New resource pinpoints inner workings of sorghum plant cells for designing better bioenergy feedstock

Bioenergy sorghum is an important resource for the production of biofuels and bioproducts and a critical component of a sustainable agricultural future. Researchers have been working hard to make this tall, drought-tolerant plant even more productive.....»»

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Boosting "natural killer" cell activity could improve cancer therapy

Yale researchers have uncovered a way to make a type of white blood cells known as natural killer cells—which kill infected, damaged, or malignant cells in the body—more effective against cancer. The approach, they say, could enable new treatment.....»»

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Battling anthracnose: Unearthing the plant"s arsenal against pathogenic fungi

Plant diseases caused by pathogens like Colletotrichum fructicola lead to significant agricultural losses, particularly in fruit crops such as pear, apple, and peach. Traditional control methods often fail as pathogens adapt to plant defenses. Nonhos.....»»

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Tea science: Gene discovery to boost mechanical harvesting

Researchers have made significant strides in understanding the genetic factors influencing tea plant leaf droopiness, a key determinant of mechanical harvest success. By identifying the CsEXL3 gene and its regulation by CsBES1.2, the study paves the.....»»

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Hidden mechanisms behind hermaphroditic plant self-incompatibility revealed

A new study presents an evolutionary-biophysical model that sheds new light on the evolution of the collaborative non-self recognition self-incompatibility, a genetic mechanism in plants that prevents self-fertilization and promotes cross-fertilizati.....»»

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Harvesting microbes for growth: A soybean success story in acidic soils

Acidic soils, characterized by low pH and poor phosphorus availability, pose significant challenges to leguminous plant growth and productivity. Traditional methods to improve soil phosphorus involve chemical fertilization, which can have environment.....»»

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Space radiation can damage satellites—next-generation material could self-heal when exposed to cosmic rays

The space environment is harsh and full of extreme radiation. Scientists designing spacecraft and satellites need materials that can withstand these conditions......»»

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Whistleblower claims to have nearly died because of illegal chemical exposure from Apple

An ex-employee has accused Apple of exposing her to gaseous organic chemicals from a secret chip fabrication plant located near her home.Apple's Santa Clara operation was visited by the EPA (Source: Apple Maps)Apple fired whistleblower Ashley Gjovik.....»»

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Genetic switch in plants can turn simple spoon-shaped leaves into complex leaves with leaflets

The diversity of forms of living organisms is enormous. But how the individual cells together coordinate the formation of organs and tissues in complex organisms is still an open question......»»

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3D maps of diseased tissues at subcellular precision

Researchers in the Systems Biology Lab of Professor Nikolaus Rajewsky, at the Max Delbrück Center, have developed a spatial transcriptomics platform, called Open-ST, that enables scientists to reconstruct gene expression in cells within a tissue in.....»»

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Study pushes understanding of how cells migrate

Interactions between two key structures within cells help establish the front-to-back "polarity" that is essential to cell migration, according to a new study by Weill Cornell Medicine researchers......»»

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Scientists explore the vast reservoir of dissolved organic matter in oceans

Few things last very long in the world of the open oceans, it would seem. In the light-filled surface layer, microscopic algae convert carbon dioxide and water into biomass via photosynthesis. Individual cells vanish in a matter of hours or days, ing.....»»

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Ferrari"s electric supercar plant will boost flexibility, shorten development times

Ferrari's new plant will build ICE cars alongside the automaker's $534,000 all-electric supercar......»»

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CDK opens online resource center for dealers; rivals also step in to help impacted dealerships

As CDK Global continues to bring its DMS back online, its rivals have begun helping impacted dealerships continue operating......»»

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Study dissects histochemical localization and biosynthesis molecular mechanisms of Bletilla striata polysaccharides

The dry pseudobulb of the plant Bletilla striata Rchb. f. (Orchidaceae), spelled BaiJi in Chinese as an important traditional Chinese medicine, has the effects of astringent hemostasis, detumescence, and promotion of muscle growth......»»

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New AI-driven tool improves root image segmentation

In a world striving for sustainability, understanding the hidden half of a living plant—the roots—is crucial. Roots are not just an anchor; they are a dynamic interface between the plant and soil, critical for water uptake, nutrient absorption, a.....»»

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Inspired by nature: Synthetic nightshade molecule effective against leukemia cells

Nightshade plants produce a diverse array of compounds with therapeutic potential. Researchers at CeMM have now identified an artificial variant inspired by the Withanolides group that acts highly specifically against leukemia cells......»»

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China"s BYD says Mexico EV plant will employ 10,000 workers

The EV giant is in final negotiations for the location of the factory, with an official announcement expected in the coming months......»»

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Scientists discover surprising link between ancient biology and restricted human hair growth

University of Manchester scientists have linked one of the ways that cells respond to stressful conditions with restricted healthy hair growth......»»

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Study uncovers genetic key to overcoming water stress in cucumbers

Waterlogged conditions, a consequence of heavy rainfall or inadequate drainage, disproportionately affect crops with delicate root systems like cucumbers. These conditions not only impede root respiration and plant development but also threaten agric.....»»

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Researchers reveal effects of climate change on above- and belowground biomass distribution on Tibetan plateau

Global warming has significantly altered plant growth patterns on the Tibetan Plateau (TP) over the past three decades. Plants adjust their growth trajectories in response to climate change, prioritizing leaf and stem growth or root extension to bett.....»»

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