Record low Antarctic sea ice "extremely unlikely" without climate change, says scientists

Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have found that the record-low levels of sea ice around Antarctica in 2023 were extremely unlikely to happen without the influence of climate change. This low was a one-in-a-2000-year event without cli.....»»

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Researchers develop MoonIndex, open-source software that allows study of lunar surface

With MoonIndex, researchers from Constructor University and the National Institute of Astrophysics in Italy have developed an open-source software that for the first time gives scientists access to a free tool that creates science-ready products from.....»»

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Climate inaction undermines public support for lifestyle changes, study finds

New research into the public perception of climate change initiatives finds that while there is strong support for low-carbon lifestyles, inaction is limiting public beliefs that a low-carbon future is possible......»»

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Shaping the future of polymer nanocarriers

Scientists have taken a significant step towards the development of tailor-made chiral nanocarriers with controllable release properties. These nanocarriers, inspired by nature's helical molecules like DNA and proteins, hold immense potential for tar.....»»

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A model of Collaborative Ethics to guide translational research from fundamental discoveries to real-world applications

In sciences, disruptive research that is breaking new ground often raises new and not-yet-explored ethical questions. Although new scientific breakthroughs can have the power to change how we understand and live in the world, the ethical implications.....»»

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Thirty years of change of fish communities in South China Sea

Daya Bay is a representative semi-enclosed bay in the South China Sea, with a variety of ecosystems including mangroves, coral reefs, shelves, estuaries, salt marshes and quagmires. It is an important spawning ground, feeding ground and germplasm ban.....»»

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Public health beliefs predict support for climate action, study shows

A paper published in the current issue of the Journal of Health Communication by Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) researchers finds evidence that holding science-consistent beliefs about the public health effects of climate change is an importan.....»»

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Geological archives may predict our climate future

By analyzing 56-million-year-old sediments, a UNIGE team has measured the increase in soil erosion caused by global warming, synonymous with major flooding......»»

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Radioactive isotopes trace hidden Arctic currents

The Arctic Ocean is warming four times faster than the rest of the world's oceans, a trend that could potentially spill over to the rest of the world in the form of altered weather patterns and other climate consequences. Efforts such as the Synoptic.....»»

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Using supercomputer researchers discover new clues to improving fusion confinement

Nuclear fusion—when two nuclei combine to form a new nucleus, thereby releasing energy—may be the clean, reliable, limitless power source of the future. But first, scientists must learn how to control its production......»»

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Quantum annealer improves understanding of quantum many-body systems

Physicists have long been pursuing the idea of simulating quantum particles with a computer that is itself made up of quantum particles. This is exactly what scientists at Forschungszentrum Jülich have done together with colleagues from Slovenia......»»

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Jupiter"s upper atmosphere surprises astronomers

Using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope, scientists observed the region above Jupiter's iconic Great Red Spot to discover a variety of previously unseen features. The region, previously believed to be unremarkable in nature, hosts a variety.....»»

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Marine cloud brightening models show unexpected consequences of geoengineering

A combined team of Earth scientists and climate specialists at the University of California San Diego and the National Center for Atmospheric Research has found via modeling that geoengineering projects such as marine cloud brightening can have unexp.....»»

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Summer in the city: Climate science reveals the impacts of heat

The summer sun beats down. People without air conditioning must find refuge in schools and community centers. Outdoor workers struggle to keep cool. Hot nights interrupt people's sleep, not allowing them to get the rest needed to recover from the war.....»»

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Study finds strong path dependence in Plio-Pleistocene glaciations through climate model simulations

The climate modeling community has been particularly vexed by the glacial/interglacial cycles of the past three million years, when the Northern Hemisphere oscillated between times with and without large ice sheets......»»

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World not ready for climate change-fueled wildfires: Experts

The world is unprepared for the increasing ferocity of wildfires turbocharged by climate change, scientists say, as blazes from North America to Europe greet the northern hemisphere summer in the hottest year on record......»»

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"Urgent" for Australia to protect Great Barrier Reef: UNESCO

Australia must take "urgent" action to protect the Great Barrier Reef, including setting more ambitious climate targets, the UN's cultural organization has warned......»»

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New tipping point discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

A new and worrying way that large ice sheets can melt has been characterized by scientists for the first time. The research focuses on how relatively warm seawater can lap at the underside of ground-based ice, which can accelerate the movement of the.....»»

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Scientists identify safe havens we must preserve to prevent "the sixth great extinction of life on Earth"

In a new article, a coalition of conservationists and researchers have shown how we can protect Earth's remaining biodiversity by conserving just a tiny percentage of the planet's surface. This affordable, achievable plan would make it possible for u.....»»

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Using sound waves, scientists develop findings that challenge standard theories of solar convection

A team of solar physicists at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Astrophysics and Space Science (CASS), led by Research Scientist Chris S. Hanson, Ph.D., has revealed the interior structure of the sun's supergranules, a flow structure that transports heat fr.....»»

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OpenAI’s recent acquisition could change PCs forever

OpenAI has acquired a startup called Multi that could drastically shift the capabilities of its AI systems......»»

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