New IRS e-filing rule for cash transactions in effect for dealers

Dealerships that file 10 or more of certain tax forms — such as W-2s and 1099s — had to do so electronically for the 2023 tax year. They also had to go digital with Form 8300, which retailers use to report large cash purchases......»»

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Deion"s son Shilo Sanders facing legal mess after filing for bankruptcy

Deion"s son Shilo Sanders facing legal mess after filing for bankruptcy.....»»

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Ford poised to lift restrictions on which dealers can sell EVs

Ford, after 11 meetings with dealers around the U.S., plans to undo a key element of the EV certification it launched in 2022, prompting backlash and lawsuits......»»

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Top 5 stories of the week: Ford asks dealers to pause EV investments; U.S. vehicle age reaches new heights

A quick look at the top automotive stories of the week as determined by reader interest......»»

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iPhone 16 demand driven by AI induces Wedbush to hike Apple stock target

Investment firm Wedbush is bullish on Apple AI and its effect on iPhone 16 sales, suggesting it will drive a supercycle going into 2025.iPhone 16 sales could be driven by AI demandWedbush has been praising Apple's initiatives, with comments about App.....»»

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Uber surge pricing in effect all the time, say drivers; opaque pay

Uber surge pricing is supposed to be applied to especially busy times and places, when riders may prefer paying a substantial premium to not being able to get a ride at all. But drivers are claiming that Uber now effectively applies this pricing mode.....»»

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Heat wave cancels lessons for half Pakistan"s schoolchildren

Half of Pakistan's pupils will be shut out of schools for a week as the nation takes crisis measures to lessen the effect of a series of heat waves, officials said Thursday......»»

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Pearl in the shell? Special purpose acquisition companies should embrace uncertainty with investors

When it comes to filing an initial public offering for a typical company, there's a long list of things for prospective investors to know......»»

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Study indicates interstitial Cu reduces the defect density in matrix and suppresses the donor-like effect

Due to the capacity to directly and reversibly convert heat into electricity, thermoelectric (TE) material has potential applications in solid-state heat pumping and exhaust heat recuperation, thus attracting worldwide attention. Bi2Te3 stands out fo.....»»

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First observation of a focused plasma wave on the sun

For the first time, scientists have observed plasma waves from a solar flare focused by a coronal hole, akin to the focusing of sound waves responsible for the Rotunda effect in architecture or the focusing of light by a telescope or microscope......»»

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AU10TIX Risk Assessment Model identifies potential vulnerabilities

AU10TIX launched a free Risk Assessment Model that enables businesses to conduct an initial assessment of their exposure to operational, security and identity fraud risk. Drawing insights from billions of transactions processed globally and years of.....»»

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Tenways CGO600 Electric Bike review: a great, albeit expensive, bike for a commute to the office

If you're looking for an easy-to-ride electric bike for commuting to work or running errands, the Tenways CGO600 is hard to beat — provided you're willing to drop the cash on it.CGO600 Pro Electric Bike review — A stylish bike for city ridingTher.....»»

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Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown attacks Bernie Moreno"s history as car dealer

Dealers who support Bernie Moreno's campaign for Senate say his opponent's ad unfairly maligns their businesses and employees......»»

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Apple questions validity of DOJ antitrust lawsuit in bid to dismiss case

It’s been two months since the United States Department of Justice filed its lawsuit against Apple over alleged antitrust violations. While Apple has voiced opposition to the case before now, today the company has taken the first step toward filing.....»»

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Apple fires back at DOJ antitrust case, calls for immediate dismissal

Apple has begun the process of filing a motion to have the Department of Justices lawsuit over App Store and other antitrust actions to be dismissed.Apple ParkApple's motion to dismiss the Department of Justice's (DOJ) allegations of antitrust behavi.....»»

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Best AirPods Max deals: New and refurbished for $420

Apple's over-the-ear headphones have a few great deals that can help save you some cash. Here are the best AirPods Max deals available today......»»

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Ford tells dealers to halt EV investments while it alters certification program

The automaker plans to work with its dealer council in the coming weeks to make changes in response to feedback from a series of nationwide dealer meetings......»»

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Dealership lawsuit accuses Mitsubishi of ‘making false promises"

A terminated Kansas City, Kan., dealership has accused Mitsubishi Motors of North America of "mistreating its dealers by making false promises" in a bid to drive it and other dealerships out of business or move their points......»»

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Gaming emulator apps are best played with one of these iOS-supported game controllers

Game emulator apps are having a moment on the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to a recent App Store rule change, Apple is now permitting retro gaming emulators on its devices, and developers have wasted no time meeting the pent-up market demand. Retro gam.....»»

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Best Memorial Day power tool deals: Save on DeWalt, Bosch, and more

Looking for great power tools this Memorial Day? We've rounded up all the best Memorial Day power tool deals so you can easily save plenty of cash......»»

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Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Watch FE spotted at the FCC

A recent FCC filing has revealed the potential Samsung Galaxy Watch FE, a cheaper version of the Galaxy Watch. The post Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Watch FE spotted at the FCC appeared first on Phandroid. At the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked eve.....»»

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