Observations investigate properties of nearby brown dwarf HD 33632 Ab

Using the Keck II telescope in Hawaii, astronomers have observed a nearby brown dwarf known as HD 33632 Ab. Results of the observational campaign, presented in a paper published May 14 on the pre-print server arXiv, provide more insights into the pro.....»»

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Unlocking broccoli"s genome: Key to enhanced health benefits

Broccoli is renowned for its health benefits, primarily due to its rich glucosinolate (GSL) content, which has anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. Despite extensive studies on Brassica species, the genetic basis for GSL diversity remains un.....»»

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New insights into methyl jasmonate-induced saponin biosynthesis in the balloon flower

Platycodon grandiflorus, commonly known as balloon flower, is renowned for its medicinal properties, primarily due to its rich saponin content. Saponins are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and immune-boosting properties, making P. gra.....»»

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Focusing micromechanical polaritons in topologically nontrivial hyperbolic metasurfaces

Dr. Johan Christensen, leader of IMDEA Materials Institute's Mechanical and Acoustic Metamaterials research group, is among the researchers behind a pioneering study exploring the topological properties of metamaterials......»»

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Hubble takes first image since switching to new pointing mode

The Hubble Space Telescope has been through some troubles of late, but it recently took a beautiful image of a nearby galaxy......»»

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Finding the ecological balance while countering invasive species

In 2003, Anne Nielsen became the first doctoral student in the U.S. to study the brown marmorated stink bug, which was beginning its ascendancy as an invasive species notoriously damaging to crops......»»

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New iOS 18 API brings AirPods setup experience to third-party accessories

When Apple introduced in 2016, the company also unveiled a new, easy and intuitive way to pair wireless accessories to iPhone and iPad. Rather than having to go to Bluetooth settings and press buttons, the system identifies the accessory nearby and.....»»

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Wild chimpanzees seek out medicinal plants to treat illness and injuries, study finds

Chimpanzees appear to consume plants with medicinal properties to treat their ailments, according to a study published on June 20 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Elodie Freymann from the University of Oxford, UK, and colleagues......»»

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New research casts doubt over cryptocurrencies" "safe haven" properties

New research published in the International Review of Financial Analysis suggests that claims cryptocurrencies are immune to economic risks should be taken with caution......»»

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Too young to be so cool: Lessons from three neutron stars

ESA's XMM-Newton and NASA's Chandra spacecraft have detected three young neutron stars that are unusually cold for their age. By comparing their properties to different neutron star models, scientists conclude that the oddballs' low temperatures disq.....»»

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Galaxy NGC 4696 hosts a complex globular cluster system, observations find

Using the Magellan Telescopes in Chile, astronomers have performed photometric observations of a giant elliptical galaxy known as NGC 4696. The observations reveal that the galaxy has a complex globular cluster system. The finding was detailed in a p.....»»

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Researchers investigate the impacts of space travel on astronauts" eye health

As space travel becomes more common, it is important to consider the impacts of space flight and altered gravity on the human body. Led by Dr. Ana Diaz Artiles, researchers at Texas A&M University are studying some of those impacts, specifically effe.....»»

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Earth"s atmosphere is our best defense against nearby supernovae, study suggests

Earth's protective atmosphere has sheltered life for billions of years, creating a haven where evolution produced complex lifeforms like us. The ozone layer plays a critical role in shielding the biosphere from deadly UV radiation. It blocks 99% of t.....»»

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The design of a photonic alloy with topological properties

Photonic alloys, alloy-like materials combining two or more photonic crystals, are promising candidates for the development of structures that control the propagation of electromagnetic waves, also known as waveguides. Despite their potential, these.....»»

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Observations explore stellar content of nearby young open cluster Berkeley 59

Astronomers from India and Thailand have observed a young nearby open cluster known as Berkeley 59. Results of the observational campaign, published June 12 on the pre-print server arXiv, deliver essential information regarding low-mass stellar and s.....»»

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Banks Are Finally Realizing What Climate Change Will Do to Housing

Extreme weather threatens the investment value of many properties, but financing for climate mitigation efforts are only just getting going......»»

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To streamline drug discovery, team develops algorithmic framework to identify optimal molecular candidates

The use of AI to streamline drug discovery is exploding. Researchers are deploying machine-learning models to help them identify molecules, among billions of options, that might have the properties they are seeking to develop new medicines......»»

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Researchers investigate presence of endangered sea cucumbers for sale in NYC food markets

After surveying food market retailers in three New York City Chinatown districts, Cornell researchers have found genetic evidence that some endangered species of sea cucumbers—considered a pricey but nutritious dried delicacy—are being sold to co.....»»

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Novel insights into fluorescent "dark states" illuminate ways forward for improved imaging

Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have reported a way to improve molecular scale distance measurements using single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer (smFRET). smFRET quantifies the excitation and emission properties o.....»»

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Quebec lake meteorite impact yields rare rocks and evidence of extreme heat

For more than a decade, Western University planetary geologist Gordon "Oz" Osinski has led expeditions to Kamestastin Lake in Labrador. The environment is a perfect training ground because the properties and rock formations—created by the violent i.....»»

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Astronomers discover an Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting a nearby ultracool dwarf star

An international team of astronomers reports the discovery of a new Earth-sized exoplanet that orbits an ultracool dwarf star located just 54.6 light years away. The newfound alien world, designated SPECULOOS-3 b, is slightly smaller but much hotter.....»»

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