PS5 gets high-speed M.2 SSD storage support in new beta system software

Compatible drives need to meet stringent physical and technical guidelines. Seagate says its Firecuda 530 M.2 drive will work with the PS5. [credit:.....»»

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A Teenager on TikTok Disrupted Thousands of Scientific Studies With a Single Video

Thousands of scientific studies had to toss out weeks of data because of a 56-second TikTok video by a teenager. From a report: The July 23rd video is short and simple. It opens with recent Florida high school graduate and self-described "teen author.....»»

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The MacBook Pro will soon resolution bump, macOS beta suggests

The new laptops are still expected to launch by the end of the year. Enlarge / The 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. (credit: Samuel Axon) The seventh beta of macOS Monterey contains what appear to be references to new screen resolutions suitable for.....»»

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Google could bring back the ultrawide selfie camera with the Pixel 6 Pro

Ahead of Google's Pixel 6 launch, a software leak details Google's plans for the upcoming flagship's camera, ranging from new modes to an ultrawide selfie......»»

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The Surface Duo’s two-year-old Android OS will be updated sometime this year

Microsoft's rocky introduction to Android continues with worst-in-class update speed. The Microsoft Surface Duo. It's very big. [credit: Ron Amade.....»»

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Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Prices SLASHED at Amazon Today

High-end MacBooks don't come cheap. That's why we jumped at the chance to tell you about two amazing MacBook deals you can get on Amazon right now......»»

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Best cheap Sony TV deals for September 2021

For gorgeous, high-quality TVs, one of the best brands to look for is Sony. We've searched out for the very best Sony TV deals from across the internet......»»

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UK Airports Briefly Snarled By Border Force Software Outage

A software outage temporarily affected the U.K. Border Force's automated entry gates, slowing arrivals at airports across the country. From a report: Hubs in London Heathrow and Manchester reported issues before the Home Office said the problem was r.....»»

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A 3D-Printed Chicken Breast Was Cooked With Frickin’ Lasers

Engineers at Columbia University developed a system that can simultaneously produce and heat food with precision......»»

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Artificial Intelligence provides sharper images of lunar craters that contain water ice

The moon's polar regions are home to craters and other depressions that never receive sunlight. Today, a group of researchers led by the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany present the highest-resolution images to date cov.....»»

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Gamma rays and neutrinos from mellow supermassive black holes

The Universe is filled with energetic particles, such as X rays, gamma rays, and neutrinos. However, most of the high-energy cosmic particles' origins remain unexplained......»»

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Can sustainability standards effectively mitigate food system challenges?

While agrifood production is essential for feeding our growing global population, it can also contribute to environmental and social problems, including deforestation, biodiversity loss, poor or precarious labor conditions, and persistent poverty. Ce.....»»

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How COVID-19 upended our understanding of migration, citizenship and inequality

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the global system governing migration may not be sustainable. Temporary migration schemes including those for seasonal agriculture workers or those allowing for construction and care work no longer function when p.....»»

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New vertical farms will tackle global food challenges, and are set to be used by retailers, caterers and schools

A next generation "vertical farming" system is being developed which will address global food challenges by using hi-tech growing methods to produce high quantities of nutritious fresh crops all year round......»»

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Chipmakers gearing up for rollouts of PCIe Gen5 devices

Vendors including Samsung Electronics and Kioxia plan to roll out their respective PCIe Gen5 SSD series for enterprise and datacenter storage in 2022, according to company sources......»»

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High-end CCL supply stays tight, price hikes likely in 2022

Supply of high-end CCLs continues to fall short of demand, and suppliers in Taiwan are likely to further hike their quotes in 2022 to reflect higher copper foil costs, according to industry sources......»»

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DDI backend firms to enhance advanced testing capacity

Display driver IC backend specialists Chipbond Technology and ChipMOS Technologies are looking to enhance their high-end testing capability, eyeing promising growth in demand for automotive DDIs, according to industry sources......»»

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Highlights of the day: AMD, MediaTek reportedly in JV talks

AMD and MediaTek are said to be seeking to form a joint venture that will develop notebook applications integrating Wi-Fi, 5G and high-transmission technologies. Other chip vendors in Taiwan are also hoping MediaTek to play a leading role in the loca.....»»

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AMD, MediaTek reportedly in talks to form JV

Speculation has been circulating in the chipmaking market that AMD and MediaTek are in talks to form a joint venture that will be dedicated to developing SoC solutions combining Wi-Fi, 5G and high transmission technologies for notebook applications......»»

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Team proposes microprinting a fiber-tip polymer clamped-beam probe for high-sensitivity nanoforce measurements

The control and measurement of asserted forces on small objects are frequently seen in micromanipulation, material science, and biological and medical applications. Researchers in China have proposed for the first time the microprinting of a novel fi.....»»

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Windows 11 setup warns that you aren’t “entitled” to updates on unsupported PCs

It's going to be at least mildly irritating to upgrade an unsupported system. Enlarge / Microsoft will allow Windows 11 installs on some unsupported systems, but it really would prefer you not. (credit: The Verge) Officially, running Windows 1.....»»

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