Stellantis plans layoffs at assembly plants in Mich., Ohio

Plants that build the Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator and Grand Cherokee will move from three shifts of workers to two because the company says it needs to limit sales of those vehicles to meet California emissions rules......»»

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Google launches “Gemini Business” AI, adds $20 to the $6 Workspace bill

Google's AI features add a 3x increase over the usual Workspace bill. Enlarge (credit: Google) Google went ahead with plans to launch Gemini for Workspace today. The big news is the pricing information, and you can see.....»»

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New tool helps users track fruit-plant readiness for growing season

Purdue University's Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC) has launched its new interactive chilling hours tool. Growers now can more closely monitor accumulated chilling hours, an important factor that tracks how long fruit plants have been expos.....»»

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Big Tech is extremely unimpressed by Apple’s EU App Store changes

"It took about an hour for app developers to realize they had been screwed." (credit: Apple) Apple is coming under fire from rivals Meta and Microsoft who say its plans to open up its mobile software to comply with a lan.....»»

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Meta is fighting deepfakes and misinformation in India ahead of 2024 elections

India's 2024 elections face the threat of deepfakes, often spread on WhatsApp and social media. Meta is trying to combat it. Tech giant Meta is gearing up for worldwide elections in 2024, having laid out plans to "protect elections online" as g.....»»

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A Startup’s Mission to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth Is Being Made Into a Docuseries

Colossal Biosciences has started work on a five-year-long docuseries that follows its de-extinction efforts. That’s just the beginning of its small-screen plans......»»

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Australia wants navy boats with lots of weapons, but no crew. Will they run afoul of international law?

The Australian Navy is set to be transformed. On top of existing plans for nuclear submarines, the government yesterday announced a scheme for an "enhanced lethality surface combatant fleet" including six new "optionally crewed" vessels......»»

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Potato plant radiation sensors could one day monitor radiation in areas surrounding power plants

While expanding nuclear energy production would provide carbon-free power and can help countries around the world meet their climate goals, nuclear energy could also come with some inherent risk. Radioactive pollution damages the environment, and it'.....»»

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Prolific Redditors will get preferential access to Reddit shares in IPO plans – WSJ

Prolific Redditors are to be given preferential access to Reddit shares in the company’s initial public offering (IPO), according to a new report. The plan would see an as-yet-unknown proportion of the shares set aside for the 75,000 most active.....»»

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Meta & Microsoft are lobbying the EU to reject Apple"s new App Store plans [u]

Ahead of Apple's proposals for third-party App Stores coming out of beta, firms including Meta and Microsoft are lobbying the EU in the hopes that it will reject the plans.The App Store is changing in EuropeApple has detailed how it proposes to follo.....»»

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Apple defends its controversial EU App Store plans

Responding to accusations that it has made minimal effort to allow third-party App Stores in EU, Apple says it focused expressly on complying with the region's new laws while protecting users security.App Store logoIn January 2024, in response to the.....»»

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Subaru plants in Japan still idle a week after worker"s death

Subaru has yet to announce an output resumption schedule after its plants in Japan remained idle for a week following the rare death of a 60-year-old worker who was crushed to death......»»

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Samsung will bring Galaxy AI to its future wearables

Samsung has revealed their plans to bring its Galaxy AI set of AI tools to its future wearables, something that you might look forward to. The post Samsung will bring Galaxy AI to its future wearables appeared first on Phandroid. When Sams.....»»

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Apple launching eight-month project to improve Apple Maps data in the UK

Apple is about to begin a big update to Apple Maps in the UK. The company revealed its plans to iMore on Tuesday, saying that it is kickstarting an eight-month project in the UK to collect new data and imagery to improve the Apple Maps experience in.....»»

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Here are the full dimensions of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro coming soon

We’ve heard a lot of rumors when it comes to new iPad models, since Apple hasn’t announced any new tablets for 2023. 9to5Mac’s sources have now shared more details about what to expect from Apple’s plans for the iPad in 2024, which include no.....»»

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Google plans “Gemini Business” AI for Workspace users

Google's first swing at this idea, "Duet AI," was an extra $30 per user per month. Enlarge / The Google Gemini logo. (credit: Google) One of Google's most lucrative businesses consists of packaging its free consumer app.....»»

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"The future is fungal": New research finds that fungi that live in healthy plants are sensitive to climate change

Spruce, pine, fir and other trees tower across the frigid swaths of land that span North America, northern Europe and Russia in a great ring around the world. These boreal forests constitute the largest land ecosystem and the northernmost forests on.....»»

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Dana blames UAW strike for $39 million Q4 loss

Dana lost $39 million in the fourth quarter in large part because of the UAW strike, which the company said disproportionately impacted its factories when Detroit 3 assembly plants were shut down......»»

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Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares dismisses special U.S. tariffs against Chinese EVs

"I'm not asking for any kind of protection, because anyway, we are a global company, so I will not be protected everywhere," he says......»»

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Why two prehistoric sharks found in Ohio got new names

Until recently, Orthacanthus gracilis could have been considered the "John Smith" of prehistoric shark names, given how common it was......»»

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Reports: Switch successor is now set for early 2025

Nintendo's publishing partners were reportedly told of new plans last week. Enlarge / I took this photo nearly seven years ago, and I'm still waiting for a new game console from Nintendo. Throughout 2023, we saw multipl.....»»

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