QD-OLED: The next breakthrough in TV picture quality, fully explained

QLED and OLED TV each have advantages but also faults. Can the use of quantum dots finally give OLED TV the edge it needs to beat QLED? Enter QD-OLED......»»

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What is Audible? Amazon’s audiobook service explained

Audible is an Amazon company that sells and produces audiobooks. Read to learn more about Audible, how much the service costs, and what you get for your money......»»

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Understanding spoilage and quality issues may improve American artisan cheesemaking industry

American artisan cheese has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. Understanding spoilage concerns and the financial consequences of defects can improve quality, profitability, and sustainability in the American artisan cheesemaking i.....»»

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Dishy McFlatface to become “fully mobile,” allowing Starlink use away from home

Musk: Starlink customers will be able to use their dishes "anywhere" by year-end. Enlarge / A Starlink satellite dish in the Idaho panhandle's Coeur d'Alene National Forest. (credit: Wandering-coder) SpaceX CEO Elon Musk expects the Starlink s.....»»

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GPS data reveal possible earthquake, tsunami hazard in northwestern Colombia

Data from a GPS network in Colombia have revealed a shallow and fully locked part on the Caribbean subduction zone in the country that suggests a possible large earthquake and tsunami risk for the northwest region......»»

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Google postpones page experience update rollout

The page experience update will now gradually rollout in mid-June and won’t be fully live until the end of August. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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Study finds shifting mindset increases managers" willingness to invest in new technology

Forget the 30,000-foot, big-picture view. When faced with a cutting-edge technological idea, business leaders who approach the idea in more concrete "how" terms—rather than in abstract "why" terms—are less likely to be deterred by its novelty and.....»»

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Scientists now able to map defects in 2D crystals in liquid

Monolayer crystals, often being referred as 2D crystals or 2D materials, possess the unique characteristic of having a single layer of regular atomic structure. And the more regular the structure is, the higher quality the crystal. In some cases, the.....»»

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The Quality of Your Coffee May Soon Be Determined by a Robot

The days of experts gathering in a sealed-off room to sip coffee and grade beans on their color, aroma and taste may be numbered. From a report: An Israeli company has developed a handheld device that is able to scan beans to determine their quality......»»

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Plan CO2 – A Thing or Two About Monitoring CO2

Tim Dye of TD Environmental Services is a leading expert in air quality sensors. He knows a thing or two about CO2. When I first started thinking about how we might use CO2 to measure the proper ventilation of indoor spaces, I thought of Tim and hi.....»»

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Google announces product reviews algorithm update

Google has released a new quality algorithm update that promotes outstanding product reviews. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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Differences in national food security best explained by household income, not agriculture

One of the most comprehensive statistical analyses of drivers of food insecurity across 65 countries has concluded that household income consistently explains more discrepancy in food security than any other factor, including agricultural land resour.....»»

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Quality and quantity of enrichments influence well-being of aquaculture fishes

Collaborative research of the University of Jyvaskyla and Natural Research Institute Finland presents new evidence of the effects of enriched rearing on well-being of aquaculture fishes. The research demonstrates that stone enrichments that have been.....»»

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The best laptop brands for 2021

The best laptops offer high performance, great looks, and solid build quality. When searching, it's smart to start with top brands. These are the top options......»»

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The best smartphones for video recording

As shooting video becomes more popular, smartphone tech advances push video quality past 1080p to 4K and 8K. Here are some of the best smartphones for video......»»

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99.992% of Fully Vaccinated People Have Dodged COVID, CDC Data Shows

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Cases of COVID-19 are extremely rare among people who are fully vaccinated, according to a new data analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Among more than 75 million fully va.....»»

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Pfizer CEO Says Third Covid Vaccine Dose Likely Needed Within 12 Months

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said people will "likely" need a booster dose of a Covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated. His comments were made public Thursday but were taped April 1. From a report: Bourla said it's possible people.....»»

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99.992% of fully vaccinated people have dodged COVID, CDC data shows

No vaccine is 100% effective. But the COVID vaccines seem pretty darn close. Enlarge / Residents wait in an observation area after receiving Covid-19 vaccines at a vaccination site in Richmond, California on Thursday, April 15, 2021. (credit:.....»»

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Facebook Hits Renewable Energy Goal Ahead of Earth Day

Facebook said Thursday that since 2020, all its operations have been fully supported by renewable energy, hitting a goal the social media giant set in 2018 to combat climate change. From a report: The social network made the announcement ahead of Ear.....»»

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A simplified new process transforms wood waste from agriculture and forest management into ethanol

Reliance on petroleum fuels and raging wildfires: Two separate, large-scale challenges that could be addressed by one scientific breakthrough......»»

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DJI Air 2S enters pro territory with its one-inch camera sensor and 5.4K video

Now positioned as a flagship drone, the DJI Air 2S, which features a one-inch camera sensor, offers better quality from the start.....»»

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