Teachers entering the profession from other fields often less satisfied

There is a shortage of teachers not only in Germany, but in many countries around the world. For this reason, people without formal teaching degrees are often brought in from other fields to teach in schools. Yet according to a new study, they are of.....»»

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Investigating cell killers: An advanced system for size-dependent cytotoxicity analysis of silica

Metal nanomaterials have become an indispensable part of industrial and medical fields due to their unique and versatile properties. Their size, which imparts them with the desired physiochemical properties, is also the reason for environmental and h.....»»

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Shining a light on the effects of habituation and neural adaptation on the evolution of animal signals

A new paper published in The Quarterly Review of Biology examines the possible effects of two properties of receiver playing fields documented in studies of animal psychology—habituation and neural adaptation—on the efficacy of mate choice signal.....»»

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White House: Use memory-safe programming languages to protect the nation

The White House is asking the technical community to switch to using memory-safe programming languages – such as Rust, Python, Swift, C#, Java, and Go – to prevent memory corruption vulnerabilities from entering the digital ecosystem. Acc.....»»

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Researchers overestimate their own honesty, finds study

The average researcher thinks they are better than their colleagues at following good research practice. They also think that their own research field is better than other research fields at following good research practice......»»

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Management technique shows promise against emerging soybean pest

In the late 2010s, a mysterious pest—one that came to be identified as a new species of gall midge, Resseliella maxima—began infesting the soybean fields of Nebraska and neighboring states. Since then, the tiny but deadly fly has spread to at lea.....»»

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School focus on grades and test scores linked to violence against teachers

Violence against teachers is likely to be higher in schools that focus on grades and test scores than in schools that emphasize student learning, a new study has found......»»

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Investigators find that streams connected to groundwater show improved detoxification and microbial diversity

Streams with ample connections to shallow groundwater flowpaths have greater microbial diversity and are more effective at preventing toxic forms of metals—often products of upstream mining—from entering and being transported downstream. These st.....»»

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App Review"s sudden enforcement of an in-app gift rule catches a meditation app off guard

Insight Timer is a popular meditation app that allows students to tip teachers directly, but an App Review mistake that took over a year to catch has forced the developer to adopt in-app purchases and pay Apple's 30% commission.Insight Timer on the A.....»»

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Apple reverses course and says popular meditation app must pay 30% App Store fee on ‘tips’ sent to teachers

Apple has reversed course and is now demanding a 30% cut of donations sent to teachers in the popular Insight Timer meditation app. The change apparently comes after Apple allowed the app to use its own Stripe-based in-app purchase system for over a.....»»

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Teachers" growth mindset appears more important than warmth, research suggests

Students tend to like friendly teachers, but they like those who believe they can improve even more, new research indicates......»»

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Africa"s ice is disappearing: Tropical ice fields demonstrate speed of climate change

The few glaciers in Africa have long since become an important indicator of how rapidly and severely climate change is changing our planet. The ice on the high summits of the continent is rapidly disappearing, and Africa may lose its white peaks by t.....»»

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Engineers use AI to wrangle fusion power for the grid

In the blink of an eye, the unruly, superheated plasma that drives a fusion reaction can lose its stability and escape the strong magnetic fields confining it within the donut-shaped fusion reactor. These getaways frequently spell the end of the reac.....»»

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Guinness video celebrates robotic record breakers

Guinness World Records says more and more robots are entering the record books and it's knocked together a video to celebrate the fact......»»

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Dating app users less satisfied with relationship status than non-users, finds study

Mobile dating apps are a popular way to meet people. They promise a fun partner and a happy love life. However, a new study by Radboud University researchers shows that people who use dating apps actually tend to be overall less satisfied with their.....»»

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Most people would be equally satisfied with having one child as with two or three, finds research

Picture your ideal family. Do you have children? How many?.....»»

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Do AI-driven chemistry labs actually work? New metrics promise answers

The fields of chemistry and materials science are seeing a surge of interest in "self-driving labs," which make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automated systems to expedite research and discovery. Researchers are now proposing a suite of def.....»»

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Scientists map the largest magnetic fields in galaxy clusters using synchrotron intensity gradient

In a new study, scientists have mapped magnetic fields in galaxy clusters, revealing the impact of galactic mergers on magnetic-field structures and challenging previous assumptions about the efficiency of turbulent dynamo processes in the amplificat.....»»

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Snoop Dogg can"t wait to "shake it up" at the 2024 Olympics

Snoop Dogg talks about his upcoming gig covering the 2024 Olympics in Paris for NBC. Rapper Snoop Dogg is entering a new phase of his storied career, adding "Olympic correspondent" to his resume.In January, NBC announced that Snoop Dogg would b.....»»

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Groundwater upsurge floods homes in Libyan coastal town

Much of Libya is bone-dry desert but one Mediterranean coastal town is suffering the opposite problem—its houses and fields have been inundated by a mysterious upsurge of groundwater......»»

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Changing the color of commonly used agricultural nets lessens insect damage to Kujo leek fields

Red nets are better at keeping away a common agricultural insect pest than typical black or white nets, according to a new study. Researchers have experimented with the effect of red, white, black and combination-colored nets on deterring onion thrip.....»»

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