Tether Cuts Commercial Paper, Boosts Treasuries Behind USDT

Tether, the operator of the world's most used cryptocurrency, said it had reduced the amount of commercial paper in the reserve backing its $74 billion stablecoin, revealing information about its holdings while dollar-pegged assets face tougher scrut.....»»

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"One of the botanical wonders of the world": Giant waterlily grown at Kew Gardens named new to science

A new paper, published today in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science, outlines a new botanical discovery in the genus Victoria, the famous giant waterlily genus named after Britain's Queen Victoria in 1852. Until now, there have only been two known.....»»

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Jaguar Land Rover"s Bespoke ordering program boosts profit, satisfaction at Land Rover Princeton

The New Jersey dealership has grown its Bespoke orders to about 5 percent of sales of Range Rovers. Sales staff begin the process about six months before leases end......»»

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Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus Spacecraft Successfully Boosts The International Space Station

NASA has successfully used the Cygnus spacecraft to boost the ISS' orbit. It's an important demonstration of capability in case the US is unable to rely on Russian-made rockets to handle the job in the future. The.....»»

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Mining"s effect on fish warrants better science-based policies

A new paper published in Science Advances synthesizes the impact of metal and coal mines on salmon and trout in northwestern North America, and highlights the need for more complete and transparent science to inform mining policy......»»

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New method boosts the study of regulation of gene activity

One way cells can control the activities of their genes is by adding small chemical modifications to the DNA that determine which genes are turned on or off. Methyl groups are one of these chemical modifications or tags. Researchers have found that i.....»»

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A ceramic aerogel made with nanocrystals and embedded in a matrix for use in thermal insulation applications

A team of researchers at the Harbin Institute of Technology, in China, working with a colleague in the U.S., has developed a new kind of aerogel for use in flexible thermal insulation material applications. In their paper published in the journal Nat.....»»

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Study begins to unravel the mysterious evolution of fatherless male insects

It's not often that you see genetic systems described as "bizarre" in the title of a scientific research paper. That is unless it's from the lab of San Francisco State University Associate Professor of Biology Scott Roy, who has a particular penchant.....»»

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Valve Cuts Steam Deck Performance, Doesn’t Disclose It

Valve has quietly changed the Steam Deck’s specs, unbeknownst to most who have put in an order in recent weeks.  The post Valve Cuts Steam Deck Performance, Doesn’t Disclose It appeared first on ExtremeTec.....»»

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China TV sales disappoint during 618 shopping festival

Sales of LCD TVs during the 618 shopping festival in China were lower than expected, which could force panel makers to realize production cuts more broadly, according to industry sources......»»

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NXM Autonomous Security platform protects space infrastructure and IoT devices from cyberattacks

NXM Labs unveiled its NXM Autonomous Security platform that prevents hackers from gaining unauthorized access to commercial, industrial, medical, or consumer internet of things (IoT) devices. Tested in collaboration with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.....»»

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Making carbon dioxide into protein for innovative animal feed

Having a big idea may not be enough to change the world—innovation is a commercial process as well as scientific inspiration. Turning research into marketable products is partly a business challenge......»»

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Red wolf genes found in coyote hybrids may be the key to preserving the endangered species

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S. reports a high percentage of red wolf genes in the genomes of coyote hybrids living in some parts of southwest Louisiana and eastern Texas. In their paper published in the journal.....»»

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Bite marks on ancient sperm whale relatives suggest sharks used them as fat sources

A small team of researchers from Switzerland, the U.S., Italy and Peru reports evidence that suggests ancestors of modern sperm whales were used as fat sources by ancient sharks. In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the gro.....»»

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Niantic cans four AR projects and cuts jobs as it struggles to recreate Pokémon GO magic

Niantic is trying to prove that it’s more than its hitmaker Pokémon GO, but the company is not finding success at it, as Niantic will fire 8% of the staff while canceling four projects – including the anticipated game Transformers: Heavy Metal......»»

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Examining heated tobacco product emissions

A new paper examining whether heated tobacco products emit smoke has been published in the academic journal American Chemical Society Omega......»»

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Long-term study suggests climate-friendly practices could increase crop yields and improve farm ecosystems

An international team of researchers conducting a long-term study has found that climate-friendly farming practices could lead to higher crop yields, reduced costs and improved local ecosystems. In their paper published in the journal Nature Sustaina.....»»

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New kirigami-inspired models predict how new metamaterials behave

A traditional paper crane is a feat of artistry. Every fold in origami leads to the transformation of a single square sheet of paper into a bird, a dragon, or a flower. Origami discourages gluing, marking or cutting the paper, but in the art of kirig.....»»

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Bacteria species found in glacial ice could pose disease risk as glaciers melt from global warming

A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found nearly 1,000 species of bacteria in snow and ice samples collected from Tibetan glaciers. In their paper published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, the group describes collecting.....»»

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Intento Design secures third round of investment to accelerate commercial deployment

The Paris-based French company, Intento Design, has secured a third round of investment to accelerate its international and commercial deployment on June 22, 2022. Intento Design is an EDA software provider developing intelligent tools to accelerate.....»»

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Custom touch screen application used to study navigation in chimps

A small international team of researchers has found that it is possible to test navigation skills in chimpanzees using virtual reality technology. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the researchers describe the custom applicati.....»»

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