New evidence shows UK solar parks can provide for bees and butterflies

A new study shows that U.K. solar parks, if managed correctly, can provide vital resources to help stem the decline in the nation's bees and butterflies......»»

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SpaceX slow-motion video shows powerful Raptor rocket engine shutting down

SpaceX has shared dramatic slow-motion footage showing a Starship spacecraft Raptor engine powering down at the end of a recent test fire......»»

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Traces of DNA in the stomachs of predatory snails provide new insights into the ecology of placozoans

Placozoans are among the simplest animals and occur worldwide in coastal waters. It was previously assumed that the tiny creatures, which measure just a few millimeters, live either on hard surfaces—such as rocks, corals, and mangrove roots—or fl.....»»

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This obscure 2024 sci-fi alien show is now a big Netflix hit. Here’s why you need to watch it

There's a new sci-fi alien series out now, and it's sitting at the top of Netflix's most popular shows chart. Find out what it is and why you should watch it......»»

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Research finds dairy farmers receptive to methane-reducing seaweed feed

New England's dairy industry continues to evolve in response to significant market challenges that include a decreased demand for milk and higher production and land costs. However, there is also ongoing evidence that organic dairy farming can provid.....»»

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Food security in developed countries shows resilience to climate change

A study by the University of Southampton has found that market forces have provided good food price stability over the past half century, despite extreme weather conditions......»»

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A compact metasurface array-based system for single-shot spectroscopic ellipsometry measurement

Spectroscopic ellipsometry is widely adopted in semiconductor processing, such as in the manufacturing of integrated circuits, flat display panels, and solar cells. However, a conventional spectroscopic ellipsometer, as shown in Fig.1a, typically mod.....»»

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MPA: Site-Blocking Will Stop Pirate Site Owners Who Abuse Kids & Traffick Drugs

After a wait of more than 12 years, rightsholders in the United States will again seek legislation that will provide the framework for a site-blocking regime to combat online piracy. After promoting and guiding similar regimes in dozens of countries.....»»

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‘Pirated’ TikTok Clips Help to Promote TV Series, Research Finds

A new academic study shows that condensed video clips of TV shows, posted on services such as TikTok, can serve as free advertising. This means that efforts to take down these 'copyright infringing' or 'pirated' clips may be counterproductive. This t.....»»

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The Best Apps for the Solar Eclipse

Here are the best apps for viewing and learning about the 2024 solar eclipse. People all over the world are preparing for the total solar eclipse set to pass across Mexico, the U.S., and Canada on April 8.  Many are set to t.....»»

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Biden Administration Announces $6.6 Billion for Made in America Microchips

The funds for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. mean the company can expand plans for two facilities in Phoenix and add a third. WILMINGTON, Del. — The Biden administration pledged on Monday to provide up to $6.6 billio.....»»

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Can You Use Car Batteries as a Solar Battery Bank?

The pursuit of renewable energy sources has sparked innovation in energy storage systems, particularly in the realm of hybrid solar setups. One intriguing question that arises is whether car batteries, commonly found in electric and hybrid vehicles,.....»»

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A stunning phenomenon appeared on the sun during the solar eclipse

During the total solar eclipse, bright solar prominences or filaments were visible on the outskirts of the sun's surface. They appeared as vivid pink or red phenomena. The rare total solar eclipse packed an extra punch.During totality — w.....»»

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"Joker: Folie à Deux" trailer shows Lady Gaga in action as Harley Quinn

The trailer for musical "Joker: Folie à Deux" sees Joaquin Phoenix return as the Joker, and introduces Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. The official teaser trailer for musical Joker: Folie à Deux is here, and it looks like the Clown Prince of.....»»

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The best advice I got for witnessing the amazing solar eclipse

The best advice I got for witnessing the amazing solar eclipse.....»»

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Your internet service provider now has to provide you with a "nutrition label"

Internet service providers are now required by the FCC to provide consumers with a "nutrition label" with all fees and other plan info detailed. It's been 34 years since the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 made it mandatory for com.....»»

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Pacific cities found to be much older than previously thought

New evidence of one of the first cities in the Pacific shows they were established much earlier than previously thought, according to new research from The Australian National University (ANU)......»»

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Team finds evidence of commonly conducted ritualized human sacrifice across Europe in the Stone Age

A team of archaeologists affiliated with several institutions in France and one in Germany has found that ritualized human sacrifice was common across Europe during the Neolithic......»»

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Google Photos AI image-editing tools expands to iPhone on May 15

Google is going to provide all users of Google Photos access to its AI-powered editing tools on the iPhone, and without requiring a subscription for most users.Google Photos toolsGoogle's smartphones like the Pixel have benefited from intelligent AI-.....»»

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Digimarc and DataTrails join forces to provide proof of digital content authenticity

Digimarc and DataTrails have partnered to deliver a fully integrated content protection solution to fortify digital content using advanced digital watermarks in tandem with cryptographic proofs, or fingerprints. Combined with provenance metadata, the.....»»

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Cloud engineering could be more effective "painkiller" for global warming than previously thought

Cloud "engineering" could be more effective for climate cooling than previously thought, because of the increased cloud cover produced, new research shows......»»

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