing Android and Apple mobile devices and endpoints within a single,.....»»

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Apple Vision Pro sequel stalls as work on cheaper consumer headset continues

Apple's follow-up to the Apple Vision Pro may not be a high-end model, with work allegedly halted on the premium replacement in favor of a cheaper alternative.Apple Vision ProHalf a year after the release of the Apple Vision Pro, Apple is considering.....»»

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MacBook Air gets hosed, other models hold steady in macOS 15 as Intel support fades

Sequoia is both more and less generous to Intel Macs, depending on the model. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) As the Intel Mac era has wound down over the last couple of years, we've been painstakingly tracking the amoun.....»»

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New model identifies shortcut for understanding dolphin health

When Sylvain De Guise and his friends get together, it's not at a barbeque or for a game of pickleball. Their reunions happen on research boats......»»

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"We love Elon": Tesla shareholders bask in CEO"s presence

Tesla fans at the company's shareholder meeting congratulated Musk on the $56 billion pay package they just approved and thanked him for helping humanity......»»

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Scientists develop a new computer language to model organismal traits

One of the most beautiful aspects of nature is the endless variety of shapes, colors and behaviors exhibited by organisms. These traits help organisms survive and find mates, like how a male peacock's colorful tail attracts females or his wings allow.....»»

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