New technique uses enzymes to create versatile nanoparticles

The selective bond-breaking powers of enzymes bring new versatility for building nanoparticles with a wide range of technical and medical potential......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgJun 11th, 2024

Novel catalysts for improved methanol production using carbon dioxide dehydrogenation

Encapsulating copper nanoparticles within hydrophobic porous silicate crystals has been shown by scientists at Tokyo Tech to significantly enhance the catalytic activity of copper-zinc oxide catalysts used in methanol synthesis via CO2 hydrogenation......»»

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Many more bacteria produce greenhouse gases than previously thought, study finds

Caltech researchers have discovered a new class of enzymes that enable a myriad of bacteria to "breathe" nitrate when in low-oxygen conditions. While this is an evolutionary advantage for bacterial survival, the process produces the greenhouse gas ni.....»»

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What is forensic genetic genealogy? Technique used in Rachel Morin case is scantly regulated

Authorities touted the use of a growing, powerful, yet contentious forensic technique to bring the search for a suspect in last year's killing of Rachel Morin to a long-awaited close......»»

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An efficient protein delivery system with spider minor ampullate silk protein nanoparticles

In a study published in the journal MedComm, researchers have developed an efficient protein delivery carrier based on spider silk proteins (spidroins), derived from Araneus ventricosus minor ampullate silk protein (MiSp). The MiSp-based nanoparticle.....»»

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Spectroscopic technique that singles out water molecules lying on the surface reveals how they relax after being excited

A more complete picture of how excited water molecules at an interface with air lose their energy has been uncovered by RIKEN scientists in a study published in the journal Nature Communications. This finding will be valuable for better understanding.....»»

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A simple, fast, and versatile method for selective bromination of indole alkaloids

The development of drugs through chemical modifications of naturally occurring indole alkaloids has emerged as an attractive research area. However, due to their reactivity, the selective functionalization at the C5 position of the indole ring has be.....»»

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Researchers uncover enzyme communication mechanism that could aid drug development

A mechanism that could help scientists harness enzymes for use in drug discovery has been discovered in a research breakthrough at the University of Birmingham......»»

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Researchers create power-generating, gel electret-based device for wearable sensors

A team of researchers from NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science), Hokkaido University and Meiji Pharmaceutical University has developed a gel electret capable of stably retaining a large electrostatic charge. The team then combined this gel.....»»

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Q&A: New method confines light inside an organic material to form a hybrid quantum state

A team of international scientists led by the University of Ottawa have gone back to the kitchen cupboard to create a recipe that combines organic material and light to create quantum states......»»

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Chemists develop technique for extending nitrene reactions to three days

A team of chemists at the University of Bremen, in Germany has developed a new type of nitrene capable of slow reactions that can last for up to three days. Their paper is published in the journal Science......»»

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Scientists devise algorithm to engineer improved enzymes

Scientists have prototyped a new method for "rationally engineering" enzymes to deliver improved performance. They have devised an algorithm, which takes into account an enzyme's evolutionary history, to flag where mutations could be introduced with.....»»

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How to brainstorm and mind-map in Freeform

Apple's included Freeform app is a versatile tool for note-taking, doodles, collaborative planning, and much more. Here's how to use it as a mind-mapping tool for visualizing plans, projects, and ideas on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.Freeform is includ.....»»

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Improving crops with laser beams and 3D printing

A demonstration of how new technologies can be used in 21st century crop breeding comes from just published research that combines laser scanning and 3D printing to create a detailed 3D model of a sugar beet plant......»»

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Runway’s latest AI video generator brings giant cotton candy monsters to life

New Gen-3 Alpha AI video generator can create detailed humans and surreal situations. Enlarge / Screen capture of a Runway Gen-3 Alpha video generated with the prompt "A giant humanoid, made of fluffy blue cotton candy, stomping.....»»

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How to create 8K 360 videos for Apple Vision Pro with Insta360 X4 [Video]

If you’re looking for a way to add 360-degree videos to your Apple Vision Pro, then the might be the easiest and most affordable way for you to do so. With this 8K action camera, you can easily shoot, convert, and send high-quality 360-degree vide.....»»

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New biocatalytic method eliminates cyanide in nitrile production

If the household cleaner emits a lemon-like odor, this may be due to a nitrile called citronellyl nitrile. These versatile chemical nitrile groups are also used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, superglue and chemical-resistant.....»»

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Google’s new video-to-audio generator watches pixels to create soundtracks

Deep Mind's new generative AI video-to-audio research combines what it sees on-screen with the user's written prompt to create synced audio for a given video......»»

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New technique achieves visualization of instantaneous states of materials in high-speed devices

Researchers at University of Tsukuba have developed an ultrafast time-resolved scanning electron microscopy instrument by integrating a scanning electron microscope with a femtosecond laser. This innovative system facilitates the observation of the i.....»»

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Lung-targeting lipid nanoparticles with CRISPR components successfully treat cystic fibrosis mouse models

A team of medical researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and ReCode Therapeutics has developed a way to send gene-editing tools to the lungs to repair the faulty gene a.....»»

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How to create your cybersecurity “Google Maps”: A step-by-step guide for security teams

Cybersecurity isn’t just about firewalls and antivirus. It’s about understanding how your defenses, people, and processes work together. Just like Google Maps revolutionized navigation, process mapping can revolutionize how you understand.....»»

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