The top 7 bestselling phone models of 2023 are all iPhones

Every currently sold iPhone makes the top seven, except the iPhone SE. Enlarge / The iPhone 14. (credit: Apple) Counterpoint has a new report on the top-selling phone models of 2023, and for the first time, the top seve.....»»

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DEAL: Get the Samsung Galaxy S22 for up to 30% Off!

It's an older phone, but it checks out. The post DEAL: Get the Samsung Galaxy S22 for up to 30% Off! appeared first on Phandroid. For folks who just want a capable Android phone without spending too much, it makes a lot of sense to go with.....»»

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iPhone 16 Will Be Apple’s First AI-Centric Phone

It’s the elephant in the room at this point, but yet another report suggests Apple is working to bring AI-centric upgrades to this year’s iPhone. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has released a report outlining Apple’s plans for the M.....»»

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Galaxy One UI 6.1 Update: 3 Reasons to Install & 3 Not To

Samsung has started pushing its One UI 6.1 update with Galaxy AI features to select Galaxy models. And while many users will want to install it right away, others may want to hold off for the time being. The One UI 6.1 update is moving out to the Gal.....»»

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Measles could once again become endemic in the US, the CDC warns

This year's measles cases are over 17x higher than cases seen in the first quarters of 2000 to 2023. Enlarge / Poster issued by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advocating for measles immunizations in.....»»

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US lawmaker proposes a public database of all AI training material

Proposed law would require more transparency from AI companies. Enlarge (credit: Cinefootage Visuals | iStock / Getty Images Plus) Amid a flurry of lawsuits over AI models' training data, US Representative Adam Schiff (D.....»»

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Intel’s “Gaudi 3” AI accelerator chip may give Nvidia’s H100 a run for its money

Intel claims 50% more speed when running AI language models vs. the market leader. Enlarge / An Intel handout photo of the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator. (credit: Intel) On Tuesday, Intel revealed a new AI accelerator chip call.....»»

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Biologists reveal how gyrase resolves DNA entanglements

Picture in your mind a traditional "landline" telephone with a coiled cord connecting the handset to the phone. The coiled telephone cord and the DNA double helix that stores the genetic material in every cell in the body have one thing in common; th.....»»

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Pirate IPTV Investigations Are Expensive, Time-Consuming & Prone to Misfire

In September 2023, Swedish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance was looking forward to the upcoming trial of a man suspected of being behind a pirate IPTV service. He registered the site's domain and in 2020 received almost $190,000 in cryptocurrency fr.....»»

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Side Hustle or Scam? What to Know About Data Annotation Work

As artificial intelligence evolves, data annotation—or the work done by humans to train AI models—has emerged as a potential way to make money. On TikTok, Reddit, and elsewhere, posts are popping up from users claiming they&rsqu.....»»

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How Does Phone Tracking Help Parents Save Their Kids?

Parents look after the wellbeing of their children in the real world proactively. However, they must be as vigilant when looking after their kids’ wellbeing in the digital world. The online space may seem normal to you, but if you look closely,.....»»

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Tech News Transformed: Headliners News Uncovers the Tech Startup Underdogs You Need to Know About

In the ever-evolving world of advancements in technology, innovation knows no bounds. From AI-driven breakthroughs to disruptive business models, tech startups are rewriting all the rules across all the industries, transforming everything from health.....»»

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A Closer Look at Remote Peering: Technologies and Techniques

In the realm of digital communication, the significance of efficient internet traffic exchange has escalated with the surge in global cloud content. With over 5.18 billion internet users as of April 2023, and a monthly internet traffic forecast to re.....»»

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How to restart your iPhone

How to restart your iPhone in a few simple steps. Wondering how to restart your iPhone? It's as simple as powering it off and turning it back on again. Here's how to restart your device for current and older models — and how to force rest.....»»

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How to clear cache on iPhone: Free up space on your iOS device

This is a how-to on how to clear cache on iPhone. Wondering about how to clear cache on iPhone? As we run several apps and navigate browsers like Safari and Chrome, we collect a lot of useless clutter along the way that fills up our phone's cac.....»»

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The best MacBooks: Which Apple laptop would we buy in 2024?

MacBooks are the laptop of choice for many students and professionals. We compare the top models to help you choose the right one. Any time you shop for a new laptop, a lot of people are going to tell you the same thing: Just get a MacBook.And.....»»

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Best tax software deals: File now to get your taxes done by April 15

Save with Amazon's best 2023 tax software deals as of April 11. Get deals from Turbotax and H&R Block to help you keep more money in your pocket. UPDATE: Apr. 11, 2024, 9:29 a.m. EDT Updated with new free tax filing deals. It's that time.....»»

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Best last-minute tax software deals: Make the April 15 deadline and save big

As of April 11, save on the best 2023 tax software deals. Save with price cuts onTurboTax and H&R Block to help keep more cash in your pocket. Tax returns are due on April 15. You can still file on time thanks to these last-minute deals as of A.....»»

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iPhone users in 92 countries received a spyware attack alert

A bunch of folks all over the world got a mysterious notification about a "mercenary spyware attack" targeting iPhones. Almost half of the countries in the world got a strange notification from Apple on Wednesday.At noon Pacific time on Wednesd.....»»

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Google’s Pixel 8a Leaks and the Bezels Need to be Seen

With Google I/O 2024 about a month away, it’s only right that the leaks begin to pickup for the company’s next phone, the Pixel 8a. After seeing renders for it back in October, learning about all of the different variants a month ago, and.....»»

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T-Mobile Cutomers, Snag Next Week’s Free Oversized Tote

If you’re someone already giving money to T-Mobile every month for phone service, you might as well take full advantage of all the free goodies you get from T Life. Next week, T-Mobile will be giving out free oversized tote bags, perfect for yo.....»»

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