Slacks AI game has just stepped up

Slacks AI game has just stepped up.....»»

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Apple announces macOS Sonoma with aerial screensavers, Game Mode, and more

Apple on Monday announced macOS Sonoma, or macOS 14, with new features and enhancements. This includes improvements to iMessage, desktop widgets, aerial screensavers, a new Game Mode, and more. more… The post Apple announces macOS Sonoma with aer.....»»

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Apple releases first macOS Sonoma beta to developers

Apple on Monday announced macOS Sonoma, the next major update to the Mac operating system. It comes with multiple enhancements, such as a new Game Mode, desktop widgets, and aerial screen savers. Now the company is rolling out the first beta of macO.....»»

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13-year old girl wipes out family savings making in-game purchases

A 13-year old girl from China blew her family’s fortune on microtransactions in a mobile game, wiping out their life savings in the process. Microtransactions are the new way that developers make money from their games and apps. This is.....»»

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Apple says emulation in macOS can show devs how Windows games could run

Apple's push to improve gaming on Mac may involve some form of emulation, with its Game Porting Toolkit including a way for developers to try out existing Windows games within macOS.Apple's announcements during WWDC for macOS and Mac include quite a.....»»

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Apple may have just enabled thousands of Windows games on Mac

Apple's Game Porting Toolkit makes it easy to get Windows games on Mac, but Apple didn't talk about the fact that it could enable thousands of games right away......»»

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One of the best gaming laptops you can buy is $650 off at Best Buy

The Asus ROG Zephyrus 14-inch gaming laptop is great for anyone who wants to game on the move without being weighed down. It's on sale now......»»

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Summer Game Fest Kickoff 2023: how to watch and what to expect

If you're going to watch one gaming live stream this year, you'll want to choose Summer Game Fest Kickoff. Here's how to watch the summer's biggest show......»»

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Native populations survived the Younger Dryas by switching from big game to fishing

Research led by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks has delved into the freshwater fishing practices of ancient Native Americans. In the paper, "Freshwater and anadromous fishing in Ice Age Beringia," published in.....»»

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Linda Yaccarino finishes first day as Twitter CEO

Linda Yaccarino has stepped into the role earlier than expected, though that's probably because there's much work to be done......»»

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Game on—the most metal of asteroid missions is back on the menu

"We believe Psyche is on a positive course for an October 2023 launch." Enlarge / Artist's illustration of NASA's Psyche spacecraft, now set to launch in October 2023. The Psyche mission will explore a metal-rich asteroid of the.....»»

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Apple’s macOS Sonoma has a game-changing feature — literally

Apple may have finally found a way to fix gaming on the Mac, and while there are still hurdles to overcome, I’m full of hope for the future. Here’s why......»»

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Apple made it clear: The Vision Pro isn’t the next big video game platform

Apple's Vision Pro is an impressive XR headset, but its underwhelming video game integration is a disappointment so far......»»

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Apple reveals macOS Sonoma with screensavers and widgets

Apple's macOS 14 Sonoma has debuted at WWDC, boasting widgets, new screensavers, improvements to messages, Game Mode, and more.As unveiled at WWDC 2023, the updated new macOS 14 Sonoma resembles how the company followed OS X Leopard with OS X Snow Le.....»»

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Apple Vision Pro will launch with over 100 Apple Arcade games

Apple has revealed that its new Vision Pro headset will launch with game controller support, and also an existing library of 100 Apple Arcade games on day one.Apple Arcade games on Apple Vision ProWhen Apple Vision Pro comes out, Apple says that it w.....»»

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macOS Sonoma adds Game Mode, a new design for desktop widgets, and more

Widgets are coming back, among other iterative improvements. Enlarge (credit: Apple) CUPERTINO, Calif.—Apple has unveiled the next major release of macOS, dubbed macOS Sonoma. It adds many of the features from iOS 17,.....»»

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Metroid should be Nintendo’s next hit adaptation after The Super Mario Bros. Movie

While the two video game franchises are wildly different, Metroid should be Nintendo's next adaptation after the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie......»»

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Macs are getting a ‘Game Mode’ feature and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

Death Stranding: Director's Cut will be making its way to Mac sometime later this year, and will benefit from Apple's new Game Mode......»»

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Amnesia: The Bunker turns World War I into a harrowing horror story

Amnesia: The Bunker takes the horror series to World War I with a harrowing game about wartime trauma......»»

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Nuggets vs Heat Game 2: How to watch the NBA Finals for free

The Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets face off in the 2023 NBA Finals. Here are your options for how to watch the series online -- potentially for free......»»

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is almost perfect, but it could use these tweaks

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a near-perfect game, but a handful of nitpicks have us hoping for some quality of life updates......»»

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