Social media "likes" found to positively influence healthy food choices

Social media users who view images of healthy foods that have been heavily endorsed with 'likes' are more likely to make healthier food choices, a new study has found......»»

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PayPal Exploring a Purchase of Pinterest, Valuing Social Media Firm at $39 Billion

PayPal is exploring an acquisition of social media company Pinterest, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday. From a report: San Jose, California-based PayPal has recently approached Pinterest about a potential deal, the people said, asking not to be i.....»»

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The Best 4K Gaming Monitors

The 4K gaming monitor segment has really evolved with more options than ever before, more affordable models that are worth buying, and crucial new categories like high-refresh 32-inch displays. Here are our top choices......»»

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Crop diversity is needed today for tomorrow"s food security and nutrition

Although scientists have been ringing bells for more than 100 years about the decline of crop diversity in agriculture, questions about the magnitude, causes, and significance of this loss remain unanswered......»»

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Why Twitter should share revenues with soccer players

High-profile social media users, such as actors, popstars or athletes, compete on social media for user attention, that can translate into ticket sales for concerts or movies, a better contract, or lucrative product endorsements. This kind of competi.....»»

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How the new human right to a healthy environment could accelerate New Zealand"s action on climate change

Last week's formal recognition by the United Nations Human Rights Council that the right to a healthy environment is an essential human right has been heralded as a historic victory for environmental protection and an important step forward for the w.....»»

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Adolescent dating violence affects one in three, but murky policies mean most adults don"t know how to help

Adolescent dating violence is a serious public health problem in Canada. Dating violence is also a children's rights issue, because it violates youths' right to safe and healthy development......»»

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Manufacturers in Vietnam striving to resume normal operations

Since reopening in early October, export-processing zones and industrial parks in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam have restored production capacity to nearly 70%, while Saigon Hi-Tech Park is also running at 75% capacity, according to media reports......»»

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Microplastics in belugas worked their way up food chain, researchers find

Microplastics are being found in even the most remote waters, say Simon Fraser University researchers who studied how the particles ended up in the stomachs of beluga whales through prey......»»

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99.9% of Scientists Agree Climate Emergency Caused by Humans

knaapie writes: It may still be fuel for hot debate on social media, but 99.9% of scientist actually agree on the fact that humans are altering the climate. The Guardian reports that the degree of scientific certainty about the impact of greenhouse g.....»»

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The FDA Wants You To Be Able To Buy a Hearing Aid Without a Prescription

People with mild or moderate hearing loss could soon be able to buy hearing aids without a medical exam or special fitting, under a new rule being proposed by the Food and Drug Administration. The agency says 37.5 million American adults have difficu.....»»

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Climate change from nuclear war"s smoke could threaten global food supplies, human health

Nuclear war would cause many immediate fatalities, but smoke from the resulting fires would also cause climate change lasting up to 15 years that threatens worldwide food production and human health, according to a study by researchers at Rutgers Uni.....»»

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Cat bacteria treats mouse skin infection, may help you and your pets as well

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine used bacteria found on healthy cats to successfully treat a skin infection on mice. These bacteria may serve as the basis for new therapeutics against severe skin infections in huma.....»»

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Simulation illustrates how COVID-19 social distancing creates pedestrian "traffic jams"

Along with the use of face masks, social distancing in public remains one of the most practiced front-line defenses against the spread of COVID-19. However, flows of pedestrians, including those practicing the 6-foot rule for distancing, are dynamic.....»»

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Food safety crises at smaller restaurant chains can hurt giants

When it comes to a food safety crisis like an E.coli outbreak, little restaurant brands have an outsized influence......»»

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Five critically endangered monkeys shot dead in Vietnam

Poachers in Vietnam have shot dead five critically endangered langurs, a type of monkey killed for bushmeat and traditional medicine, state media said Tuesday......»»

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Sim City for food science takes on Listeria outbreaks

Researchers from Cornell University are blending food science expertise and computer programming savvy to help the food industry stop Listeria outbreaks......»»

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A virus that disrupts the sex routines of roundworms

Viruses influence the sex life of the roundworm C. elegans. Male roundworms of this non-parasitic nematode species are less sexually attracted to females infected with the Orsay virus. The virus also eventually leads to more male offspring and theref.....»»

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Probing plant infections

Sometimes the pathogens that infect plants also affect people—through our pocketbooks. Which is why plant pathologist Erica Goss, a University of Florida professor with the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, spends a lot of time studying.....»»

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Exploring the global environmental impacts of China"s growing demand for food

Ensuring China's future food security will have huge environmental impacts, both domestically and globally. A study by IIASA researchers and Chinese colleagues shows that carefully designed policies across the whole of China's food system, including.....»»

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Study yields insights into the ecology of fishing jaguars, including rare social interactions

Oregon State University researchers and a team of international scientists have gained new insights into the diet, population density and social interactions of a group of Brazilian jaguars......»»

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