The Appstore’s First Emulator App Arrives – and then Disappears

Looks like the app was using stolen code from another developer. The post The Appstore’s First Emulator App Arrives – and then Disappears appeared first on Phandroid. Not long after Apple allowed the availability of emulation apps.....»»

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Chickens, ducks, seals and cows: A dangerous bird flu strain is knocking on Australia"s door

A dangerous strain of avian influenza (bird flu) is now wreaking havoc on every continent except Australia and the rest of Oceania. While we remain free from this strain for now, it's only a matter of time before it arrives......»»

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Gaming emulator apps are best played with one of these iOS-supported game controllers

Game emulator apps are having a moment on the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to a recent App Store rule change, Apple is now permitting retro gaming emulators on its devices, and developers have wasted no time meeting the pent-up market demand. Retro gam.....»»

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RetroArch emulator adds support for DOS games, and more

Now you can play all your favorite DOS games right from your iPhone or iPad, thanks to an update to popular emulator RetroArch.Enjoy your favorite legacy games on the go with RetroArchRetroArch was rolled out for Apple Devices in mid-May, and at laun.....»»

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Shadow of the Erdtree DLC: Which Edition Should You Buy?

FromSoftware’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring is up for pre-order. There are several versions on sale and today we want to help you pick the right one for your interest level and budget. Shadow of the Erdtree arrives on June 21st and.....»»

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Judge: Craig Wright forged documents on “grand scale” to support bitcoin lie

Wright "lied repeatedly and extensively" in response to forgery allegations. Enlarge / Craig Wright arrives at a courthouse in London, England, on February 23, 2024. (credit: Getty Images | Lucy North-PA Images ) A Brit.....»»

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Delta emulator changes logo after Adobe lawsuit threats — but just barely

Popular iOS emulator Delta had to change its logo recently, and decided to poke fun at the whole situation in a small update......»»

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Legal threat from Adobe forces Delta devs to Update App’s Icon

Delta will feature a more refined logo soon. The post Legal threat from Adobe forces Delta devs to Update App’s Icon appeared first on Phandroid. If anyone was going to threaten to take the Delta emulator devs to court, we figured it.....»»

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Apple TV hardware storage limits will keep most emulators away

The developer behind iPhone emulator app Delta has revealed that one key limitation in Apple's tvOS is why he isn't making a version for Apple TV.Minecraft used to be on Apple TV but was pulledApple TV is not short of games, since it has Apple Arcade.....»»

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Delta Emulator changes logo after Adobe legal threat

The developer behind Delta has been threatened with legal action by Adobe, forcing the game emulator to change its icon.Adobe's logo [left], Delta's new icon [middle], Delta's old icon [right]On Friday, the Delta game emulator updated its icon to som.....»»

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9 Things You Should Do Before EA College Football 25 Arrives

The EA College Football 25 release date is just weeks away and there are some steps prospective buyers, and those who have pre-ordered, should take before the game lands on shelves. If you can believe it, EA’s first college football game in ove.....»»

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RetroArch arrives on iOS as a gaming emulator for Nintendo DS, PSP, SNES, PlayStation, and more

Today the latest gaming emulator for iPhone and iPad has arrived on the iOS App Store. RetroArch brings with it an abundance of supported game systems ranging from Nintendo favorites like the N64, SNES, Game Boy, and Nintendo DS to Sony’s PlayS.....»»

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This new app on the App Store emulates 38 different retro game platforms

RetroArch, a popular multi-platform emulator, is now officially available on iPhone and iPad, giving gamers a way to play their favorite legacy games on the go.RetroArch is now officially available on iOS via the App StoreFollowing the App Store debu.....»»

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App Store emulator surge continues, this time for PlayStation Portable games

PPSSPP, a popular emulator for PlayStation Portable games, is now available for gamers to play their nostalgic favorites from years past.PPSSPP on the App StoreApple has officially welcomed PPSSPP, a popular PSP emulator (and not the sound to summon.....»»

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As M4 iPad Pro arrives, Joz sets the record straight: ‘tablets suck, and iPads don’t’

Happy launch day! Whether you’re picking one up for yourself or dreaming about which configuration you’d order, there’s plenty of M4 iPad Pro material to go around this week. The latest insight into Apple’s vision for the iPad is included.....»»

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Gamma is a free PlayStation emulator available on the iOS App Store

Following changes to the App Store guidelines last month, developers were finally able to release game emulators for iOS – such as the popular Delta. And joining that list now is Gamma, a new PlayStation emulator available on the iOS App Store for.....»»

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Apple and Google"s cross-platform anti-stalking tracker standard arrives in iOS 17.5

Apple and Google have finally implemented their industry specification for detecting AirTags and other trackers hidden on a person, to help minimize the instances of stalking.AirTag, a tracker that will support Apple and Google's industry standard. I.....»»

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The First PlayStation Emulator Arrives for iOS

The First PlayStation Emulator Arrives for iOS.....»»

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Original PlayStation games come to iPhone with new Gamma emulator

Gamma, a free emulator of the original Sony PlayStation, was added to the iOS and iPad App Stores on May 11th.Screenshots from the Gamma emulator on the App StoreGamma is similar to developer Riley Testut's Delta emulator, especially in terms of the.....»»

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Vision Pro support arrives for Duet Display and Screens to enhance your virtual desktop

More functionality for Vision Pro has landed with two new third-party app updates. The popular Duet Display and Screens are both now available for Apple’s headset. Here are all the details and features. more….....»»

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Nintendo DMCA Notice Wipes Out 8,535 Yuzu Repos, Mig Switch Also Targeted

After Nintendo filed a full-blown lawsuit against the developers of the Yuzu emulator in February, a rapid settlement effectively ended that phase of the project a little over a week later. In March, Nintendo targeted various related tools, taking do.....»»

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